WWE Raw Summary and Reactions (April 4, 2022): Real Season Premiere

The Raw materials after Wrestlemania is the largest Raw materials year. So of course Claire and I are here to talk about everything that happened, didn’t happen and why. Claire talks about step by step, and I explained the analysis to you.

Until I jump on the tables, I will entertain.

Let’s talk Raw materials!!

I Must Breakk You

Bron Breaker appeared Raw materials this week, but not for the reason I realized. Bron got his rematch against Dolph Ziggler for the NXT title after he was beaten Stand and delivery. While it wasn’t as good as their previous contest, it was a solid outlet with a simple story at the core.

Ziggler believed that Brawne was not ready for the big lights Raw materials. There is a difference between a fight on a Saturday afternoon and a Monday night. Dolph told a lot of lies during the match, being the best version of himself. But Brawne did not hear any of this BS.

As with most matches with Brawn, it’s about learning from past mistakes. The great Bob Rudd made an attempt to intervene because of course he did. Instead of letting Ore get stuck and ruin all his fun, Brawne demonstrated an insane amount of jumps and jumped over a rope to crash into Ore with the Swanton Dive. This is a great person, capable of doing what great people usually can’t.

With neutralized Rudd Ziggler went to repeat his previous championship match. Dolph removed the middle cover of the screed, and again no one saw it. From there it was an almost exact repetition Stand and delivery: Bron managed to lift Dolf over his head, Dolf poked his eye, and then pushed Bron into the box. But Brawne, once again showing how much he was studying, knew what was going to happen, and slowed down before his head collided with the steel.

Dolph’s two attempts at Superkick were unsuccessful, and Bron eventually ended it with his blow to the military press.

Brawne returns his title and who knows whether Dolph and Big Bob will return to the NXT or not. And the rest of my questions are related to NXT, so tune in to these and more tomorrow during my NXT resume!

Punishment for the guilty

I’m digging up what Edge and Damian Priest are throwing. Edge told us he didn’t expect Damian to come out Wrestlemaniabut it makes sense. The priest, like Edge, hid his true “I” in an attempt to appeal to the “sheep” known as WWE fans. Of course, when fans started chanting “we are sheep”, Edge responded perfectly.

With this trick Edge has a cunning ministry. He said that Damian is the one who understands his message. He asked Damian what inspired him in his “pearls of wisdom.” And Damian in his explanation sounded like coming to church, which explains why he signed. “I’m lost,” the priest said. Edge’s message gave him direction. “Your message? It felt like you were talking to me. Directly to me.”

Yes, it all sounds like what is said in churches, cults and tree clubs across the country.

Edge is on a mission to spot any wolf in sheep’s clothing, and as for him, the fans are the only obstacle in their way.

Oh, that’s AJ Styles.

AJ was justly upset after losing at Wrestlemania, and Edge realizes that AJ won’t stop. Immediately under the sign of AJ went into the ring and did what he knows best: to fight.

But as for Edge, the pit bull only knows how to fight, not run. AJ’s instincts to dive headfirst into a two-on-one situation weren’t smart. And he paid the price for that lack of intelligence.

It’s good and has the potential to be great. This will rise to another level when Edge uses his words to encourage AJ to join his team. Will he do it? Probably not. But it can be argued that the bad guy AJ is more accomplished in the WWE than the good guy AJ.

extracurricular activities

Cody is here for Dad

Cody Rhodes opened Raw materials this week. It’s still the madness where we are in 2022, and even more wild Cody discovery flagship show and gave free rein to tell its story. Cody talked about rumors, talked about the past and talked about Wrestlemania. But his main thought was about his motivation.

Cody is here to win the WWE Championship. Not just for his fans, not just for his wife and kids, but for his father.

This is a great reason to return to the WWE. Cody has unfinished business on behalf of his father and wants to fix what he – and many of us – consider a blatant mistake. Advertising was a bit protracted, but as soon as Cody moved on to the emotional essence, everything fell into place. Seth Rawlins made her way to the ring and I figured hell would break out. But no, Seth greeted Cody back and everything was calm. I guess the story that Dusty never won the championship also got to him.

Same thing, Seth. The same.


Look, it’s always been at the top of this list. Miz crushed Dominic Mystery. Seriously, it wasn’t even. This signaled the tune we are all familiar with from the video packages that tell of his imminent arrival.

The vortex rolled out into the ring with locks flowing like an advertisement to Vidal Sassoon. Instead of attacking Miz, he destroyed Mysterios. Believe here. Hide your family because he wants all the blood.

The novel appears and leaves

Speaking of the WWE Championship, the main event this week was the undisputed WWE Universal Champion.

Why is it here instead of getting a whole bunch of words on top? Because he really said little. Roman told about his speech, agreed that he was Brock, and then told us everything that will tell about the future. Long and short?

Watch Fall down this Friday. Fur.

Champion here

I had planned to write for Bianca Beller before the show, but it turned out that there was nothing to write. Bianca came out, made a normal babyface commercial, showed off Becky Lynch’s black eyes and told the world that the crucible on fire made her better. She also threw Becky a dis or two, setting up a rematch.

The only disappointment was that there was no contender. That’s it Raw materials after Mania and we have no contender for the Bianca title. Maybe they wanted to give her this moment to shine, letting those eyes heels, but it’s strange not to know that one of the red star’s top stars is coming soon.

Tornado tag

Shockingly, but The Street Profits and Alpha Academy put on a very good tornado match. This was not the original plan, but because the four people despised the rules more than each other, Adam Pierce sounded the alarm and made it so that the tornado appeared anyway.

Alpha dominated this match for the most part. Profits are struggling from below, it’s a good way to bring back their childish brilliance after flirting with the dark side for weeks.

The Texas crowd wanted tables, and eventually we got tables. While the Academy brought dance tables, it was Motez Ford and Angela Dawkins who won.

When Otis was isolated and Chad Gable was laid on the table, Montes ascended to heaven for Frog Slash, who divided the table, and Chad in half.

A good match that didn’t linger and was chaos enough.

Ray is not happy

Ray Ripley and Liv Morgan lost the Boss x Glow contenders match. Because, of course, they did. The champions did not lose their first match as champions, even if the titles were not on the card. This is just nonsense.

Again, the story is that Sasha and Naomi work like a well-oiled car. This is their advantage in every match, especially since their membership has years. And this manifested itself in the last sequence. Ray and Liv tried their hand at double team moves during the match and it was a success so far. Rhea tried to stuff her partner on Sasha, but they took some time and missed.

This opened the door for Naomi and Sasha to do what they do best and get out of Dallas along with W.

But Ray? Ray doesn’t feel this command tag. After the match she was calm, did not want to talk to her partner and even went out with her. We later found out that Ray persuaded the worst managers to give her and Liv a match for the team title … even if they just lost the match to do so. How, Svei ?!

My guess? They lose the match, and Ray joins Liv and then joins the new Edge The sign-group under the influence.

Go with Ezekiel?

Kevin Owens is great. KO came out and did what beautiful heels do: apologize for his L in front of Steve Austin. Owens talked about his bad back, about training at the beginning of the day, which caused aggravation, and about the fact that Austin is fictitious, living with this victory in the book of records, because it was against an unhealthy person. Cheerful. And he managed to give Austin his props in the process.

But then … strange music played, and Ezekiel adorned us with his presence. I can’t call anyone a liar, but this cat of Ezekiel was remarkably similar to Elias. You remember Elias, right? The man, who left a few months ago, received several vignettes about death and resurrection, and then nothing.

Well, now he’s back. And the trick here is that he’s obviously Elias, but claims he’s actually Elias ’brother. Oh yeah, that makes sense. It’s incredibly silly, and the public can have fun, which Dallas definitely did.

And you, MVP?

This week the MVP summoned its best friend Bobby Lashley to the ring. They celebrated Bobby’s victory over Omas, and Lashley told the story of finding a way to defeat the monster. The MVP said it was proud of Bobby for defeating Omas without him.

Yes, about that.

Omas entered the ring, demanded a rematch, and the MVP shocked the world when he turned to his former Hurt Business partner.

It is good that Omosa now has a mouthpiece, because the conversation is not his strong point. In fact, much of the actual struggle in professional wrestling is also not its strengths, but step by step.

Bobby vs. Omos just got a little more interesting when the MVP switched sides like water rides.

Poor Finn, part of infinity

Usa came to Austin Theory’s head earlier this week, motivating him before the six-man match against Finn Balor and RK-Bro. Austin promised to prove everyone wrong and reward Mr. McMahon’s faith in him by destroying Finn.

And it was also a tough match. But then, yes, Austin got it another attach fin. The United States champion looks like a weekly champion. No matter how exciting the match is, this result just spoils everything for me.

Cory and Carmel

Of course, we can talk about the divorce of Queen Zelina and Carmela. We can talk about Zelina, who says that Mel is more concerned about her fiancé than winning the championship. Nor will we talk about the fact that Zelina shot Cory.

This segment was about how Corey and Carmela get along. And to that I say “no, thank you”.

It was a good episode Raw materials. He moved, had a great rhythm and never felt threatened. The crowd was hot, and the wrestlers were delivering when it was time for them to shine. So why is it good and not great? It was an anti-culminating finale and I can do without the madness of Carmela and Cory.

Well, and of course the continuous harassment of the United States Championship. I can’t stand it.

Score: B +

This is my assessment, and I follow it. It’s your turn.

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