What is happening now with Big Mets-Padres Trade? Do the cubs slide back? (UPDATE)

Yesterday was a wild day, and Padres and the Mets were clearly approaching a trade that would send Eric Hosmer, Chris Paddak, Emilio Pegan and the Mets cash in exchange for the Smith House – the details reported were SO specific – but reportedly The Mets eventually decided to pass. Paying $ 30 million plus Smith for Poddak and Pegan was too crazy even for Steve Cohen. Probably it was a blow for Padres because apparently they came in over the weekend thinking the deal would be done.

Judging by the way things went during the day, I feel quite comfortable concluding that the deal as presented – which would be a full head for the Mets – would not be acceptable if the third team could not take part. We don’t know if this hypothetical third team was the Cubs or not – they got frequent mentions / speculation from reporters – but we know the deal didn’t happen and it would be so hard to get a team like the Cubs involved (if all, what they really want is a prospect in exchange for participating in Hosmer’s contract).

So the deal perished on a line in one yard. It is noteworthy that now Padres is still without an additional field bat (and Metz is still without an additional hand).

Will negotiations with the Cubs now rise since the Mets did? It is impossible to say for sure – John Heyman reported that the Cubs were still involved yesterday – but the hour was quite late. I guess you could come up with an idea when the Cubs sent a replacement left field bat to Padres (Rafael Ortega?), Who would send back to Hosmer, about half of his remaining contract dollars and best prospects. Would the Cubs value this best prospect (plus the loss of Ortega) at $ 30 million? (I certainly could make that argument!)

Also, do you need a bit like Ortega bad enough to make this deal * now *? Remember, the reason they put so much pressure on moving Hosmer or Will Myers this offseason was that they could some others great signing and staying under the luxury tax. Without using all of these steps (they’ve never been reported to have participated in Michael Conforth), I don’t know that Padres will feel like they HAVE to move to Hosmer right now, as opposed to, say, a trade term. They probably are will be however want to postpone it to the term of trade – after this season he gets full rights to the trade ban (unlike his current paragraph on the partial ban on trade, which as reported does not include cubs).

In a post after the ban on trading at The Athletic Dennis Lynn shares this note from the last time Hosmer did not trade (which would probably be a deadline for the Cubs) (along with prospect outfield Robert Hassel):

Towards the end of last season, one person at the Padres club made a remark: given what happened in terms of trade, it was necessary to move Hosmer to next season. There will never be the same level of trust between the most influential person in the locker room and the decision-makers. “They had to tear off the band-aid,” the man said. After the disastrous second half, everyone thought a new beginning was necessary.

Now that Discovery Day is approaching, Padres can head for the same.

The bell is now even harder to break. So maybe Podres * DO * needs to close this deal right now. Maybe the Cranks’ levers will never be higher …

Either way, it should be fun to be a Hosmer today, by the way, knowing how desperately your team wants to get rid of you.

Let’s get back to a more general point: isn’t it too late for significant deals? Well, in the regular off-season deals in the last week of spring training are extremely rare, although they did happen (a few years ago Press GM AJ Preler is known to have made a huge day-to-day trade for Craig Kimbrell). Of course, this is not the usual off-season, and there are a few more guys we were really looking forward to exchanging before the start of the season:

Will we see now a last minute push to make some deals? How’s Manea? And / or will we see steeper steps on the list than usual because the teams didn’t have as much time to sort out the boundaries of their registers during spring training?

I could see a world where Manaea ends up trading in the next few days, and there are a bunch of other steps taken so they can be in place to compile a list of openings. Maybe completed by Tuesday night or so? I’m just thinking out loud because you would need the guys to go on Wednesday to play at the opening on Thursday.

All in all, I’m not preparing for a flurry of moves or reviving rumors about the Hosmer Cubs. Perhaps we’ll see that Monet will soon be trading, and some of these frontier deals (I’m interested in Ortega in more general terms, given the Cubs ’obvious commitment to Jason Hayward in the center of the field against the pros, which is Ortega’s core value).

UPDATE: Just like I posted … what the hell … Addresses acquire Manea? This would put Padres more than a luxury tax, depending on what the profitability is. But, also, why are PADRES trading on the other hand? It’s kind of a nut, especially considering everything I’ve just written. Stay tuned.

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