Tori Lanez violated orders in the case of the attack on the stallion Megan You: Judge

Handcuffs were placed in custody and remanded in custody in the Los Angeles Courthouse on Tuesday. The judge found that he had violated protective pre-trial orders in an assault case involving allegations that he shot her in the leg Megan You Stallion during a drunken argument nearly two years ago.

In the court building with the rapper “Say It” was imprisoned, and he was expected to be released soon, making a new bail of $ 350,000. Judge David Herifford set a new higher bail after hearing nearly an hour of controversy and found that Lanez had violated court rulings prohibiting him from contacting Megan or harassing Megan or sharing any revelations in the case.

Lanes, who pleaded not guilty, appeared in court in a black tuxedo over a black turtleneck. He was accompanied by his father and several friends.

His lawyer, Sean Holly, claimed that Lanez did not provide third-party Twitter users and a YouTube person known as DJ Akademiks with any revelations in the case before Akademiks tweeted in February that “Lonez’s Tory DNA was not found on a weapon in the Meg Case stallion ».

Holly confirmed in open court that the smear on the gun was “impossible” with four participants, so the Academician’s tweet was “wrong.” “If he had seen this document, he would probably have understood it correctly,” she said. Holly also confirmed that a smear at a gun store “turned off” Lance.

“The prosecution demanded a waiver of bail or, alternatively, $ 5 million, and the court rejected those arguments and increased the bail to $ 350,000. And this pledge is being made now, ”Holly says Rolling Stone.

The high-profile case is now pending before a preliminary hearing on September 14 after a previous judge ruled at a preliminary hearing in December that the prosecutor’s office had enough evidence to summon a jury.

At a December hearing, a Los Angeles detective testified that Lanez, whose legal name is Deister Peterson, allegedly fired a semi-automatic 9mm pistol at the ground near Megan’s feet, injuring the Savage singer during an argument after they left the evening. by the pool. at Kylie Jenner’s house.

Detective Ryan Stogner said he was assigned to the case two days after the shooting, and interviewed Megan by phone on July 16, 2020, and then again on November 12, 2020. Peterson pull the trigger.

When she got out of the vehicle, she heard Mr. Peterson shout obscenely at her, and said, “Dance, bitch!” And then he started shooting at her with a weapon, ”Stogner testified.

“(Megan) watched Mr. Peterson hold a firearm and then saw him start firing,” Stogner said. “Megan immediately felt pain in her feet, noticed blood, fell to the ground, and then crawled to the next door to the house … She described her injuries as heavy bleeding.”

Peterson’s strong lawyer Sean Holly spoke to Stogner in an interview with Megan and offered an alternative story where Megan was involved in a physical altercation with her friend and former aide Kelsey Harris, who was another passenger in a black Cadillac Escalade, shortly before the shooting. .

Holly suggested that Harris “had a romantic interest in the Torah” and was jealous when Peterson allegedly stated during a trip home that he and Pete were in an “intimate relationship.”

Holly went on to suggest that Harris may have possessed a gun when he fired because investigators found the remains of the shot on her hand. The lawyer also said the man, who witnessed the shooting from a nearby home, said he believed the muzzle was closest to the woman who was not injured at the time of the shooting.

During an interrogation by Deputy District Attorney Katie Ta, Stogner said the remnants of the shot could be passed on to someone who was “near” a gun that was discharged. Stogner also raised questions about the credibility of eyewitness testimony, saying the man reported seeing two men and a woman physically beat Pete.

“He believed they were trying to kill her. He said it was a serious beating, ”Stogner said. “He mentioned that it was two men beating the female to the ground.”

Peterson was taken into custody by officers who responded to a call by a “shooting” around 1,800 blocks of Nichols Canyon Road on the morning of the alleged shooting. On suspicion of possession of concealed firearms in a car, he was released hours after posting a $ 35,000 bail.

Pete did not name Peterson as the alleged attacker for several weeks, but eventually named him more than a month later in an Instagram post.

“The Tories shot me. You shot me, and your publicist and your people go to these blogs, lie and shit, ”she said in a video released on August 20, 2020. “Stop lying. Why lie? I do not understand. I tried to keep the situation off the Internet, but you drag it. “

She said: “Even though he shot me, I tried to feel sorry for him. And you, mom, don’t feel sorry for me. It’s crazy. “

Immediately after the shooting Pete was vague on social media. Stogner testified that she initially told staff she cut her legs against the glass. She did this because she was worried about how the police might react if they found out that Peterson, a black man, had a firearm in the car, as if she had told Stogner.

“She said she was very scared and embarrassed at the time, and because she was friends with the defendant, she feared he might get into trouble, and expressed some concerns about the political climate regarding police and shootings.” He testified. “She feared a recent police shootout, and she spoke of her concern that police may have shot the defendant because he had just committed the shooting.”

Peterson, 29, was formally charged on October 8, 2020, with one count of assaulting a Houston-born semi-automatic firearm perpetrator in a manner that “personally inflicted grievous bodily harm,” and one count of assault, concealed, charged. and unregistered firearms in the car.

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