Tigers acquire Austin Meadows – MLB trading rumors

The Tigers announced tonight that they have acquired an outfielder Austin Meadows from the rays behind the third base Isaac’s wall and selection for the competitive balance of Round B. It is reported that in recent weeks Tampa Bay has been shopping at Meadows and it will land in Detroit.

This is a notable, largely unexpected blow to Detroit. There was no indication that the Tigers were seeking field help, as they seemed pleased to have opened the year with Robbie Grossman, Victor Reyes, Akil Baddu group of grass. The upper perspective of the field Riley Green However, over the weekend he broke his foot, and is expected to be weaned for six to eight weeks. Whether Green’s injury increased the urgency for Al-Avila’s general manager and his staff to add to the field is unclear, but they will do so by taking on board a player who is only a couple of seasons removed from the All-Star campaign.

Meadows was part of the now famous Pirates Rays campaign in 2018. Chris Archer. The best prospect while he was working on the Pittsburgh farm system, he came out on the ground with a solid rookie before breaking out next season. In 2019, Meadows reached a whopping 0.291 / .364 / .558, making 33 home runs in 591 appearances on the table, and seemed to become one of the best young slaggers in the sport.

For the past two seasons, he has not kept up with this pace. The left-handed Meadows stumbled with the .205 / .296 / .371 line during the 2020 shortened campaign, receiving an alarming clip of 32.9%. Obviously, this was an abnormal year, and the former 9th overall pick did come back last season – though not close to 2019 levels. Meadows reached 0.234 / .315 / .458 in 591 appearances, somewhat offsetting his 27 homers with mediocre average batting and base percentage.

To his credit, the deletion problems that plagued Meadows in 2020 have been fixed. Only 20.6% of his trips to the dish last season he plays. His contact speed of 77.2% was in line with league estimates, while his average exit speed, barrel speed and hard contact percentage were slightly above average. Last year, Lugovo suffered a career-low 0.249 average goal in the game.

This is not all that can be attributed to misfortune, as Meadows has become more and more focused on fraud over the last couple of seasons. Among the 135 strikers who appeared more than 500 in 2021, none had more than 53% of Meadows ’clip. This is a recipe not only for impact power, but also for poor game results, as balls that are not Homer rarely turn into hits.

Whatever concerns may arise about Meadows ’profile, his appeal to the Tigers is still easy. For four seasons of the major leagues, he has a .260 / .333 / .489 slash line – an offensive production that is 22 percentage points higher than the league average in wRC +. Although he hasn’t been the best in two years, he’s still an above-average striker, and the aforementioned 2019 campaign offers a hint of what offensive side he possesses when he can once again bring his ball speed closer to that season 42.9%.

The meadows do have quite noticeable platoon splits. In his career he is a striker .271 / .351 / .525 against the right serve. He owns a more pedestrian .237 / .295 / .412 spit opposite the left-hander. The far field of the “Tigers” is already slightly skewed with his left hand: Green and Buddu hit the plates from this side, and Reyes – Grossman – strikers. However, Meadows doesn’t have to be a strict platoon player, and the rest of Detroit’s squad is largely right-handed. It is assumed that Meadows will play the daily role of Captain AJ Hinch, who will have the freedom to slightly put him in order on days when the opposing team will twist a hard left-hander.

This is an immediate update for the Detroit team, which also added Javier Baes, Edward Rodriguez, Andrei Chafin and Michael Pineda this winter. Avila and his staff are clearly trying to get out of the recent renovation, and the Meadows app should become a notable update to the crime. However, this is not an absolute winning move, as the 26-year-old (next month 27 years old) is monitored for three seasons through arbitration. Meadows and the Rays have decided on a salary of $ 4 million for 2022, and it is not planned to get into a free agency until after 2024.

This makes Meadows a fairly affordable pickup for Detroit, but it was part of a large arbitrage class that could put a burden on Rays wages. According to Jason Martinez of Roster Resource, even after deducting his $ 4 million salary from books, Tampa Bay has a projected record for a franchise player salary of $ 83 million. It is reported that the “Rays” ran on Freddie Freeman before he signed with the Dodgers, so they were clearly ready to go beyond their typical comfort zone for the right player, but this strange chase always seemed to be a recognition of Freeman’s star status.

In addition to any wage constraints that baseball president Eric Neander and his staff may have faced, they clearly felt ready to deal with a deep organizational stance. The rays have Randy Arazaren, Kevin Kirmaer and Manuel Margot on hand as field options. The upper perspective Josh Lowemeanwhile seems ready for the top league appearance after scoring .291 / .381 / .535 in 111 games with Triple-A Durham last season.

“Race” seems to feel that Lowe is ready for a significant role in the club that will win now. Leading before the game Rays Neil Salonds tweets that the club plans to recall a 24-year-old guy to break camp with a major league team. Given his candidate status in the top 50 prospect, Lowe will definitely be in line for regular bats. He, Margot and Kirmaer are possible plus defenders at all three far locations, giving manager Kevin Cash a chance to host several excellent defensive teams on the grass. (Arozarena is primarily a corner outfielder, but values ​​himself well here).

Still ahead.

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