Tiger Woods says he intends to play in the Masters

Woods had his first fame when he was just 2 years old. The young prodigy, who played golf, appeared on the Mike Douglas Show in 1978, winning a competition with comedian Bob Hope.

In 1982, Woods, 6, achieved in Los Alamitas, California. His real name is Eldrik, but his father nicknamed him “Tiger” after a South Vietnamese soldier with whom he fought alongside during the Vietnam War.

Woods and his father, Earl, are celebrating after the 15-year-old Tiger won the U.S. Junior Amateur Championships in 1991. He also won competitions in 1992 and 1993.

Woods, 16, played in the 1992 Los Angeles Open. It was his first taste in the PGA Tour competition, albeit in an amateur style. He missed the 36-hole incision.

Woods played for the United States during the 1994 World Amateur Championships in France.

Woods beats football during the 1995 Walker Cup, an international team competition.

Woods spoke to the media after winning his third consecutive American amateur game in 1996. Throughout his life, Woods wore red on the last day of the big tournament.

Woods played golf for two years at Stanford University College. He won the NCAA Individual Golf Title in 1996.

Woods became a professional in August 1996, and it didn’t take him long to win his first tournament. Six weeks after he announced he was going pro – with well-known advertising campaign “Hello, world” for Nike – Woods won the Las Vegas Invitational. This brought him a big check, a two-year exemption from the PGA Tour and a place in the Masters tournament next year.

Woods made history at the 1997 Masters, beating the field by 12 strokes to win his first major. At the time it was also a record low Masters score – 18 points.

Woods hugs his father, Earl, after winning the 1997 Masters. Earl, a former Green Beret, was credited with developing his son’s amazing talent and pushed him to become the ultimate competitor.

Woods arrives at Hamburg Airport, Germany, in May 2000.

Woods played from the ninth fairway during the 2000 U.S. Open in Pebble Beach, California. Woods won the tournament with 15 throws, a record for any major. At this point it was Woods ’third major title; he also won the 1999 PGA Championship.

A month after the US Open Woods won the British Open in 2000 at the Old Course in St. Andrews, Scotland. This gave him a Grand Slam career – a victory in each of the four different major – at 24 years old.

Woods is knocked out at the 2000 PGA Championships in Louisville, Kentucky. Throughout his career, Woods has always had the largest galleries, with thousands of people flocking from hole to hole to watch his play. He is also credited with attracting millions of new fans to the sport.

Woods reacts when he drops a shot during the playoffs at the 2000 PGA Championship. Woods defeated Bob May in the playoffs and won his third win in a row.

Fans watch Woods bounce on the 18th hole at the 2001 Masters. Next, Woods won the competition and completed what is now called the Tiger Slam – four consecutive major titles.

Woods spoke with golf legend Jack Nicklaus at the June 2001 Memorial Tournament. The two are considered the two greatest golfers in history, and only Nicklaus has won more major titles than Woods.

Woods arrives in a military vehicle before the 2004 Golf Show in Fort Bragg, North Carolina. Woods spent a week training with Army troops before setting up a junior golf clinic for his Tiger Woods Foundation. Woods ’father, Earl, was at the base in the 1960s.

Woods and Phil Mickelson line up their shots during the final round of the March 2005 Ford Championship. For most of Woods’ career, Mickelson was considered his greatest rival.

Woods celebrates with his caddy, Steve Williams, after his famous chip at the 2005 Masters. Woods won his fourth green jacket.

Woods hugs Williams after winning the 2006 British Open in Hoyleke, England. It was Woods ’first major victory since his father’s death just a few months ago.

Woods was standing with his mother Cultida and daughter Sam when a statue of him and his father was unveiled in January 2008 at the Tiger Woods Training Center in Anaheim, California.

Woods had a broken leg and a torn knee ligament, but he endured a playoff victory over Rock Media at the 2008 US Open. It was his third victory at the US Open and his 14th major title.

President Barack Obama received Woods at the White House Oval Office in April 2009.

Woods kills a punch during the PGA Championship training round in August 2009.

Woods is holding his daughter Sam when he and his wife Elin attend a football match at Stanford in November 2009. Woods married Elin, a model, in 2004. The couple also have a son, Charlie.

Woods is playing virtual golf with talk show host Jimmy Fallon in 2011.

Woods jokes with big golfer Arnold Palmer after winning the Bay Hill Invitational in March 2013 and regaining his place as the highest-ranked golfer in the world.

Woods falls to the ground in pain after hitting The Barclays in August 2013. A few months later he underwent surgery on his back due to a pinched nerve.

On the left, Woods, Jason Dafner and Mickelson hang out at Muirfield Village Golf Club, where the President’s Cup was held in October 2013 in Dublin, Ohio.

Woods kisses his then-girlfriend, ski superstar Lindsey Vaughn, at an event in Beaver Creek, Colorado, in 2015. They met for several years.

In December 2019, Woods became captain of the U.S. national team and won the President’s Cup.

Woods kills the ball during the second round of the Masters in November 2020.

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