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This week at Bungie we’re talking about pixels and a Kilts for Kids fundraising event!

Welcome to your first issue of TWAB for April 2022. Yes, you read that right! We are already in the fourth month of the year. Time flies and we can’t help but wonder why. Perhaps the fact is that we put up an expansion in February, or in the weekly Deepsight Weapons Search that we started. Either way, Destiny 2 continues to work.

Gambit Labs launched earlier this week. Invasion Swap gives us great anecdotal feedback on Mote-Dunging and Invasion strategies, and we’re excited to see data and feedback as they arrive. On Tuesday we had a small mistake when the Pinnacle award for three matches did not appear, but the team quickly issued a patch on the server side to get your fair rewards. Combined with a double gambit representative this is a great week to go through some seasonal trials on Bright Dust and earn nice rewards on the gambit theme.

Grandmaster Nightfalls also returned, returning our most challenging strike content to the field. We got a little explanation regarding some of the patch notes after the launch Acute burns. In the Destiny 2 update it was incorrectly noted that these burns will not be present in Grandmaster complexity. Acute burns are intentional and replace unique impact modifiers (smaller burns plus additional damage from dropping or splashing). New Seasonal modifiers (invisible enemies, etc.) are not included in the grandmaster. We’ve updated our patch notes page to reflect. With that said, we strongly recommend using some of the modes of resisting natural damage to your chest parts when you are building a craft for this complexity.

Looking forward to next week, Iron Banner is back. While we are planning a larger TWAB to cover future changes, our one piece of advice to you this week is to spend Iron Flag tokens, complete the Iron Banner quest and redeem your Iron Flag rewards. We have some updates about Saladin and how he will be handing out awards, which will naturally lead to the withdrawal of Iron Flag tokens and awards. You have two weeks of Iron Flag left to spend these tokens on rewards, including next week, so be sure to schedule some time at the Tower to hand them over before the end of the last Iron Flag season. Well, a small update from the team: we are trying to prevent the payout of abilities for our latest iron banners until next season. We’ve heard (and felt) reviews that it can take a long time, so we move on to focus on rewards for goals and weapons by the end of the season. Happy hunting!

So what else is going on this week? We’ll be celebrating the upcoming Kilts for Kids fundraiser and quickly “play around” about the wonderful community event that took place last weekend.

Kilts for children

From year to year, the Bungie Foundation is involved in numerous charitable fundraising initiatives for people in need. Although we hold our own streams and charities, once a year we return to our favorite kilts to achieve great goals in the name of supporting children. We have some amazing incentives, so read on!

Bungie Foundation: Kilts for Kids, our annual fundraiser that supports the Ronald McDonald House in Seattle (RMHC), has been running for 11 years! We present to you our usual suspects: Christine, Mark and Forrest. After two years of being ordered to stay home, the crew was delighted to take advantage of a rare sunny spring day in Seattle and put on a kilt together.

Throughout the pandemic, the RMHC continued to provide exceptional care, safety and community to a large number of families facing serious illness and long hospital stays. Help us reach our goal of $ 77,777 by going to the RMHC donation page and voting for Bungie team. Each vote costs $ 10, and each donated $ 30 will be paid to keep the family in the house for one night.

In addition to helping children and families facing illness, we also have some amazing incentives for donations *!

    • $ 50: get it Cerisian lenses emblem:
        • Unique codes will be sent to all donors in the amount of $ 50 + by e-mail by May 6, 2022.
    • $ 100: prize above, plus a postcard digitally signed by our Kilts for Kids team and mailed to you.
    • $ 250: all prizes above, as well as a digital copy of a new and unique work of art made by Mark Flig himself.
    • $ 500: All the prizes above as well as a physical printout of Mark’s exclusive art are sent to you.
    • $ 1,000: all prizes above, as well as a studio tour of Bungie’s brand new headquarters. Our new headquarters will be ready in late October 2022, so we are planning tours until the end of the year and the beginning of 2023.
        • Bring up to two guests (all travel and accommodation are in the hands of the donor and his guests). No secrets will be revealed. Bungie employees have the right to refuse to answer any questions.

* Rewards will be no will be automatically redeemed as we must obtain donor data from RMHC before distributing the awards. At the end of the event, no later than Friday, May 6, donors will be sent a letter with details of the prize redemption. Some prizes will be delivered later than that date.

Thank you for bringing hope, smiles and comfort to children in need by participating in this fun annual tradition. We can’t wait to share the impact of your support with all of you!

Pixel by pixel, place by r / place

Last weekend was remembered. It all started small with a pixel placement. Within minutes, he had grown to four days of community, memes, art, an ace of spades and a raid boss who couldn’t stop moving his feet.

If you don’t visit Reddit often, a great weekend event has started where any user in the world can place a pixel on the board to start creating small (or large) works of art. This wonderland has only appeared a few times in previous years under the name r / place. While your individual efforts may bring success in the short term, this place has become home to Reddit communities (or communities in general) to unite their members to secure a place on the board.

Now it’s not as easy as placing a pixel and calling it done. Participants could redefine a given pixel arrangement at any time (within five minutes) to “take” space on the board or simply bring some chaos to the conversation. This leads to several things: intense competition between communities millions different people from data bulletin boards, communities or even countries looking to take a place. It also leads to wonderfully positive moments when communities form alliances with each other, helping each other defend their artwork over the weekend.

Last weekend, two communities on Reddit, specific to Destiny, r / DTG and r / Destiny2, topped providing board space to represent the Destiny community. Through Discord chats, text messages, forum posts and many other means of communication the community actually closed “Destiny 2 point” for all four days. It wasn’t just a simple triad, and I’m still thrilled with the coordination between the hundreds (up to thousands) of participants performing the following art:

Coded gamma emblem code: D97-YCX-7JK

Congratulations to everyone who contributed last weekend, and thank you for another year of fond memories that you can look back on every time we think of Telesto and its resilience.

Player Support Report

Make Pride Shakespeare.

With the news we shared last week, some of you imagine the day will reach Unbroken. With the help of PvP-focused trustees around the world, your imagination may one day become a reality! Our player support service has a brief update on known issues.

This is their report.


The unbreakable seal and title will be revoked with the launch of Season 19 and will no longer be available for earnings. Season 16 is the last chance for players to start progressing in the respective Triumphs to earn the Seal, including reaching the rank of Glory: Legend in three different seasons.

Players who receive the Seal before her retirement will still be able to equip the title and accompanying gilding.


We are currently working to provide the Tesak logo to players who completed the “Oath of the Apprentice” raid while expanding the competition mode. Players who have received the right to the emblem can count on receiving it within a week from April 19.


As we continue to investigate various known issues, here is a list of recent issues reported on our #Help Forum:
    • There is no Masterwork slot in the Summoner Auto Rifle Trials reputation award.
    • Legendary PsiOps incorrectly advertises Pinnacle’s weekly awards.
For a complete list of problems encountered in Destiny 2, players can read our article on known issues. Players who observe other issues should report them to our #Help forum.

Someone please put the baby in the corner

Sam: Since TWABsday, Guardians! Is it just me or did this week feel like it took an eternity and also flew by? Anyway, we hope your week was very enjoyable and we have a very hilarious movie that we think you really like, an incredible 8-bit track, and can anyone check out the baby? They seem to be making fun of several Guardians again.

Movie of the Week: Come on and take it

Movie of the Week: 8-bit first pupil

Movie of the Week – BONUS: Child of the Old Gods to be like …

Don’t let these memes be dreams

hippies: Listen, well, I’m going to keep this real right now and say life is terribly hard, and sometimes it’s easy to take it too seriously or miss the beautiful parts. Because of this we mix the madness of the meme with some really exciting art. In addition, we heard that you liked the chaos, so as a bonus to the BBB, we also offer a great presentation of Titan’s excitement to an artist who had the audacity, moreover – the audacity – to be talented. They also managed to embody these daydreams about the completely exotic (it’s word) Guardian! Not the main titanium? This is cool, this artist also has other classes presented in a similar style, so check out their account below!

Without further ado, let’s art!

The Art of the Week: Guess Who Just Played!

Art of the Week: Elemental Warlocks, skateboard edition

Art of the Week – BONUS: Exotic Titans Go Brrr

Time for some raids … or trials?

Thanks for coming to another TWAB. If you went through the TWAB stages last week and made sure you signed up for Bungie’s email, you’re most likely getting a Mechs vs Monsters poll … now! Good luck to both #TeamMechs and #TeamMonsters this year. Be sure to vote by April 13th.
A team of monsters

The Mechs team

Once you get a cast, go to Destiny 2 to have fun. This weekend is perfect for solo players looking for Trials booty, as freelance starts tomorrow after the reset. If you’re looking for a little Wrath to add to your arsenal, this will be a fun weekend to jump on. If you’re looking for a more team endgame, why not pop in a few raids with friends? Maybe help blueberries or two before their first win.

Looking forward to the next TWAB, Master Oath Apprentice is just around the corner, starting April 19th. We will spend some time preparing you. Speaking of raids, next Thursday tune in to the hilarious news concerning a kind of rotator in season 17.



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