The Witcher 3 is a whole new first-person experience

It’s hard to imagine that this is one of the most unanimously favorite video games of all time The Witcher 3 like anything other than what it clearly is: a broad, stunning third-person RPG, led by a rude old man who is best friends with his horse. Geralt also loves to collect cards and bet on races, and both are hobbies he pursues while he has to search for his missing daughter. Not to mention his love of fistfights.

Aside from all of the above, part of what made CD Projekt Red’s huge role-playing game so enduring is how reliably fans can remember its stinking swamps, snow-covered sulfur, and the disgusting little thieves we came across. know through a third party lens. But since 2016, fans have been creating first-person fashions The Witcher 3 existed – although they were never on par with official game support and have since been hidden in Nexus, the largest online modding hub. For the most part, these projects seemed to be experiments with proof of concept to a much greater extent than effective additions designed to change the flow, pace, or functionality of the game.

So it was before Gervant’s first-person, 2021 fashion that destroys all previous attempts at transformation The Witcher 3 in a first-person RPG out of the water. Although technically it is almost a year old, its main file was updated only last month, indicating its continuous progress as it tries to rethink not only general research or perspective, but also cut scenes, fights and all in between.

“I just wanted to fight some first-person nakers and didn’t find a suitable mod for it,” says crthdr, the mysterious creator of fashion. Edge. “First-person is not ‘better,’ but that’s how I prefer to play computer games.” Crthdr spent about a year developing the mod using tools such as Witcher Script Studio, Ghidra and Rust, among others. They then tested it, partially playing the game four times to make sure it worked consistently. “It’s good that I also did the Skip Dialogue mod,” says crthdr.

Crthdr’s obscene response suggests a broader disregard for how their work is perceived by others. They don’t have a big footprint on social media – they’re not on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, and their YouTube channel doesn’t contain any contact information. When I reached out to ask for an interview, they explained that they would discuss mods and nothing more, and given that English is not their native language, their answers would be short and clear. In their eyes, the mod was never designed so that they could talk about it – it was designed so that they and others like them could see through Geralt’s eyes, not through his shoulder.

And so it became clear that to work properly with this mod, I would need to install it myself. If you are already familiar with The Witcher 3 Scene modding, installation should be easy. The only mods required to run Gervant First Person are Community Patch – Base and Community Patch – Shared Imports, both of which are fairly standard for any mods designed for versions 1.31 or 1.32 (it should be noted that these versions are essentially the same , given that the latter simply adds Simplified Chinese support). Manual installation can be a problem, but running it through The Witcher 3 Mod Manager automatically combines all the necessary scripts. Provided you don’t mess with dozens of other mods, you can set up GFP pretty painlessly.

Once you get started, you’ll notice that the mod supports both first- and third-person perspectives, allowing you to easily navigate between them after selecting custom keyboard bindings to flip the camera. The third-person version is exactly the same as in the vanilla version, but the transition to first-person viewing is causing radical changes, turning the experience into what feels like good faith Elder Scrolls adventure. If you’ve ever wondered that The Witcher 3: Wild Skyrim look like this is the mod for you.

The transition between angles is not entirely smooth, and it is often clear that the world was never conceived to facilitate first-person play. For example, characters who have to be off-screen are occasionally teleported around the rollers, while lighting problems become much more noticeable once the camera is fully unlocked. Similar problems arise in combat, which is initially unintuitive, but eventually escalates, especially if you play with a gamepad rather than a mouse and keyboard. While dodging can be difficult, the combination of swords and insignia feels great in the first person – your witchcraft has real weight, making it a little more sensitive.

While obviously there are many minor complications that arise due to playing a blockbuster the way she was never supposed to play, the fact that one person did this mod is great and is the most important argument for the first person. The Witcher game. Of course Cyberpunk 2077 this is an FPS created using REDEngine, the same engine that runs The Witcher 3. But GFP allows you to explore Velen, Novigrad and Skelige first hand if you like. It’s certainly banal, but what else can you expect from a solo developer who built this in his spare time, for free, just so he could knock down a bunch of neckers? Not everything needs to be honed to be a useful experiment.

Damn problems, there are some aspects of GFP that are being actively improved The Witcher 3. It is no exaggeration to assume that this is one of the most wonderful gaming worlds that has ever existed, so the ability to turn off various HUD widgets and explore its stunning first-person sets gives you the perfect opportunity to truly drink in all its splendor – like a The Witcher photo simulator, GFP is second to none. It also highlights some of the predominantly hidden features that subtly texture the world The Witcher 3: You can carefully study supply lines, patrol routes and wolves that form flocks to get closer to the carcasses. It is clear that this world was not designed in the first person, but its ability to include it, however, is a true testament to how wonderful it is.

In the interest of providing a clear context, it should be noted that at the time of writing I had killed a griffin in the White Garden and completed several side quests such as “Frying Pan, Bacon and Spank” and “On the Bed of Death”. The introductory sequence in Kaer Morhen is erroneous due to the fact that the hints in the textbook hinder first-person actions, which means that it is strongly recommended to complete it in the third person. But once you wake up next to the Universe, you get unlimited access to the full version The Witcher 3 as a first-person adventure game.

Perhaps one of the strongest arguments as to why experienced witches should stir up this fashion is that it is very easy to get lost. From the first person the world feels fundamentally different – on the one hand, it looks denser, but it also enjoys a huge distance, creating a massive atmosphere in which cities and towers are visible from miles away. This scale can be further exacerbated by disabling HUD, turning places like Velen and Skelige into entirely new areas that retain all the warmth and familiarity of the originals. Obviously, it’s not as professionally designed as in a real third-person game, but that’s not important here. GFP provides compelling arguments as to why the implementation of first- and third-person hybridity you might expect in Bethesda’s RPG, The Witcher could work; this is probably the first project of its kind that has tried to do so and has been successful.

There are a few obvious examples of this that show both CDPR’s attention to detail and crthdr’s vision when it comes to transforming this first-person. For example, when you swim, you will notice that Geralt raises his head to take a breath every two to three strokes. First-person also has more sensitive Witcher feelings, especially if you follow in the footsteps or smells. It just doesn’t matter whether this mod is polished or unconscious. (For the record, it fluctuates between them). What is important here is that it emphasizes how sophisticated this world is, and at the same time acts as an unofficial prototype of how the future, the best can look.

Despite all this, crthdr is too modest to admit how radical the project is. “Mods are created for The Witcher 3 fans who love first-person games, ”they explain. “These guys like fashion. The rest don’t care. Technically, of course, CDPR could do it better and faster. It just wasn’t on their to-do list. Most people don’t care about first person, and a first person / third person hybrid is probably considered too much work. I personally prefer the first person. “

While crthdr themselves may feel that their work is not a big deal, anyone who works with GFP is more likely to leave, thinking the exact opposite. This is such an informal project that is well thought out enough to evoke genuine introspection in real official ones.

The Witcher 3 The upcoming next-generation patch provides more than a worthy reason for avid monster killers to return to the Continent – but if you want a completely different experience in this world, you should also check out GFP.

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