The treatment of Ezra Miller and Will Smith shows bright Hollywood double standards

After the news that Justice League actor Ezra Miller was arrested and charged with hooliganism and harassment after a physical confrontation with visitors to a karaoke bar in Hawaii last month, a new report showed that Warners Bros. allegedly suspended future DC star projects, including Flash Filmed in 2023 and planned to continue (although there was no official announcement).

An insider told the studio Rolling Stone that last week executives held an emergency meeting to review Miller’s future projects in light of their latest streak of violent behavior (Miller uses the pronouns they / them). Immediately after the incident with the karaoke bar, when Miller shouted obscene language at the woman before grabbing her microphone and rushing at a man playing darts, the actor received a ban from a couple with whom they stopped in Hawaii, who claimed that Miller broke down. into their bedroom, stole some of their personal belongings and threatened to kill them. Page six also reported that Hawaiian police received at least 10 calls about Miller for “minor” incidents, including “shooting people at a gas station and refusing to leave the restaurant’s sidewalk.”

The article also stated that Miller had “frequent disruptions” on the set during filming. Flash last year. Despite the fact that none of them had explosions of violence, the insider claimed that the actor was “losing”.

Miller, who is wreaking havoc in Hawaii, is no surprise to those who have witnessed the actor’s public disorderly conduct over the past two years. Last time The benefits of being wallflora The star went viral, in January they posted a video on Instagram threatening members of the Ku Klux Klan in Bulaville, North Carolina, for unknown reasons. And in 2020, a video appeared on the Internet of an actor strangling a woman and throwing her to the ground at a bar in Iceland.

Perhaps this is partly due to Miller’s moderate stardom and lack of interaction with the public, that the actor has hardly become the object of widespread outrage in the media, not just a short-lived “cancellation” on Twitter. Even after the incident with the karaoke bar hit the headlines, there were many tweets that highlighted that Miller was a public threat, calling their behavior similar and joking with their photo. It’s also interesting to see how Miller’s controversy over the snowball is gaining more attention as the consequences of the Will Smith slap incident at this year’s Academy Awards.

Since then King Richard The star hit comedian Chris Rock for a tasteless joke about his wife, actress Jada Pinkett Smith.

A source said last week The Hollywood Reporter that Smith planned the Netflix movie Fast and free after the Oscars “went into the background.” This was stated in the same article Bad Boys 4 was also put on pause. More questionable sources like The sun reported that Apple TV + and Netflix have come out of the war to adapt the actor’s 2021 memoir. Other publications report on the status of his future projects in the context of The Slap, although many are under development and little information is available. The Daily Beast revealed that Smith’s agents were considering quitting him. In general, the media seems to be strongly advocating the idea that Smith will never get a job again, despite the fact that he is one of the most lucrative stars in Hollywood.

«In general, the media seems to be strongly advocating the idea that Smith will never get a job again, despite the fact that he is one of the most lucrative stars in Hollywood.

While the reaction to “Slap” is likely to eventually disappear, the quarrel has already had a bigger impact on Smith’s career than actors and directors who have usually shown violent behavior outside of the TV ceremony – and have even been rewarded on stage. Much has been done over the past week about Smith’s seemingly preemptive resignation from the Academy and the Board of Governors ’ongoing investigation, while the organization has embraced people like Harvey Weinstein, Mel Gibson, Roman Polanski, Woody Allen, Michael Fassbender, Brad Pete, Russell Crowe, Casey Affleck and others who have been charged and / or convicted of sexual and non-sexual violence. Even in the event of Polanski’s recent expulsion from the Academy, it took a worldwide movement of sexual violence survivors to speak out – and a number of other alleged victims – to distance themselves from the Polish director, whom they warmly welcomed back to the awards ceremony after evaded conviction for raping his child.

That’s why the public’s slow reaction to Miller and Warner Bros.’s behavior. The reluctance to completely abolish their future projects, despite the fact that they have publicly harmed, is so insane and exposes double standards regarding how white and black violence is viewed and controlled in a racist society. Miller is allowed to be a time bomb until their behavior goes unnoticed, and Smith is automatically considered a public threat who does not deserve a job because he has entered into a public quarrel with someone with whom he has a personal conflict.

The slap incident also shows how disposable black artists (and people) behave outside of the respectability the industry has given them. Even if you reliably collect as much money at the box office as Smith, your entire career can be jeopardized after one stupid mistake.

Again, with Miller’s dilemma, Hollywood has made it clear that they are much less concerned about how systemic violence actually operates and continues to spread in their industry than whether it will affect their profits.

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