The San Francisco Giants opening day roster is almost complete

The San Francisco Giants season begins just four days later when they host the Miami Marlins on April 8th. And so far I have reached such a long pre-season without any articles that predicted what the list of openings would be like.

This trend will continue today not because I am a chicken that does not want to look stupid again (although I in the morning a chicken that doesn’t want to look stupid again), but because the Giants have already made most of the decisions on the list. At this point in the spring it is less interesting to make predictions on the list, and more interesting to just talk about what decisions remain.

So let’s do it.

There are 34 players left in the Premier League camp after a somewhat bizarre decision to select Kervin Castro and Jacob Eunice and reassign many of the Premier League players.

That number should be reduced to 28 by Friday, and while decisions still need to be made, achieving this is fairly easy.

Let’s look at 34 players:

Right-handed pitchers (10):
Tyler Bid
John Brabia
Alex Cobb
Anthony DeSclafani
Camilla Doval
Dominic Leone
Zach Little
Carlos Martinez (not invited)
Tyler Rogers
Logan Webb

Jugs for the left hand (6):
Jose Alvarez
Jarlin Garcia
Sammy Long
Jake McGee
Carlos Radon
Alex Wood

Benches (3):
Brett Auerbach (not invited)
Joey Bart
Kurt Kazali

Campgrounds (9):
Brandon belt
Brandon Crawford
Mauricio Dubon
Tyra Estrada
Wilmer Flores
Tommy La Stella
Evan Longoria
Jason Wosler
Luke Williams

Field players (6):
Stephen Daggar
Game Pederson
There’s a reputation
Austin Slater
Lamont Wade Jr.
Mike Jastrzemski

Six names should be excluded from this list by Friday. So how do we get out of here?

We can start with a fairly easy removal of two players not on the roster left in the camp: right-hander Carlos Martinez and do it all-seriously, but on the roster as Brett Auerbach’s catcher.

I fully expect Martinez, who has twice participated in the All-Star Game, who is just 30 years old, to play a significant role on the list this year. But he signed a contract in the Minor League, spoke openly about his willingness to play in the miners, started late in the camp and has not yet appeared in the game. We may see him soon, but not on April 8th.

Auerbach, who was one of the best stories in the Minors last year, was one of the best stories in the camp as he got 4-16 with a home run, 2 threes and 2 moves. But no matter how strange the story may be, if it was on the list of openings, it is by no means realistic. He has one year in the Minor League behind him and he has never been at a higher level than High-A … he is still in camp because you have to have more than two catchers for as long as you can and keep the guy, who can also play on the inner or far field, maximizes flexibility as the team rests veterans before the Opening Day.

So we get 32 ​​players and we can beat off two more names, excluding the two players who will start the season on the 15-day injured list: Evan Longoria and LaMonte Wade Jr.

We now have 30 names and we only need to exclude two players.

Let’s consider the breakdown. Of these 30 remaining players, 15 are pitchers and 15 are positional. There are no restrictions on the cave until May 1, when the list will be reduced to 26 players with a maximum of 13 pitchers, so technically the Giants can go with 15 pitchers and 13 strikers. Or, if they want to maximize the benefits of a platoon, they can go with 15 positional players and 13 strikers. But let’s assume they split it in the middle, by 14 each.

It would seem that the struggle for the position of the players is reduced to four AAAA infiltrators: Tyra Estrada, Mauricio Dubon, Luke Williams and Jason Wasler. On paper, this seems like an easy choice: Wasler was the worst of four in spring training, he was the worst of four in his MLB abilities, and he’s the least versatile of the four, as Dubon and Estrada can play short stops and Dabon and Williams can play across the field. Add to that the fact that neither Dubon nor Variety have any options left, and Vosler seems a very obvious freak, even though he is the most natural third person from base in the absence of Longoria.

Now about the pitcher. The Giants have done a lot of amazing things with their hands over the last few years, so predicting this is getting a little harder, but there are three exact candidates from where I’m sitting (that in the office chair my neighbor gave me, 409 miles away) Scottsdale, so why are you listening to me again?): John Brabia, Sammy Long and Tyler Bid.

There are many reasons to believe that both Brabia and Long are good pitchers, although in 2021 it was difficult for them. Some time in AAA can benefit both of them, and they have options. We have far fewer reasons to believe that Bid is a good pitcher – he was horrible last year when he returned from Tommy John’s operation and had difficulty training in the spring – but he has no options. The “giants” may be waiting for the next day of the opening to try to infiltrate him through bounces, or they may just still be wondering if he is a player to keep close to.

It feels less simple than positional players. My insides say that Long is an option, although it is unclear what will happen to Beede. It’s hard to see that in the first three weeks of the season he will get enough opportunities to earn a place on the May list when things are in order. But the Giants won’t want to cut their losses if they still see something special in Bid’s hand, and it’s possible they’re still thinking about his spring performance two years ago.

It would also be very gigantic to put Bid (or Dubon) on the list of victims if they don’t want them on the list but don’t want to assign them to an appointment. This is a game they have played before and a game they will play again.

Either way, no matter how you see these last two solutions, the list of Giants discoveries is mostly definite. There will be no big surprises, except for the trade of Mike Trout and Shohei Otani, which I hear about all the time.

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