The Russians aimed at an ambulance near the children’s hospital in Nikolaev, video

Russian authorities have begun using mobile crematoria in the besieged city of Mariupol to hide evidence of killed civilians, the mayor said.

In a lengthy report to the Telegram on Wednesday, Vadim Boychenko said the Russian military had reacted quickly to “hide its tracks” after images of civilians killed on a street in Bucha sparked international outrage last weekend.

“After extensive international coverage of the genocide in Bucha, Russia’s top leadership has issued an order to destroy any evidence of their army’s crimes in Mariupol,” Boychenko said.

“The Russians left all the dirty work to the collaborators. Witnesses report that c [Russians] recruited local and “DNR” terrorists in special brigades to clean up. They are collecting and burning the bodies of Mariupol residents who died as a result of the Russian invasion, ”he said.

“The world has not seen tragedies of such a scale as Mariupol since the existence of Nazi concentration camps. The racists have turned our whole city into a death camp, ”he said, using an insulting term for“ Russians, ”which is a game of“ fascists ”.

“This is no longer Chechnya or Aleppo. This is the new Auschwitz and Maidanek. The world should help punish Putin’s fanatics, ”he wrote.

Hours before his alarming statement on Wednesday in the Donetsk region of Ukraine, the Russian military killed two civilians while they were collecting humanitarian aid, local authorities said.

“The place of distribution of humanitarian aid was shot by Russian fascists with rocket artillery in Vuhledar,” the head of the regional military administration Pavel Kirilenko told Telegram.

Photos from the scene show medics caring for several wounded lying on the ground among the rubble. At least two people were killed and five others were injured, Kirilenko said.

The attack came at a time when Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov in a comment to Russian media insisted that Russian troops were not targeting civilians, despite growing evidence to the contrary.

His comments came after Ukraine’s Security Service released an audio recording of an intercepted call between a Russian soldier and his commander. The recording shows the commander angrily ordering the military to shoot “everyone”, regardless of whether they are civilians or not.

“Yeah, cut them all, damn it!” he said.

In the recently liberated city of Gastomel in the Kiev region, authorities said hundreds of civilians were still missing and feared dead after Russian forces destroyed the area while they controlled for 35 days.

As the head of the local administration Taras Dumenko told Public Radio on Wednesday, “more than 400 civilians have disappeared without a trace.”

“Not many bodies were found in Gostomel, then the bodies of shot and killed residents were found in the villages of our community,” he said.

He went on to say that authorities had been informed of several killings of civilians, incidents that had been confirmed by photo or video evidence, but their bodies had not yet been found.

“But we must understand that the invaders have covered up the traces of their crimes,” he said.

Russian troops have proved more brazen in the city of Bucha near Kiev, where this week street scenes, literally littered with killed civilians, shocked the world. Bucha Mayor Anatoly Fedoruk spoke in detail about the horrors that unfolded there, in a BBC comment on Wednesday, saying he had personally witnessed several killings.

“Three civilian cars tried to evacuate towards Kyiv and were brutally fired upon. There was a pregnant woman whose husband was screaming and begging [for them] not to shoot at her, but to shoot her severely, ”Fedaruk said.

A total of about 320 people were killed, he said.

New painful details appear shortly after Russia’s missile strike on a pediatric hospital in the southern Ukrainian city of Nikolaev, with gruesome images showing children’s toys near the site of the attack.

Surveillance footage recorded the moment when a Russian missile hit an ambulance, which Britain handed over to the object. Witnesses testified that at least one child and one man were killed and at least 60 others were injured. International condemnation – still a daily choir – has done little to contain the massacre.

Vitaly Kim’s telegram channel

Doctors Without Borders, who helped provide medical care at the complex, which also houses an oncology center, said the windows of their cars were broken during the blasts. “Several explosions took place in the immediate vicinity of our staff for about 10 minutes,” Michel-Olivier Lacharite, head of Doctors Without Borders of Ukraine, told Reuters. “As they were leaving the area, the MSF team saw wounded people and at least one body.”

Ukrainian officials say at least 167 children have been killed since Vladimir Putin ordered the February 24 invasion. Another 279 were seriously injured, and thousands more were undoubtedly affected by what they saw. According to the Prosecutor General’s Office of Ukraine, at least 927 schools and other educational institutions were affected during the war.

Not far from the capital, Kiev, the Russian military has left another suburb, and behind them lies another trail suspected of war crimes. Like the scenes in Bucha that horrified the already shocked world earlier in the week, images from Borodyanka showed another nightmare.

A woman interviewed by CNN revealed a corpse in her garden. The deceased’s pants were pulled off; he had a sack on his head and his hands were tied behind his back. “He was executed, shot in the head,” a Ukrainian police officer told CNN. The buildings in the shelled city are almost all covered with the letters V or Z, symbols of Putin’s “special military operation” or the code word of war.

European leaders will meet on Wednesday to decide on new sanctions against Russia, which now look gradual rather than immediate as Europe’s dependence on Russian gas becomes increasingly apparent with rising energy bills expected in the coming months. exceed 400 percent.

In the United States, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, General Mark Millie, warned of a geopolitical catastrophe. “Russia’s invasion of Ukraine threatens to undermine not only European peace and stability, but also world peace and stability, which my parents and a generation of Americans have fought so hard to defend,” he said. “We are entering a world that is becoming increasingly unstable, and the potential for significant international conflict is increasing, not decreasing.”

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