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Wet foot

Wet foot
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Wet foot Seemingly appeared out of nowhere last year, signing with the big Domino label in June 2021. When the duo – lead singer and guitarist Ryan Tisdale and lead guitarist and backing vocalist Hester Chambers (accompanied by Henry Holmes on drums, Alice Durand on bass and Joshua Omead Mobarak on guitar and synthesizer) – released their first single Cha Chasegue became a viral sensation.

Despite whirling rumors, Wet foot – this is not an industrial enterprise. Tisdale and Chambers also have no famous parents; the duo so quickly attracted attention, mostly word of mouth (the Domino signature definitely helped too). Prior to the album’s release, the band released six singles: “Chaise Longue”, “Angelica”, “Wet Dream”, “Too Late Now”, “Oh No” and “Ur Mum”. All were fantastic in their own way, but the songs that have survived for the record include some of Wet Leg’s best work. This is a rare long-awaited debut album that justifies the excitement.

The album begins with “Being In Love,” a cool track with honey vocals where Tisdale compares her all-consuming anxiety to feeling in love with someone: “I’ve lost my appetite / I can’t sleep at night / I can’t focus / I don’t feel too great / The world is moving / And I’m struggling with something / But I kind of like it because it feels like I’m in love. ”

Tisdale is a gifted songwriter who can easily convey emotions that are difficult to convey in words. There’s “I Don’t Wanna Go Out,” which perfectly articulates that point when you’re not in your twenties, when you’re too young to give up your aspirations but still feel tired and exhausted. “It used to be so much fun, now everything seems so dumb / I’d like to take care of it / And now I’m almost 28 / I’m still getting away from my stupid face / damn nightmare / I know I should be interested in it / Right now I don’t worry, Tisdale sings. While the lyrics are depressing, the music is a stunningly beautiful contrast, with synthesizers and backing vocals giving the track an ethereal touch; it sounds like angels welcoming you to the pearl gates of paradise.

“Loving You” – another track written by Theosdale – is a solemn number on a synthesizer and guitar, which tells of the disappointment of a conflict with a man who plays with her emotions, despite the fact that they have a new partner. Tisdale’s vocals remain cute when she expresses everything straight: “I don’t want to be friends / I don’t want to pretend / I don’t want to date your girlfriend / I hope you’re choking on my girlfriend / When she calls 999 / They cut the line on you.”

The theme continues under the aptly titled “Piece Of Shit,” a song that is also reduced compared to effervescent singles when Tisdale chose to be a bigger person and not deal with someone who mistreated her: “Do you want me to cry? Good. How could I die? Good. You’re a good man. Good. Well, everything that helps to sleep at night, ”she sings. The most caustic lyrics of Wet Leg sound in the most tender songs; it’s a stark contrast that makes them even more appealing.

But even when Teasdale expresses her emotions, she doesn’t undermine the band’s sense of humor. “Ur Mom,” an inflatable pop song, she urges her ex-boyfriend to beg to be forgotten. No need to be eloquent: “Yes, why don’t you suck my cock,” – she takes revenge, pointing out why she can no longer stay in the dynamics. And this humorous disappointment reaches a breaking point when Tisdale announces that she practiced her “loudest scream,” counting to three, before uttering a scream.

There is a big difference between how Tisdale and Chambers approach songwriting. While Tisdale seems to enjoy using a more literal method, writing emotionally saturated lyrics that feel like eavesdropping on an intimate conversation with a friend – or, in some cases, such risky lyrics that make you throw your phone across the room. after sending – Chambers keeps writing songs more abstract and absurd.

The only song written by Chambers for this album without Tysdel’s participation is “Convincing” (“It’s Not Fun” was also written by Chambers alone, but only appears in a luxury edition). On this track, Chambers’ voice acquires a fragrant snort reminiscent of Lana Del Rey. “Do you think other girls will mind if I also swim at night / On the beach / Wet feet / Bioluminescent planktonic shit,” she says. Chambers ’voice is as beautiful as Tysdel’s voice, and I want to hear more.

The real magic of the record comes at a time when Chambers and Tisdale share responsibilities for writing songs, as they both have a dirty sense of humor. Take the lead single “Chaise Longue”: The Bad girls The background work is largely due to the delivery of the Teasdale roll. With a monotony that could rival rival Margot Tenenbaum, Tisdale sounds cool when she sings some of the dumbest lyrics imaginable, including the first lines of “Mom, Dad, look at me / I went to school and got diploma / all my friends call it ‘big D’ / I went to school and got a big D ‘.

One of the most outstanding is the funny perverted “Wet Dream”. It is clear that Wet Leg likes not to take themselves seriously, and in this ridiculously catchy tune Tisdale and Chambers are creative to their dirty images: “You climb on the hood and lick the windshield / I’ve never seen anything so obscene.” Wet Leg plays a lot, introducing different genres to their guitar music, and in the case of “Wet Dream” the band creates a song with a disco touch. Rhythm guitar shines best in combination with percussion, as Tisdale repeats the provocative line “Enough, enough, enough, enough (to make the girl blush)”; it is contagious and alive.

Next up is “Angelica,” a too-good song with shimmering guitar riffs about the awkwardness of attending parties in social anxiety. The lyrics “I don’t even know what I’m doing here / I’ve been told there will be free beer / I don’t want to follow you on“ gram / I don’t want to listen to your band ”” what it’s like to chat with people you don’t have relations; what looks glamorous from afar often feels uncomfortable on the inside.

Even when it comes to tracks that are noticeably restrained compared to others, there are no sad moments on it Wet foot. With a winning combination of two incredible guitarists and great songwriting this is an almost flawless introduction. The album contains such an exciting collection of songs that it is already interesting to expect what Wet Leg will come up with next.

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