Summary of Cramer’s crazy money 4/7: Amazon, Google, Target

“The bull is dead, long live the bull,” Jim Kramer shouted to his Mad Money viewers on Thursday. The stock market is spinning, he said, and you need to turn around with it, whether you want it or not.

The lesson of this stock exchange is simple. If the Federal Reserve aggressively raises rates, there are two things. First, everything that worked will no longer work. Second, everything that didn’t work came to life.

Example, Amazon (AMZN) – Get Report, Inc, a technical manager who has fallen 5% year-over-year, despite the fact that he still publishes outstanding earnings. You can learn a lot about stocks by looking at what happens after it reports. If the numbers are big but investors just don’t care, that’s a problem for a 1.6 trillion company.

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