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I.On a rare and surprising example of restraint, this week’s live episode of this week avoids diving right into The Thing, except for a brief mention at the end of its cold opening. Instead, the show opens with a new episode of Fox & Friends, in which morning talk show hosts and right-wing puppets Steve Ducy (Alex Moffat), Ainsley Earhardt (Heidi Gardner) and Brian Kilmid (Mikey Day) ask softball questions at Supreme Court of Clarence. Thomas (Kenan Thompson) and wife Ginny (Kate McKinnon).

Judge Thomas is unhappy with his recent hospitalization, while Ginny – aka “Yoka Ona of the Supreme Court” – unconvincingly denies her role in the riots in the Capitol, even though she can’t help but call for a “tidal wave of biblical revenge” to wash away the criminal the Biden family up to Hitt. ”

After a brief tirade about what Disney is “turning your kindergarten into gay” from the network’s permanent winemaker, Judge Janine Pira (Cecily Strong), the hosts are visited by former President Trump (James Austin Johnson), who comes out of bed in Mar-a-Lago . . He talks about how Will Smith hit Chris Rock at the Oscars (“I saw the slap, I liked the slap, I was very impressed with his Hitch”) before directly taking part in the uprising (“In many ways it is there was a deliberately planned coup, yes ”) and its cover-up (“ I was too busy making a phone call as well as coup and coup ”).

This cold openness suffers from the same lack of storytelling and thematic cohesion as most Fox News segments, but obsessed with Johnson’s film, allergic to articles, Trump continues to be a winner and like the crowd.

The host of the evening is a stand-up comic by Jared Carmichael. Immediately Carmichael says he “won’t talk about it it is … ”before doing just that, even if he never says what“ it ”is. Instead, he says that we feel like we’re all “talking about it”. so long“, Asking:” Doesn’t it seem that it happened somewhere between Jamiroka and September 11? “

Despite the restraint, he says Lorne Michael told him he should discuss it because “the nation needs to be cured”. He is surprised that Lorne will impose this responsibility on him, given that “he must be the least known host in SNL history.” However, he is taking the opportunity to introduce himself and promote his new special edition HBO Rothaniel (in which he acts gay), although when it comes to the burden of national responsibility, he passes the money on to former President Obama.

The first sketch of the night is a game show called “Are My Brains OK?”, In which participants are asked to identify simple things they “definitely knew before Kovid”, such as ordinary items such as wheelbarrows (guesses include “bike”). “farm bikes” and “wheelmonkey”), days of the week, names of close friends and ways to start everyday conversations. It’s a clever idea that tries to overcome his intelligence, but the funniest – it’s just Sarah Sherman, who acts like a freak.

Short Ass Movie is a new musical number from Pete Davidson, musical guest Guna, Chris Red and Red Rocket star Simon Rex. In it, they talk about how their brief attention makes them unable to watch any movie for more than 90 minutes. It’s a pretty obvious boyish humor that doesn’t even match the examples they cite: do we expect to believe that modern brothers can’t stick with the Heat, but are happy to rush to Eraserhead? Please. Rex saves this with ridiculous accounts of his love of Ernest’s films and a good dig into Davidson’s endless comedy car “King of Staten Island”, although his appearance is so accidental that it is confusing, especially considering that his recent breakthrough came in the film which goes 128 minutes.

On Shop TV, cheeky southern presenters (Strong, Day) welcome doll maker (Carmichael) to show off their latest toy: Riley Rainbow. Everything goes smoothly until he changes the doll’s dress, revealing a giant rainbow-colored bush that grows out of her groin. He explains that it’s not what it looks like – “vagafro”, as one angry subscriber calls it – but simply “the end of the spool inside … it’s a point of reference, any puppeteer knows it.” His explanations are unconvincing, but the doll nonetheless proves that it’s a hot thing for a home – or in the case of one subscriber, prison – audience.

After that the show finally comes to appeal to the elephant in the room. Carmichael plays the role of chair filler at the Oscars, which takes place directly behind his character Will Smith (Ed) right at the moment when Chris Rock takes the stage. Smith’s intense friendship before, during and after his violent explosions gradually reveals the depth of his madness. It’s not a particularly brilliant look at this story, though Red said with a full throat “Get my wife’s name out of your fucking lips!” causes a lot of laughter, as well as his imminent disruption, when he talks about his infamous interview on the show “Red Table” by his wife Jada Pinkett-Smith in 2021.

Gunna takes the stage for a Banking on Me performance before the Weekend Update provides almost complete information on the first news of the Oscars. Michael Che says he understands where Smith came from, noting, “You can’t expect him to sit and watch another man jump through his wife … without signing an NDA.” He is also tired of pretending that everyone knows about Jada’s diagnosis of alopecia: “No matter how much we hear about Jada and Will’s personal lives, you can’t expect us to keep everything. It’s like Kanye said, “Don’t act like you didn’t know about my psoriasis!”

Colin Jost, meanwhile, is embarrassed that the Oscars allowed Smith to stay just because Chris Rock said it was okay: “So we just ask the victim right after she’s hit in the head, ‘Hey, are you cool when the guy who just attacked you lingers for a while? You don’t want to make him angry again. I can’t believe the Academy has a worse concussion protocol than the NFL. “

Eventually they move on, and Yost invites Republican Senator Marsh Blackburn. She defends the question of Supreme Court candidate Ketanji Brown Jackson (Strong) “What is a woman?” and doubles her sensational questions by exposing those “big, stupid, dumb boards and big, stupid, dumb pictures” who like to use her like. The image of Strong in Blackburn is quite indistinguishable from that of Marjorie Taylor Green, though that probably speaks less to her than to the Republican Party.

Che returns for the last time to the controversy over the Oscar ceremony, drawing on the answer of OD Simpson (Thompson). He tries to see both sides of the problem, benevolently noting that “they both look like good guys,” though at a few moments he quickly flies out of the pen, such as when Che mentions that the academy is considering taking away Smith’s trophy. Apart from the outbursts, there is nothing here that corresponds to a true OJ video on the subject on quirks or shamelessness.

Next, the family and two mortuary helpers gather at the seaside cliff to look at the remains of their grandfather. The family waits for the standard scattering of ashes, but watches in horror as the killers throw the full corpse of their loved one over the edge. Cheerful simple joke, it is a pity that the sketch could not end there, because the rest is awkward.

The same embarrassment ensues in the following sketch, in which Kyle Mooney plays an awkward tourist who is too caught up in his friend’s sad friend’s story about dinner in New York.

Gunna returns to the stage and performs Pushing P with Future before the show ends with a pre-shot sketch of children’s t-shirts for gays with slogans such as “Future Twink”, “Little Les”, “No Kink at Pride” and “I Heart Kristen”. Stewart ». It’s no less unbearable than the performative types he mocks, but at least it will end soon.

After the big half of the day passed the big story of the day, SNL definitely paid a lot of attention to it during the back half of the show. They also worked well, at least considering how bad it could be. The show was very clear in taking Rock’s “side” by targeting Smith as harshly as they seem willing to go for someone outside of right-wing politicians. No doubt many will resent this, but you had to expect SNL to stand up for one of its own.

However, every time this topic arose, even outside of Carmichael’s monologue, there was a grim inevitability of how our social media-oriented culture completely exhausts any story within days or even hours after its emergence, putting under doubted the very need for the continued existence of Saturday Night Live.

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