Sailors asked Julio Rodriguez to “light up” – now “it’s on”

It’s time Julio.

Julio Rodriguez on compiling a list of sailors: “It’s a dream day”

Apparently the least surprising step of spring was announced Monday morning that yes, Julio Rodriguez made a list of sailors on the opening day. The door was left wide open before spring training, and Julio did whatever it took to show he was ready – and then.

In the fall of 2020, Marines general manager Jerry Dipota admitted the possibility of calling Rodriguez to Seattle sometime in 2021. At the time, it sounded outrageous – the 2020 low-league season was wiped out and he played all 84 games at the time in the state – but the following spring Julia gave a preview of what we’ll see this year. He was faster than expected, got his hits and most impressively demonstrated an approach that is out of date.

“I am committed to my plan,” Rodriguez said last spring. “If it’s not in my area, I won’t rock. Two days ago I was called on strike. It was a good pitcher feed. Okay, I’m going to tilt my hat. It was not mine, but yours, good for you. “

Julio certainly didn’t break camp with the team last year, but his eyes opened on. He started the season at High-A Everett with an organization that treated him so that was not typical of valuable prospects, allowing him to leave the team on three different occasions to compete for the Dominican national team first in the Olympic qualifiers and then the Olympics in Tokyo. Thought he could get a lot of experience in these games that he couldn’t get anywhere else. Truth be told, they probably also didn’t want to give up their valuable perspective and risk unpleasant feelings, but there are obvious risks associated with the player going beyond the protective organizational bubble.

It turned out there was nothing to worry about. Julio has succeeded on every field he has played on. Coming out of 2021, he still scored just 46 games above the High-A, but there was no doubt that he would have a legitimate chance to become a team this spring. Dipota said so much in the fall and came back with even more serious comments after an MLB lockout revealed to Rodriguez the exact path to the list of the first opening day in what he needed to accomplish in the abbreviated spring.

“Light up,” Dipota said on March 11 in his weekly show on Seattle Sports 710 AM. “And I suspect he will be willing to do that.”

Julio did it with a bat, a glove, feet, presence – you name it. In short, he wrote the perfect script for himself.

The first bat? Haumran. Central field? Of course. On the first base? Not anymore! Exit speed 115 mph plus? Yes, still there. Bad game? Let’s just pursue this with a home run in the park, where this time, winking, I’ll just go ahead and along the way take third-base coach Manny Act.

Probably won’t hurt and the fact that the baby is also very marketable, but that’s just a bonus. No, check it out. Have fun. Enjoy.

Are you ready to light up Seattle a bit? Sure, sailors are expected to compete, and that’s a good story, but it is such players that can attract serious attention.

It can be a lot of fun, but let’s remember that breaking into the major leagues is a difficult process even for the most touted prospects. There will be a lot of first, a lot of training, and yes, there will definitely be a struggle, even if he doesn’t admit it. In 2019, when in an interview “meet” he was asked to name what he was not good at, he could not. Notice it was not arrogance, but more of a concept he just didn’t understand. Regardless, it is important to allow the pain of growth.

However, Monday is not about when. This is a monumental day in a baseball player’s life.

The dream of the Grand League of Julio Rodriguez begins in Minneapolis on Thursday. When Mariners manager Scott Servais announced the news Monday morning, the child was ready.

“It will be a dream that will now become a reality,” Rodriguez said. “You’ve been working your whole life to get to this point right now. It was amazing just to see Skip’s facial expression just say to me, “Yo. Time. ‘”

His answer?

“It’s included.”

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