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The second scene of the play by Richard Greenberg – Jesse Tyler Ferguson, Jesse Williams and Patrick J. Adams.

Broadway revival of the second stage of Richard Greenberg Take me away It officially opened at the Hayes Theater on April 4, and reviews are there. Directed by Scott Ellis, the production began previewing on March 10 and is currently scheduled to run through May 29.

Jesse Williams as baseball star Darren Leming, the Empires central field player, who comes out of the closet, revealing a tradition of long-standing unspoken superstitions off the field. As empires struggle to unite for the championship season, players and their fans are beginning to question the old ways, their loyalty and the price of victory.

Starring with Williams are Jesse Tyler Ferguson, Patrick J. Adams, Julian Sihi, Hiram Delgado, Brandon J. Dirden, Karl Lundstedt, Ken Marx, Michael Oberholzer, Eduardo Ramos and Tyler Lansing Weeks. The campaign is completed by backups Ryan Brussar, Michael Castilejas, Lance Takeshi, Stephen Watrus and Tim Wright.

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Take me away It premiered on Broadway in 2003, receiving the award for best play by Tony. The staging of the second scene is the first revival of the play on Broadway. It is reported that Alice and Williams will continue their work on the work as it is adapted as a television mini-series, which is expected to premiere later this year.

The revival of Second Stage includes stage design by David Rockwell, costume design by Linda Cho, lighting design by Kenneth Posner, sound design by Bray Pure and Jim Carnahan’s casting. The fight is directed by Sordelet Inc., Barclay Steef is the stage manager and Kelly Levy is the stage manager.


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