Precipitation from the blockbuster Eagles-Saints trade

The NFL Draft Monday was a major overhaul when the Philadelphia Eagles and New Orleans made a major trade that would have drastic effects for years to come. In our last 2022 NFL mock-up draft, we dropped the board, which will now be largely controlled by the Saints.

NFL Model Draft 2022 | Elections 1-16

The Eagles began Monday with three elections in the first round. They end the day with two after sending the 16th, 19th and 194th elections to the Saints. Here is what the Eagles got in return: elections under numbers 18, 101 and 237 this year, elections in the first round in 2023 and in the second round in 2024.

The trade gives Saints three selections from this year’s top 50 and gives the Eagles a backup plan in the defender in case Jalen Herts doesn’t capture the starting job in the long run.

The top 10 in the draft remains unchanged, although the Saints now have the assets to make the big leap when there is a player they love. In this context, here is our latest layout, which reflects all these changes.

1) Jacksonville Jaguars: Ikem Ekwonu, OT, NC State

The line of attack of the “Jaguars” in one off-season goes from difficulty to strength. Ikem Equon will probably eventually replace Cam Robinson, but in 2021 he will play alongside him.

2) Detroit Lyons: Aidan Hutchinson, EDGE, Michigan

Choosing Jaguars allows the Lions to get their new look to the franchise Aidan Hutchinsonwho entered both high school and college an hour from Ford Field.

3) Texas of Houston: Ahmad Gardner, CB, Cincinnati

The Texans need help in the trenches, but they can solve the problem at 13. Ahmad “Sauce” Gardner gives a few – um – sauce to the secondary, which ranked 30th in the number of yards per pass (7.5) and 25th on the EPA list (0.16) in 2021.

4) New York Jets: Kyle Hamilton, S, Notre Dame

The Jets are making this rush that works by assuming that Kyle HamiltonThe real speed is approaching the 40th time he published at the NFL Scout Factory (4.59), not the way it was in his day of the pros (4.7+).

5) New York Giants: Evan Neal, OT, Alabama

The Giants would probably prefer Equon at 5, but they stop – if that’s the right word – at Evan Neal6 feet 7, 337 pounds hippopotamus that can play both left and right.

6) Carolina Panthers: Kenny Pickett, QB, Pittsburgh

Matt Rule needs a defender and seems in no hurry to change to Jimmy Garapalo. This indicates that they are considering a project. Kenny Picket is the most pro-ready.

7) New York Giants (from CHI): Kayvon Thibodeaux, EDGE, Oregon

The giants sent five – FIVE! – Oregon Pro Day representatives, including general manager Joe Shoen, to take a closer look at Caivon Tybadowhich may be the most polarizing player in the draft.

8) Atlanta Falcons: Gareth Wilson, WR, Ohio

The Falcons defeated Kyle Pitts over Ja’Mar Chase in 2021, but they can’t move back after losing Julio Jones, Calvin Ridley and Russell Gage in the last 12 months. Gareth Wilson is the best of the heap.

9) Seattle Seahawks (from DEN): Malik Willis, QB, Liberty

Pete Carroll couldn’t be more obvious about his team’s intentions to add to the quarterback’s draft with big hands. Malik Willis has the largest upper tier arm.

10) New York Jets (from SEA): Trevon Walker, EDGE, Georgia

The Jets’ rush was predictably pedestrian after Carl Lawson tore his Achilles tendon in August and missed the entire season. But assuming that Lawson is really on the path to a full recovery, the Jets may have something special in him and Trevon Walker.

11) Washington Commander: Drake London, WR, USC

The commanders clearly believe that Carson Wentz is better than any defender they could take at 11, so now they are going to give him every chance to succeed. Mating Drake London with Terry McClorin and Curtis Samuel – a great start.

12) Minnesota Vikings: Jordan Davis, Georgia

The Vikings have a deep, powerful front seven after the addition Jordan Davis the group already includes Za’Darius Smith, Daniel Hunter, Dalwin Tomlinson and Jordan Hicks.

13) Texas Houston (with CLE): Jermaine Johnson II, EDGE, FL

The Texans come with the best offensive selections Jermaine Johnson IIascending pass to Rascher, who flourished in his only season in Tallahassee.

14) Baltimore Ravens: Trent McDuffie, Sibiu, Washington

The NFL can never have too many defenders. Consider this lesson learned in Baltimore. The Ravens were shattered by injuries in 2021 and missed the playoffs mostly because of it. Trent McDuffie gives them more depth in the back.

15) Philadelphia Eagles (from the Interior Ministry): George Carlaftis, EDGE, Purdue

Tomorrow the Eagles may worry about the defenders. Today they are should worry about their rush. They ranked 31st in the number of fired in 2021 and are trying to fix that by taking George Carlaftispass-rascher, who was America’s third team in 2021.

16) New Orleans Saints (from IND via PHI): Desmond Reader, QB, Cincinnati

The Saints were the first not to give up 2023, not planning to take a defender in 2022. General manager Mickey Loomis probably believes that the one he will be able to draft here will be better than the one he will be able to draft next year. Loomis also needs to know that Willis won’t. Desmond Reeder makes as much sense as any of those left.

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