Oscar’s slap “Oscar” is almost not mentioned in the SNL Cold Open – deadline

If you’ve been expecting to hear a lot about the slap in the face by Will Smith’s Chris Rock at the Oscars on March 27, tonight Saturday night live the cold outdoor didn’t have much to offer.

Of course, Donald Trump of James Austin Johnson appeared at the end to state that “I saw the slap, I liked the slap, I was very impressed with his Hook.”Revolve around a few links to past films King Richard Next, Johnson star Trump said, “I always knew Hitch had a hand.”

“Back to The pursuit of happiness he leaves the car in the subway and gets out of it, ”Trump roamed this season. “I thought it was great. You know, in that movie they slept in the bathroom. It’s so sad. it’s also a sad night for Hitch. “

And it was kind of before the convoy moved on to the last revelations on January 6th.

Instead it was “Good morning, Vietnam!” shouted SNL ‘Alex Moffat is as dim Fox and friends co-host Steve Dusi at the start of an NBC cold show tonight.

Starting to sit next to fellow actors Heidi Gardner as Ainsley Erhardt and Mikey Day as Brian Kilmid, Moffat as Ducy joked with his colleagues about what they were doing, about Donald Trump’s Truth app and falling in love with Senator Ted Cruz on Senator Ted Cruz SCOTUS confirmation by Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson. All of this could move on to a variety of topics with the usual Fox News hyperbole.

At the end of the week, when the whole planet seems to be talking about Smith’s attack on Rock to dig into Judy Pinkett Smith her hair where SNL then decided to go to Judge Clarence Thomas and his increasingly infamous wife Ginny Thomas, who appear to have been deep in MAGA trenches during the 2020 election and the January 6 attack on the Capitol.

So that’s what we got SNLHeavyweight Kenan Thompson and Kate McKinnon are an obvious heavily compromised couple. “Justice Thomas always plays next to the vest, I respect that,” Kilmid Day joked when Thomas Thompson rejected even the most innocuous requests. “Now Ginny, the left is now losing her mind from some perfectly normal texts that you sent to your friend Mark Meadows on January 6, right?” Kilmid added, as you can see below:

“I am very serious about my duty to Yoko Ona of the Supreme Court,” SNL MVP McKinnon said Mrs. Thomas ’crazy eyes are holding on tight to her husband. “All I want is a tidal wave of biblical revenge to wash away the Biden criminal family all the way to Hitt, and then we’ll free Kraken,” she continued, drawing quite broadly from Thomas’s actual texts now being published. Celebrity student the last head of the White House host.

Despite the abundance of topics that can be easily mocked SNLLast month’s latest show, the Lorne Michaels series, which produced tonight, got stuck with its tried and true Fox News chip. After a not very well-received meeting with Judges Thomas and Ginny Thomas, Cold Open switched to FNC Five and Cecilia Strong back makes drunk judge Jeanine Pira.

After delving at least a little deeper into the thematically available material, Pira of Strong moved to a segment called “Disney vs. America.” Notice the chaos in Mouse House over how to fight Florida’s outrageously discriminatory “Don’t Tell Gays” law. “Now that you’re awake, Disney won’t stop until the whole Disney world is filled with bells, Cinderella and this hilarious Mr. Frog.” Before literally opening the beer, Pira of Strong also gave the go-ahead for a new cookbook by Kyle Rittenhouse and several shouts from Republican congressman Madison Cowthorne about cocaine and invitations to an orgy in the District of Columbia

All of this was a bit disappointing and forced, as the deuces all week wondered what Michael and the latest iteration of Not Ready For Primetime Players would come up with to eliminate an attack on one of their pets.

Some whispered as to whether a cast member and three-time presenter Rock could appear in 1990-1993. SNL tonight. Going out a trio of nights in Boston, opening their world tour Ego Death, the New Jack City The vet was today just over 100 miles from Manhattan in Atlantic City for two evening shows at the Borgata event center.

Returning to his first new show since March 12, SNL of course there was plenty to choose from for his cold open.

Candidates were to include the ongoing Russian invasion of Ukraine, Joe Biden’s strategic call for regime change in the Kremlin, tomorrow’s Grammy and the launch of CNN + this week. There were insane guerrilla hearings on the approval of Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson for SCOTUS, and, oh yes, the widely condemned slap of Smith on Rock at the 94th Academy Awards on March 27th.

Even as Saturday night live decided to largely miss the slap itself, there was still a game to play with the consequences and the accusation that Smith was allowed to stay at the Oscars to receive the award for best male role after the attack on Rock. Also, the last 30 hours was also the first Fresh PrinceLeaving the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences before the group’s Board of Directors took possible steps to dismiss the 20-year-old member or fire him.

A comedic gold digger anyway, even if the incident at its core was grim at best.

Today’s 16th show SNL ‘In the 47th season of Jarod Carmichael in his debut hosting and rapper Anna as a musical guest. Next week Jake Gyllenhaal will return for his second reception (last time in 2007), and Lisa will be both host (first time) and musical guest (her second time) on April 16th. It should be noted that on April 16, just two days before the AMPAS Board of Directors convened to make a final decision on the punishment that Will Smith will face for his “shocking, painful and unforgivable” behavior at the 94th award ceremony. Oscar.

Check out today’s cold open above.

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