Opening Things Up, Hendricks and Burnes, Suzuki Debut, and Other Cubs Bullets

Regardless of my long-term thoughts on the likely competitiveness of this year’s Cubs team, I am nonetheless very excited to go to Vernissage Day today. Thanks to the pandemic this is my first day of discoveries at Wrigley Field in three years and I missed it. We are allowed to have fun, right?

I’ll be in the right field stands – with Michael, Louis, Eli and Brian – so if you find yourself around and want to say “Hey”, come and say “Hey”! I’ll be the one who’s inappropriately dressed for the elements, but at least I’ll have gloves on!

• Today will be difficult for the Cubs, who will not only face one of the best baseball pitchers in Corbyn Burns, but also meet him in horribly cold conditions, coming from the heat of Arizona. The wind may howl, but I think resentment will still be very difficult to achieve. There’s also the question of Kyle Hendrix’s propensity for an early start to the home run – it would be good not to see Cubs right in the early hole, and need to come back against Burns.

• But hey, last time Kyle Hendrix opened at Wrigley Field against the Brewers after a delayed start to the season … it all went pretty well:

• It will be so much fun to see Seiya Suzuki come out on the field and come out on the field for his first MLB on the bat on Wrigley Field. This is a special moment. Of course, like I said, it’s going to be against Burns in the cold, so Seya will probably say, “What the hell did I just sign up for?”

• Read more about recruiting Sei Suzuki Cubs:

• The clock remains a high priority for Rob Manfred, although he still wants to involve players in its implementation (next year).

• Amazon probably had a significant stock of Apple AirPods headphones because they are still on sale. So head on it. I confess that I use my every day. #advertising

• The Iowa Cubs won last night, including Ben Lipper returning to where he was last year:

• Very pleased to see that the Cubs have done the right thing this year from their junior league members:

• This is a fun opening topic from MBD:

• It’s good:

• Avoid comparisons for many reasons, but I recognize that visual pleasure:

• Episode preview of “On Waveland”:

• Not sure he will still be on the board when choosing seven:

• Our friends at Obvious Shirts today open their store north of Wrigley Field in Grace and Clark. Can’t wait to see this after today’s game:

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