Ohio Practical Observations: Student Thanksgiving Gives First Real Look at the Bacchus Attack and Defense in 2022

On Saturday, we got the first real opportunity to evaluate the Ohio football team in 2022.

The parties welcomed Ohio students to Woody Hayes Sports Center on Saturday for Student Thanksgiving, and reporters covering Ohio welcomed them to watch the parties train, which gave us a chance to see the parties pass through 11 p.m. 11 are working for the first time this spring.

While Ohio previously allowed the media to watch the first three periods of each of their three training sessions on Tuesday this spring, each of these viewing opportunities allowed us to watch only individual training sessions as reporters were asked to leave before the team training session. However, when there were students in the building, we had the opportunity to watch more than an hour of training on Saturday, which gives us a closer look at which players can go on the attack and defense.

First look at the offensive depth chart

Since Saturday was our first opportunity this year to watch the Parties go through team training, it gave us a closer look at who might be in line to start on both sides of the ball.

There were no big surprises in the first team’s attacks as TreVayon Henderson lined up with CJ Stroud in the back field behind the offensive line of Paris Johnson Jr., Donavan Jackson, Luke Whippler, Matt Jones and Davand Jones. Cade Stover spent most of the repetitions of the first team on the tight end, although Joe Roer also blended for healthy work in the first team. Jackson Smith-Njigba, Marvin Harrison Jr. and Julian Fleming took the most reps of the first team with a wide receiver, although Emek Egbuk replaced Fleming.

Kyle McCord and Devin Brown both took representatives of the second team in the quarterback – led by McCord – with Mian Williams or Evan Pryor, who stood next to them in the back. Jaden Ballard and Xavier Johnson were the hosts of the second team along with Egbuka or Fleming. True freshman Bennett Christian mingled with Royer for a few reps in the second team in the tight end.

In addition to the repetitions of the first team at the left guard, Jackson also trained with the offensive line of the second team at the left roll. The rest of the offensive line of the second team consisted of Toby Wilson in the left guard, Jacob James in the center, Enokka Wimahi in the right guard and Grant Tutant in the right defense. George Fitzpatyk also intervened for repetitions of the second team in the left roll, while Jack Forsman replaced on the left guard.

Wide receiver Camryn Bab and tight-end G-Scot Jr. were unnoticed at Saturday practice, while back-back Marcus Crowley, tight-end Mitch Rossi and line-up striker Josh Fryer are among the strikers unavailable this spring.

First look at the depth of defense chart

As usual, Ohio was spinning hard on the first team’s defensive line during Saturday’s practice, but what’s next are sophomores Jack Sawyer and J.W. T. Tuimolou were the first two defensive supports on the field during most of the training periods that were open to the media and students. Zach Harrison and Javonte Jean-Baptiste also saw their share of the first team in defense; they were both limited to times this spring due to injuries, so it seemed like they might have been on the field on Saturday.

Theron Vincent and Jeron Cage, as expected, led the rotation in the defensive selection, but Ty Hamilton, Tylake Williams and Mike Hall also took up the main team.

In Ohio on Saturday practice, the line defender has changed dramatically, leaving the picture gloomy with a depth chart. Steele Chambers and Tommy Eichenberg took the biggest share of the first team in two places of internal defenders, but Teraja Mitchell and Chip Trojanum also participated in the work of the first team, and real freshmen CJ Hicks and Gabe Powers even saw a few shots with starters.

Raid Carrick also took a few reps in the first team at linebacker Sam when Bacchus had three traditional linebackers on the field. In training sessions where Bakis had Leo on the field, Sawyer and Mitchell Melton took most of the reps, and true freshman Caden Curry also intervened in several reps with the defense of the second team.

Because Cameron Brown trained only in a limited capacity, Jordan Hancock took over in the first team against Denzel Burke, and Jacqueline Johnson and Jair Brown took a repeat of the second team in the corner defenders.

Since neither Court Williams nor Josh Proctor participated in the 11-on-11 work, the starting safety tools in team training were Ronnie Hickman and Bryson Shaw as two deep fuses and Tanner McCallister at the nickel position. However, Proctor was on the field and participated with the first team unit along with Hickman and McCallister in 7-on-7 workouts, which is an encouraging sign for Proctor if he continues to recover from a broken leg he received in September.

Defender Lehond Cavazos was not seen in Saturday’s training session, while linebackers Cody Simon and Pale Gaateot did not participate in any training sessions during that part of the training session we saw. Defenses ending with Jacob Cowen and Tyler Friday and security Latan Rance and Janzen Dunn are among the players unavailable for practice this spring.

A reminder of the talent of the Ohio Defender

Most of all, while watching Saturday’s practice at the Woody Hayes Sports Center, I was most impressed by the fact that the present and future of Ohio at the quarterback position look very bright.

Stroud looked as sharp as one would expect the Ohio starting defender to look in his second season in the squad, but McCord and Brown also put out their impressive hands. Although Brown had some moments for freshmen – during one series of three games he took two shots, after which Day took Brown off the field – he also made some beautiful shots, including one 30-yard throw by Kion Grace left the back corner of the end zone, which could have been the throw of the day.

All three defenders have demonstrated the strength and accuracy of the hands that could make them Ohio’s elite passes – or, in Stroud’s case, already there – and you can only see a few of their throws below.

At the reception of their throws Smith-Njigba looked ready to continue where he left off last season, as throughout training he proved to be a strong cover for Ohio defenders. Harrison Jr. also stood out, making several impressive games, while Egbook managed to catch the day when Brown grabbed a deep ball with one hand.

A look at the beginning of the return

While we had the opportunity to watch the panting team work during each of the first three workouts that were open to the media, Saturday gave us the first chance to see the teams start and return in action this spring.

As expected, Egbuka remains in place as a first-team returnee after repeatedly, as a true freshman, was close to breaking the drought in Ohio. Pryor took reps in the second team in return for Egbuk, and Henderson ran with the third team.

Other players who took part in the return team of the first team with Egbuka were Chambers, Xavier Johnson, Mitchell, Stover and Sam Wiglush.

Recruits, former players in the building

It is no coincidence that Saturday’s Student Thanksgiving took place in the midst of the largest spring weekend of recruitment in Ohio, which gave some of the Buckeyes ’main goals the opportunity to see how much support Ohio receives.

Notable prospects for the presence included 2023 20-star receivers Brendan Inis, Cornel Tate and Jalen Hale, 2024 five-star receivers Jeremiah Smith and Josh Trader, five-star defenders Dante Moore (2023) and Dylan Rayol (2024). Mark Fletcher (2023) and Stacy Gage (2024) and 2023 are defensive defenders Sharif Danson and Demon Fagan. All five Ohio commissions in 2023 – Luke Montgomery, Ty Lockwood, Joshua Padilla, Cedric Hawkins and Will Smith Jr. – were also present along with signatories 2022 Sonny Stiles and Tegra Chabola.

A bunch of former Ohio players were also in the building to watch Bakis train on Saturday, including current NFL draft prospects Chris Oll, Gareth Wilson, Jeremy Rockert and Master Tig III, as well as current and former NFL players Joey Galloway, Cordale Jones , Paris Campbell, Jalin Holmes and Tycoon Lewis, among many others.

More videos

Here are some more videos from Saturday’s Student Gratitude practice at Woody Hayes Sports Center.

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