Notre Dame Practical Report: Offense (April 2)


• In practice, № 8 spring training sessions at the Irish Athletics Complex did not have a wide receiver Joe Wilkins Jr., who suffered a broken foot a week ago – we are told that Lisfranc’s injury. But Dayon Colseywho was in a red T-shirt last Saturday, is back in full combat.

• Interesting to see only three attacking players – Josh Meadow, Drew Pine and Avery Davis – among the 12 line leaders as the Irish conducted the flex. Jarrett Patterson would be with this group, but he was in the north-east corner of the Irish Athletics Complex, where injured players rode bicycles and did various stretching / training.

Among the attacking players in the group were Patterson, his offensive colleagues Joey Tannon, White Shrot and Pat Cooganas well as the hard end Kane Berrong.

• To Flex, former Notre Dame defensive line coach Greg Mattison was busy talking to the offensive line coach Harry Gistand. The former Irish great Quentan Nelson attended. Assistant coach on the offensive line Chris Watt was in conversation with the Irish Defense Coordinator Al Golden. Watt nodded, taking wise advice from the veteran defense coach.


• As we saw a week earlier, Notre Dame attack and defense worked on selections / levers / corners to start training with a back-back and tight-ending that took defenders ’passes from defenders while the defensive player was in a supine position. The defender then jumps out to make a square in the open field (without selection).

The drill is conducive to the attacker. Thus, only a few defenders were able to successfully bring the player into the attack at full load, and there were no other defenders to help use the game. “Defense wins.” Jordan Batello, After all, BauerDJ Brown, J. D. Bertrand and linebacker Niuafe Tuihalamaka faced with walking on Charlie Selna’s tight end, tight end Michael MayerSelna, ran back Logan Diggs and runners Chris Velata.

• During the third period of the five set aside for the media, the offensive line and time-outs took to the streets for one-on-one work and combined work. During this time a running coach Deland McCullough exhibited a number of large garbage cans representing the offensive lines. The backbacks – in accordance with McCall’s decree – were instructed to follow a proper break, which McCall set out earlier in the week. It was noticed that McCullough drew an imaginary line and emphasized getting into a certain gap. High control over football was also emphasized.

• While the receivers were training to get off the blocks, Avery Davis was on his own agenda, moving pretty well for a guy who broke away from ACL surgery last fall. He seems to be moving towards summer without injuries.

• In anti-air throws, the most difficult of the routes were deep approaches performed by wide receivers. Tyler Buchner threw behind Jaden Thomas and Drew Pine Colsey missed hard. Buchner then overtook Braden Lenzy. However, after that Buchner and Pine were almost perfect in throws Lorenzo StilesMatt Salerno, Colsey, Thomas and Lenzy.

The swing passes were accurately executed by Buchner before Audrick Estemhard end Kevin Bowman and runs back Jadarjan Priceand from Payne to Mayer, and Bauman Mitchell Evans.

• According to its throwing motion, Buchner is dense and compact with precision. His release is quick. These are three practices that the media has seen where Buchner was mostly accurate.

• During training on the route Buchner threw behind Lenz, but was accurate in Matt Salerno during the strike Chris Tyree step by step. Pine was accurate on the same routes to Stiles, Colsey, Estham and running on the go Chase Keterer. Every pass in this workout is thrown to freshmen Steve Angeli was on target Jaden Thomaspass-through wide receiver Conar Ratigan, Logan Diggs and Chris Velata. A quarterback quarterback in a red T-shirt Ron Paul III was accurate Jadarjan Price.

• As we saw in practice last Saturday, attack and defense worked on performance from away formations (attack) and stretching transfer schemes (defense). Not surprisingly, the first representative was immediately diagnosed with linebackers After all, Bauer and Jack Keezer. Wide Lorenzo Stiles was beaten physically Marist Loofah. This is the starting lineup of Notre Dame linebackers. They are good.

Offensive Coordinator Tommy Reese delved into his textbook as attack and defense played a game of cat and mouse. A little deception from the shooting of the football shook Michael Mayer free to skip from Drew Pine. Security Ramon Henderson got the best of the styles on the skirmish line.

Another deceptive route has been released from the trips Braden Lenzy on a pass from Drew Pinebut in a red shirt a sophomore Chance Tucker almost made a circus interception. Run back Logan Diggs successfully absorbed a major security blow Xavier Watts. Buchner threw a dangerous pass to a game well diagnosed by the defense. The pass dropped completely. The tight end Kevin Bowman handmade Jaylen AIDS in the task of blocking trips.


It was a real mixed bag for kickers Josh Brian and Blake’s group. At the beginning of the training, everyone scored six goals.

Brian was good with 32, left with 35, good with 37, good with 43, good with 46 and left with 50. Grupe was wide left with 34, wide right with 36, good with 42, good with 44, good with 48 and to the left of 50.

Grupe continues to show a more explosive foot with a more linear approach to kicking, while Brian is, in theory, less likely to be kicked by his trajectory. Both showed a good right kick but had a few problems with direction.

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