No Man’s Sky neo-Nazis banned after trolling the Galactic Hub

Frigates and spaceships are involved in space battles over the planet's stratosphere in No Man's Sky.

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18 quintillion planets and you still can’t get away from the worst people on Earth. Namely: central communication Nobody’s sky, a region of the mapped space known as the Galactic Center, was recently threatened by a troll whom players call a “neo-Nazi.” The developer of Hello Games has banned the gripper forever, but players are still concerned about the in-game reporting tools.

Nobody’s sky, first released for PC and PlayStation in 2016, has evolved greatly since its debut. At launch – and this is a story that has been told in more written accounts than the planets Nobody’s sky—The game lacked many promised features, such as functional multiplayer. The hype offered a game that was technically so extensive that you would never encounter another player. But when the players visited the same planet as each other, they could not interact. They are could not even see each other.

Since then, many problems with the launch window have been fixed, and Hello Games has been released further more than a dozen free extensions for years, introducing features such as fur and non-standard bases. Nobody’s sky more or less regained the lost favor from the early years, spawning a reliable and hyperactive multiplayer community.

This community gathers in a number of settled regions, which are called “civilized space”. one of which is the Galactic Huba series of 11 interconnected regions where players gather to, frankly, build cool shit. One planet is home to an endless rave. (Please take a one-way ticket.) More – this is a large series of roads and outpoststhe foundation for the ultimate utopian city.

For the most part, the Galactic Hub is devoid of trolls, which is surprising given the insane toxicity that covers online gaming these days. But recently, as noted by one of Hub’s moderators in Fr. a long statement published on Redditone player undertook to wreak havoc.

“The neo-Nazi troll mourns the base in the Galactic Hub and there is nothing we can do,” – a player known as 7101334, who founded the Galactic Hub, wrote. “Every leader of canonized civilization agrees that Hello Games has failed to bring down civilized space. The “Report Base” function returns error 500, which means that Hello Games has never seen any of these reports, and the “Block” feature in the game just doesn’t work. “

Across the Galactic Hub, players spend a lot of time building bases, outposts and other exoplanetary structures. The troll in question, however, will appear and gypsum blocks on all these groundsessentially ruining any meticulously laid out plans. In any role situation, be it a video game or a round D&Dthere is a certain level of freedom for jerks – after all, life is full of jerks – but there is a limit.

Representatives of the Galactic Hub are provided Cat with the username of the troll in the background so as not to run into possible deadlines Nobody’s sky‘s EULA. Cat was able to further verify the username in the screenshots and video clip, and it does include figures commonly associated with white supremacy, as well as a reference to a prominent neo-Nazi leader. When asked for comment, Hello Games refused to provide or officially confirm the username of a particular player, but reported Cat:

Unfortunately, for the most problematic players it is common to find ways to have the most offensive names … The most effective thing when we see that these names are reported to us is to report them to the platform owner and ban them all games, not we just ban them Nobody’s sky. This is our usual course of action. Having said that, the specific player you named is already banned forever Nobody’s sky too.

However, the very fact of the troll report has raised concerns Nobody’s sky community members. Players say an attempt to report the infringing player led to a Server 500 bug that led many to speculate that reports were not actually received by Hello Games. The studio, for its part, denies this and says it has received complaints.

This was stated by a representative of Hello Games Cat the reason why these errors appeared is that the bases of the offending player have already been reported. (Nobody’s sky some of the direct player reporting tools available in other online games are missing, which has long been a problem among the game community, but players can report directly on offensive bases, not on the players who built them. Here is a video tutorial how it works.)

When players report a database, it is immediately blocked from local browsing – meaning they can’t see it on their PC or console – but it is still “downloadable by other players”. Otherwise, the spokesman said, it could be easily abused. Hello Games reviews all reports and moderates accordingly. In this case, the spokesman said, the reported bases were indeed moderated, despite the fact that the offending player used certain tactics designed to circumvent the game’s existing methods of combating trolls, the fix for which is on the way.

“We have identified them and the patch will be released as soon as possible,” the spokesman said, referring to feats that evade moderation. “We have a policy of public non-recognition of trolls or their methods to prevent the encouragement of imitators.”

The planet looms on the horizon above the resource factory in No Man's Sky.

Picture: Hi game

In this case, the case is closed. The player is banned. But Nobody’s sky players are still concerned about reporting tools that are more inaccessible to the community.

“The simplest and least controversial solution would be for them to fix the lock button in the game. He is not doing anything at the moment, as far as we can judge, ”7101334 said Cat via email. “It may be preventing someone from joining you, but they can still just log in and log in to your session without joining directly.”

Other players, meanwhile, say transferring such rigorously reporting tools to community members or even trusted moderators potentially opens the door to exploitation. Giving any player one-sided power like this is ripe for abuse. But it is clear that something needs to be given. While trolls and grief are rare in Nobody’s sky, they are still a problem. 7101334 noted one prominent member of the Galactic Hub who said they no longer build structures on planets because they know that these structures have a high chance of being tainted by bad actors. Obviously, this is not perfect.

“This is the state of the game, and it will take more than one ban to fix it,” said 7101334. “If you play the role of a person who deserves a ban, [Hello Games] should play the role of a campaign that actually protects their community. ”

Asked about possible plans to expand reporting tools for players, a Hello Games spokesman had nothing to add. The studio, they said, “is confident in the level of protection we already provide.”

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