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    The 2022 NCAA tournament ended excitingly on Monday night when Kansas overcame a 15-point deficit in the break on the road to victory over North Carolina with a score of 72:69.

    From the first weekend filled with frustration to the meeting of St. Peter’s Cinderella at number 15, which hit the top eight, it was a March madness that was remembered.

    Now it’s time to pay homage to this year’s celebrations with the latest round of winners and losers, covering the entire tournament this year, from the first four games on March 15 and 16 to the national championship game.

    It was a wild trip. Thank you for reading with us!

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    When the dust settled on the 2022 NCAA Wild Opening Day, when St. Peter’s No. 15 upset № 2 Kentucky, along with the upset victories of No. 12 seeded New Mexico (over UConn) and Richmond (over Iowa), there were only 192 perfect brackets. remaining in the pools of, ESPN, CBS and Yahoo.

    By the time Iowa’s 11th seed number upset № 6 LSU on Friday night, that number had been officially reduced to zero.

    It was the second year in a row that no bracket survived the first round, and as the gap between blue bloods and middle-class upstarts continues to narrow, it’s becoming less and less likely that we’ll ever see someone reach the perfect bracket.

    We will all be filled with the same hope when the first game takes place on Thursday morning next year, and that is the beauty of the March madness.

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    Duke’s match against North Carolina in the final four is likely to be the game everyone remembers from the 2022 NCAA tournament, but the best game of the year took place during the top four in Dayton, Ohio.

    In the final game on Wednesday night, Rutgers and Notre Dame met for a chance in the first round match at No. 6 with Alabama.

    It took two overtimes to determine the winner, and Paul Atkinson Jr. of Notre Dame made a winning comeback two seconds before the end to bring the Irish a 89-87 victory.

    Rutgers had a chance to win it at the end of overtime, there were 10 points scored in the last minute of first overtime, and Ron Harper Jr. scored a huge three-pointer, equal in the game, 23 seconds before second overtime before Notre Dame won.

    The Irish wrestlers upset Alabama in the first round before falling to Texas Tech in the second round, proving they belonged to the area from the start.

    Watch game games, people!

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    Jabari Smith possesses all the tools to be an NBA-level star, with a 6’10-inch sports frame, an offensive game that stretches around the perimeter, where he throws 42.0 percent from three points, and the length to hit a player in defense.

    However, his remarkable freshman season ended in a sharp blow when he scored 10 points in shooting 3 of 16 in the Tigers ’second-round defeat by No. 10 seeded Miami. The annoying defense of the Hurricanes kept him awkward from opening.

    “I had some views that just didn’t fall, but the pride in them just made them tough,” Smith told reporters. “Bodies remained, physical ones were with me, two people were sent. They defended well as a team. “

    There remains a consensus that Smith will be selected in the top three in the 2022 NBA Draft along with Paolo Bancher of Duke and Chet Holmgren of Hansa, but he may have finished No. 1 with a strong March madness.

    Instead, his career in college is likely to end in a sour taste in his mouth as the “Tigers” failed to survive the first weekend.

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    Teddy Allen

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    Every year there are at least a couple of middle-class stars who take full advantage of the bright lights and put on shows during the March madness.

    This year it was Wright state guard Tanner Holden and New Mexico striker Teddy Allen.

    The All-Horizon League election averaged 20.1 points and 7.1 rebounds per game during his junior season for Wright, which infiltrated the NCAA Tournament at No. 4 in the Horizon League.

    He defeated Peter Keys of Bryant, the nation’s top scorer, in one of the first four games when he scored 37 points with 11 out of 15 shots. He then scored 12 points against Arizona at No. 1 in the first round, and after entering the transfer portal he landed in Ohio, where he is likely to take on a starting role with Bucky.

    Allen began his career at a college in West Virginia before spending time at a public college in West Nebraska, Nebraska and finally in New Mexico.

    Junior 6’6 “became the best player of the year in the WAC, scoring 19.6 points, 6.7 rebounds and 2.5 assists per game for Aggies 27-7.

    He scored 37 points in a failed win over UConn at No. 5 in the first round to leave his mark on the 2022 tournament, and added 12 points, four rebounds and one interception in the Arkansas team’s second-round defeat. He has already applied for the 2022 NBA Draft.

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    The Big Ten crashed and burned in the 2021 NCAA Tournament: No. 2, seeded in Ohio and No. 4, Purdue, lost in the first round, while No. 1, seeded Illinois and No. 2, failed to hold second place. . round opponent.

    This year was more like that.

    Although leading in all conferences with nine entries to the NCAA Tournament, only Purdue at No. 3 and seeded at No. 11 from Michigan managed to reach Sweet 16, and they were both promptly sent to the collection before the field was transferred to the elite eight.

    However, the bigger black eye this year may belong to the SEC.

    While Arkansas, seeded No. 4, came out in the top eight, No. 2, seeded in Kentucky, No. 6, LSU and No. 6, Alabama, were upset in the first round. This was followed by № 2 Auburn and № 3 in Tennessee, who lost in the second round, blowing up many brackets along the way.

    All year the teams struggled to win away at the SEC, and I’m sure this story came true during the March madness.

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    We’ve never seen Cinderella run like St. Peter’s Peacocks.

    From the start of their starting game against No. 2 seeded Kentucky, they didn’t seem at all embarrassed to face one of the blue bloods, and their relentless defense intensity, which earned them a №25 spot in KenPom’s adjusted defensive efficiency this year, proved to be their golden ticket.

    Hitting the Wildcats in overtime, they beat Murray 7 to 10 points to move to Sweet 16 and then became the first 15 to ever make the top eight when they won against No. 67-64 3 seed Purdue.

    Cinderella’s race ended with a loss of 20 points from North Carolina in the elite eight, but their race will not soon be forgotten.

    Three-point shooter Doug Edert and his glorious mustache got a NIL deal from Buffalo Wild Wings, head coach Shahin Holloway got a head coach at his alma mater Setan Hall, and now everyone knows St. Peter’s University is in New Jersey.

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    No one wants to see an explosion in the final four.

    As the NCAA tournament field shrinks to four teams, college fans want to fight for a spot in the national championship.

    The Vilanova Wildcats simply surpassed Kansas’ No. 1 seed.

    In a game that had a four-point gap, the Jayhawks led by wire, scoring the first 10 points and increasing 26-11 in the middle of the first half.

    Ochba Agbaji (21 points, 6/7 3PT) finally looked like a first-team American, and David McCormack (25 points, 10/12 FG) was the men among the guys in the paint when Kansas won 81-65 and punched a ticket to the match. championship.

    A tip to the cap of fifth-year-old Vilanov senior guard Colin Gillespie, who scored 17 points in his last college game. Last March, the Great Player of the East had to watch from the sidelines with an injury after the cancellation of the 2020 tournament, so it was nice to see him enjoy his last race in the NCAA tournament.

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    Duke against North Carolina in the final four for the first time in rivalry history.

    There was simply no way for the game to fit the excitement.

    And then it worked out.

    The game was 18 shifts ahead, neither team leading by more than seven points at any one time, and only Caleb Love hit the dagger three to bring North Carolina to 78-74 in 28 seconds of play, and it finally began to clear who wins the game.

    Even then, Lava needed to shoot down three of four free throws to secure the win, as the second-year guard finished the game with 28 points while shooting 11 of 20, scoring 22 of his points in the second half.

    It may not have been the end of a collection of stories Duke fans had in mind for legendary coach Mike Krzyzewski when he retired, but it was the culmination of the college’s biggest basketball competition, and it will be a game people remember from years of this tournament from now on.

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    The first half of the national championship game on Monday was in North Carolina.

    Tar Heels broke the 26-7 series to complete the first half and take the lead with a score of 40-25 at the break, scoring 18 second-chance points and dominating the board with a 27-18 advantage.

    Meanwhile, Kansas shot a pitiful 6-of-21 in the paint, as it contented itself with looking bad early in the hour clock shot and again, trying to boost the pace.

    North Carolina’s 15-point lead was the fourth-largest halftime advantage in championship history, but it took the Jayhawks just over five minutes to reduce that deficit to six points after a break and a corner kick. Three-pointer Remy Martin with a score of 10:23 led the Jayhawks with a score of 53-50, as the momentum shifted completely.

    Suddenly North Carolina contented itself with a ugly look and disappeared inside, while Kansas patiently adjusted his attack and found light baskets again and again.

    The same Tar Heels who were 25 points behind Baylor, which would have equaled the NCAA record for the biggest lead if they lost – but survived to win in overtime, could not withstand the storm for the second time, and now they have the biggest torn lead in the history of the main game.

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    Throughout the tournament, while we published Winners and Losers, the main comment for caustic readers has always been something like the winners being the winning teams and the losing teams being the losing teams.

    So, people.

    The Kansas Jayhawks are the biggest winners of the NCAA 2022 tournament because they won the NCAA 2022 tournament, and they did so with a record return and the team’s overall effort.

    Sixth man Remy Martin was the star at the start of the game with a 20-point game against Creighton in the second round and a 23-point game against Providence in Sweet 16. He knocked down four three-pointers on Monday night and finished with 14 points in 21 minutes.

    Center David McCormack scored 25 points over the season while shooting 10 of 12 against Vilanova in the Final Four, and he became big again, scoring 15 points and 10 rebounds, overcoming some early foul problems.

    Christian Brown had difficulty in the first half but came out aggressive to start the second half to trigger a comeback. In the end, he finished with 12 points and 12 rebounds, playing all 40 minutes. Jalen Wilson added 15 points and Dajuan Harris Jr. played his usual star defense.

    After all, it was the 12th big player of the year and the first All-American Ochaj Agbaji team to take home the NCAA Outstanding Player of the Year award, with his 21 points, showing against Villanova by 6 out of 7 due to an arc as his branded performance.

    Congratulations to the Kansas Jayhawks of the 2021-2022 season with navigating the wild tournament field to become national champions!

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