MLB Opening Day bout rating: Who takes place № 1 when the Aces open the 2022 season?

The 2022 MLB regular season is approaching. Despite the owner-imposed lockout requiring a postponement of the start of the season, MLB will play 162 games this year, and we have a new post-season format with 12 teams.

Every year the opening brings a lot of quality fights. In the first game of the new season, 30 clubs will start with who they consider their best pitcher. You can’t win. These are nothing but great matches throughout the day. Given this, it’s time to compile our annual ranking of the fights at the opening of the day. The rating is based on three factors:

  1. The quality of the pitcher. The better the pitchers, the better the match, right? That’s right.
  2. Storylines. Does anyone start the first time with a new team? Face your former team? Are you coming back after an injury?
  3. Visibility. The most subjective factor. How interesting is it to watch these guys?

The short spring training means that most pitchers are not drawn more than 70 fields or so, which means that these fights on the first day will be shorter than usual. It’s a bummer, but what can you do? Here is our ranking of the fights at the opening of 2022. This year’s opening includes four Cy Young awards and one MVP award.

As soon as it was announced that Valdez and not Justin Verlander would start an open house for Astros, I figured this match would go down a bit in the rankings. But no, after thinking about it, it’s still the match I most want to see on Opening Day.

The star is Okhtani, it’s clear. Last season the current AL MVP had a 3.18 ERA with 156 strikeouts at 130 1/3 innings, and that was in addition to the 46 home runs he made. When Ahtani is included, he may be as dominant as anyone in the game, and I’m quite good to raise that rating a bit because we’ll also see Otani behind the plate (with the current new Shohe Otani rule).

Valdes is both very good (3.14 ERA in 134 2/3 innings in 2021) and very good looking. His spinning ball with high rotation bends the way other curved balls do, and his sinker and his changes a huge run up to his arm. In terms of clarity, Ottani and Valdez are two of the funniest pitchers in the sport, so they top my rankings.

Undoubtedly, there are bigger names in this list, but Alcantara and Webb are two of the best young pitchers in the game and worthy of your attention. Webb was in the spotlight last postseason (14 2/3 IP, 9 H, 1 R, 1 BB, 17 K) and ready to make the leap in 2022. Alcantara has an almost unmatched arsenal of power. I present to you its 95 mph change:

For me, Alcantara vs. Webb is a preview of the match. Two of the best, most enjoyable 20 years in the game today.

This is a rematch of last year’s AL Wild Card Game, in which Cole did not come out of the third inning, and Evaldi won. Of course, there is a historical rivalry, plus Evaldi and Cole are just very good. Two really good pitchers and a great rivalry with the latest story create a good viewing experience. Reasonable money – on these two, which have the highest combined average speed of fastball on the opening day.

Here’s “there’s more than one way to succeed in baseball.” Burns, the current winner of NL Cy Young, throws everything hard and defeats the strikers. Hendrix is ​​an outstanding soft-tosser in the game, and I mean that with love. The game can be stale if everyone throws 95+. Hendrix provides variety and lulls strikers to their sinkers in the 80s and changing dead fish. The coincidence of these two contrasts.

This is the current winner E.L. Sai Young with his new team and a child with five starts in the major leagues. Ryan came into Nelson Cruz’s trade and surprisingly received an assignment for the opening day. He will be the first pitcher since Jose Guzman of the 1986 Rangers, who started in the first six starts of his career. The twins really believe in Ryan. Hilarious storylines in this. Winner Sai Yang makes his debut with his new club, and on the other hand starts a newcomer. Neat.

I love players who return to their original team for the farewell season, so the return of Greinke to Kansas City is just my business. He is no longer the pitcher he was in his prime (or even two years ago), but his cunning makes him a pleasant watch, as is the realization that you are watching a possible member of the Hall of Fame. Bieber missed most of last season due to shoulder problems and looked very good at camp. I have no fundamental interest, but I would like to see a revival of Greinke.

Freeland failed to repeat this 2018 season, which became one of the best filing seasons in the history of the Rockies and brought him fourth place in the Sai Young poll. However, the last two years he has been solid and he is a bit unconventional as a guy with weak contact rather than high strikeout. Buhler is simply one of the best pitchers in baseball and is on the shortlist of NL Cy Young candidates. Coors Field threatens to turn Discovery Day into a difficult one for two beginners.

Montas is the latest in athletics. Chris Basitt and Sean Monet (both Matt Chapman and Matt Olson) have been sold, and it seems like it’s only a matter of time before Montas will also move. At the moment he is still with Auckland and their obvious starter of Vernissage Day. Nola starts instead of NL Cy Young, who finished second, Zach Wheeler, who slowed down during spring training due to a shoulder problem. This is a kind of coincidence of Plan B. Nola starts instead of Wheeler, and Montas starts because A changes everyone else.

A few years ago, this fight topped the rankings. Darwish had a poor 2021 season and Bamgarner is in decline. That takes some of the shine out of this match. The decent odds of me putting Darvish against Bamgarner are too low and these former All-Stars and Sai Young contenders are impressive at the start of the season.

I look forward to what Gray can do at sea level. Field’s course kept the pitcher from pretty live stuff, so even though he’s 30 and has 151 starts in the major leagues, Gray still has untapped potential. Berias signed the contract before the lockout and, at 27, is about to embark on what should be the best season of his career. Toronto has a track record in that pitchers rise to the level (see: Ray, Robbie), and the next may be Berias.

Two solid pitchers of the major leagues, including one debuted with his new team. These are also the reigning champions of AL Central against a promising team hoping to break into the crown of the division. Good match. No more comments.

I’m a Mahle fan and I think any team that trades on him (not guaranteed to be traded like Mantas, but look at how the Reds behaved in the offseason) will get a pitcher who still has another level of his game. Fried did what no other pitcher did in 2021: he won the World Series clincher, and it’s pretty cool.

Listen to former Marlins president David Samson, who shares stories of the opening day and others in the Nothing Personal podcast with David Samson on Thursday:

McClanahan is a model pitcher of Rays as an analytical dude with outstanding pitch traits (speed, spin, approach angle, etc.). He is the toughest left-hander in the sport. Means is a change wizard who should benefit greatly from the new big left field at Camden Yards, although this game will be played at Tropicana Field. This has a chance to become a cunning fight.

The rules say that someone should start on the Day of Opening, and someone – Brubaker for Pirates. He has interesting field characteristics and I praise the Pirates for not going the easy way and giving the ball to veteran Jose Quintana. Wainwright begins Vernissage Day in its farewell season, which is, frankly, the only thing worth noting in this match.

Jacob deGrom was injured while Max Scherzer was on his way to the start on Friday due to a hamstring problem. So the Mets were forced to leave with Megill, the most unlikely starter of the opening day. However, the weather forecast shows that there may be rain on Thursday, and in that case Scherzer will start a new opening day on Friday.

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