Mike Yo explains Flyers’ decision to scratch Keith Yandle by stopping his Iron Man series

VOORHEES, NJ – The Flyers have made an unenviable decision to stop the record-breaking series of Iron Man in the NHL by Keith Yandle.

Officially, this day came Saturday, April 2, 2022. For the first time since March 22, 2009, Yandle will be scratched and will not play games. He has played in 989 games in a row, the most in NHL history and 11 in a row out of 1,000 in a row.

Flyers are taking Maple Leafs tonight at the Wells Fargo Center. Yandle will look unusual and historical.

Interim head coach Mike Yoyo’s club is in full audition mode for the remaining 15 games scheduled for 2021-2022. Conversion Flyers entered the weekend at 21-35-11. Their 2021-22 season unfortunately became around next season.

With the transfer of estimates to the 2022-23 season, Flyers will be the third prospect to make his NHL debut in the last 10 days. Against Toronto, Ronnie Atard, the 23-year-old in the third round of 2019, will play his first game in the NHL alongside Nick Sealer in the third defensive pair of Flyers.

“Obviously, that decision was made: we are in a season when as an organization it is important that we have young players,” Yeo said Saturday morning. “Not to say we’re not playing for what’s happening now, but obviously we need to look to the future and what awaits us to enable some new guys.”

He was asked about how to guide on the issue, and noted that “if you make that decision, it’s an organizational decision.”

Yandle mentioned that general manager Chuck Fletcher had talked to him about the club’s position and motives for the final month of the season.

“I talked to Chuck. Obviously they told me what was going to happen,” Yandle said. “It was one of those things, you know, that by the end of the year, if you sign up young guys and get free agents from college, they’ll give them a chance to play. You have to respect that from the business and what they’re trying to do here. to me it’s just to keep coming to the rink and helping the young guys, being a good teammate and being here for the guys. “

The 35-year-old veteran defender came out on the ice Saturday morning with some other Flyers scratches as players recovered from injuries.

He did it thanks to his usual zeal and childlike energy, a “love of the game” that built an unprecedented run.

How did Yandle react to the news?

“He got it exactly the way you expected Keith Yandle to handle it,” Yo said. “I know you dealt with him, he’s nothing more than a phenomenal professional. He handled it very well. Obviously disappointed with what one would expect from a competitor and hockey player who has been doing this for as long as he has.

“I just hope he just admits how amazing what he did. Sure, for him it’s a disappointment, but few can say they did what no one in NHL history has done. ever did. This in no way diminishes what he has achieved. That’s great. Of course, we can be very proud. “

In his 965th game in a row on Jan. 25, Yandle took the NHL record previously held by Doug Jarvis. Yandl, who has struck a $ 900,000 annual deal, is highly respected by teammates and coaches for his professionalism and pedigree.

In 67 games this season, Yandle recorded a goal, made 14 assists and received a rating of minus 39, playing in the second of the smallest minutes of the game in his career with a score of 14:20.

He was aware that the Flyers solution might not be popular with those outside the organization.

“You know what they’re going to talk about. It’s always hard to scratch a player,” he said.

“Obviously, Yandes, it’s very hard to scratch. It’s hard to scratch a guy like Sealer, or it’s hard to scratch a guy like [Kevin] Kanautan, these guys are fighting for a job next year. Obviously there are young guys, they are hard to scratch, they are struggling to gain a foothold in the NHL.

It’s never easy, no matter who the player is. Obviously, Jands is a great teammate, and definitely got the series, just amazing how he was able to do it. It’s a really amazing achievement, yes, yes. it was very difficult, no doubt. “

The Flyers want to take a good look at some of their youth in Attard and in the first round of 2019 in Kam York. Sealer, the team’s first seventh defender, also has a one-year contract, as does Yandle. The 28-year-old is playing a tough defensive game and could be an option to return to his deep role next season.

“This is what we believe is in the interest of the Philadelphia Flyers. It’s for today,” said Yeans. was made tonight, and that decision was made in the interest of what is right for the Philadelphia Flyers in the future.

“Sometimes these are tough decisions that need to be made, but I think we can all agree that we’re very excited to see that a guy like York can keep doing for us that a guy like Ronnie can come and do for us here tonight. Nick Sealer has never had a chance to play on the left side for us all year so he will have a chance to do that. “

He thanked Yandle for being a great teammate, daily, young and fellow veteran.

“Honestly, we understand where we are,” he said. “Without a doubt, I think everyone is disappointed. Everyone wants to make sure we finish the season strong, finish the season right. for the future here, and if that means we’re going to be young guys here, then that’s what we need to do.

“We have a very close group, a very close group. Our players have a very, very respectful Kit as a teammate. I definitely expect them to support him. I hope they celebrate what he did because it’s an amazing achievement “It doesn’t diminish it in any way.”

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