Live results of the ROH Supercard of Honor 2022: the era of Tony Khan begins

A new era of the Ring of Honor is coming under the rule of AEW chief Tony Khan. Supercard of honor On Friday night (April 1, 2022) you can have fun with the main event of the reunion of the world champion, the match of dreams, Chava Guerrero and Tali Blanchard, who manage new customers, the murder of his grandfather and more. Also, who knows what surprises await Khan up his sleeve for PPV.

SPIRIT Supercard of honor starts at 20:00 Eastern European Time with the previous show at 19:00 ET (this is embedded above). The broadcast can be watched via HonorClub, PPV and Fite TV. Join us and enjoy chatting on an open topic.


Ian Ricoboni and Caprice Coleman called the action in comments.

Colt Boar defeated Blake Christian. The Colt did it to please the crowd. Christian put Boar to sit on the flags for a springboard maneuver, but Boom Boom caught him to win the Chicago Skyline.

AQA defeated Miranda Alize. AQA avoided subjugation of the crossface and then inflicted various kicks to the head. AQA closed by pushing a shooting star to win.

Tali Blanchard has announced Kauna and Toa Lyon as new members of Tully Blanchard Enterprises.

Gates of Agony (Kaun and Toa Lyon) defeated Shinobi Shadow Squad (Cheeseburger & Eli Isom). Powerful domination. Kaun defeated Isam with a fire lever, then Toa hit his thumb to press Isam.

Blanchard teased that we’ll see a third TBE contestant later in the show, and we won’t have less fun.

Dalton Castle defeated Joe Hendry. Former tag partners clashed. Castle supported the crowd with his little chicks, and Hendry’s attitude evoked austerities. Hendry controlled with big punches, but Castle rallied with Bang-A-Rang for the win.

Chava Guerrero is here to help Bandido retain the ROH world title by any means necessary. The bandit asked Chavo not to cheat. Chavo promised not to cheat.


Sverv Strickland defeated Alex Zane. Zane struck the poison early from his apron to the floor, and then the shooting star pushed his knees back into the ring. Sverv kicked out on the cover. Sverv attacked his knees to slow Zane. Swerve controlled the rolling liner and then flew a double stomp. Zane kicked out. After exchanging back and forth, Swerve stomped his knees and executed the JML Driver to win.

Tally Blanchard introduced Brian Cage as the next member of Tully Blanchard Enterprises. (Full information here.)

Brian Cage defeated Ninja Mac. The car smashed the man in the mask with the movements of a strongman. The ninja struck a couple of rotational blows. Cage caught a third to put the Ninja on the mat and finish with a drill.

Jay Lethal defeated Lee Mariarty. Matt Sidal was in the ring on crutches to support Mariart. An enraged series of chain battles with all sorts of coagulations lifted the apron to the ring. When the referee fixed this, Letal dealt an outrageous low blow to Mariart. He ended up with a cutter for lethal injections. The commentary says Letal was noticeably ashamed of his desperate tactics throughout history because of frustration with losing to scammers at AEW. Sidal angrily slapped Letal in the face, so Letal knocked out crutches and struck. Sonjai Dat ran up to break it.

ROH Women’s Intermediate World Championship: Mercedes Martinez defeated Willow Nightingale. Both women survived the finish line. Will was kicked out of OG Drop, and Martinez kicked out of moonsault. Willow had the impetus, but Martinez avoided the wrench to win to win in the sleeping dragon version. Later, Martinez will meet with champion Deona Purazzo.

ROH World Tag Team Championship: FTR defeated Briscoes. (Full information here.) A great fight lived up to expectations. Briscoes went for the Doomsday Device but missed the target. FTR pounced on the Big Rig to secure Mark and become the new ROH tag champions.

Young bucks! FTR and Briscoes buried bad blood to shake hands with the Code of Honor. After leaving the FTR the fans showered Briscoes with cheers. Out of nowhere Bucks ran to the party with a super kick and a BTE trigger. FTR ran back to save and set up FTR against Bucks AEW Dynamite on Wednesday night.

ROH World Television Championship: Minoru Suzuki defeated Reta Titus. This fight was a quick and difficult affair, led to Suzuki punching Gotcha to win gold.

ROH Pure Championship: Wheeler Utah defeated Josh Woods. Pure rules apply. Utah used its first rope break early while filing a leg. The second Utah rope break occurred when the wrist was fed. Utah lit up to hit Woods in the face. The challenger locked himself in overcoming a leg that forced Woods to use his first rope break. Woods intensified his game with a spiral sulex in the corner. On the cover Utah put his foot on the ropes for his third and final rope break. Utah experienced a difficult situation and used his trick to pull out the upset. Utah escaped from the tombstone to slide under it and strike fierce elbows on his collarbone. Utah has moved on to a sly fall to become the new Pure champion.

ROH World Cup Reunion: Jonathan Gresham defeated Bandid. (Full information here.) Chava Guerrero was in the ring to support Bandido. Chavo cheated by hitting Gresham with the title belt. The gang did not want to win so, so ordered the referee to throw Chavo. Gresham was subsequently kicked out of the 21-Plex finish by Bandido. Gresham teamed up with the technical skill to detain Bandid at the crucifixion pin for victory.

Samoa Joe! After the main event, Jay Lethal demanded to become the next defense of Gresham’s title. When Gresham objected to Lethal’s disgraceful attitude, a fight broke out. Sonjai Dat ran out to make peace, but he hit Gresham to unite with Letal. Deadly and Dat trampled the ROH champion. Lee Mariarty tried to save. The numbers got him. Joe’s musical hit and the man himself was on stage. He strangled Date, and the Deathly Hallows escaped. Joe shook Gresham’s hand. Samoa Joe will be on Dynamite to appeal to his arrival.

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