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After a major exchange of Philadelphia Eagles elections with the New Orleans Saints, the Birds now have “only” two first-round picks in the 2022 NFL draft, though they still have 10 picks.

Let us remind you that we are not repeating any of the players from the previously published ideological drafts, so the election is starting to weaken. This will be our last bully of the Eagles until the last of the draft week.

Round 1, Choice 15: Gareth Wilson, WR, Ohio (6’0, 183)

We predicted first round flights (Traylan Burks, Jameson Williams and Chris Oll) for the Eagles in three of the four previous pick-up drafts, so why stop now? Yes, the Eagles now have only two first-round picks in the 2022 draft, but they are very much looking to improve their position, as evidenced by their attempts to sign or exchange for guys like Calvin Ridley, Christian Kirk, Allen Robinson and Robert Woods . If you can’t get a good wide receiver I want to to come to Philly, don’t give them a choice by folding it.

Wilson is a player I didn’t make during the season because I assumed the Eagles wouldn’t make the first-round pick on another small wide receiver. However, after their attempts to attract Ridley, Kirk and Woods (who are also not exactly huge beasts), it seems that the Eagles are just looking for talent in this position and not looking to add a bigger body.

Wilson has the speed (4.38 40) to play outdoors in the NFL, but he also has the toughness and skills to run after fishing to play the slot. No matter where you put it, Wilson creates a branch thanks to his impressive ability to run the route. View:

The trio of DeVont Smith, Cass Watkins and (fill the WR first round of your choice) to go along with Dallas Gedert in the tight end could actually be a pretty good band for Jalen Herts or (fill rookie Eagles quarterback in 2023).

Round 1, Choice 18: Nakobe Dean, LB, Georgia (5’11, 229)

Dean patrolled the middle of the field in the suffocating defense of the 2021 Georgian National Championship. He’s short, and although he didn’t train on the professional days of the plant or Georgia, he’s explosive on tape. Dean can cover up running back from the backfield and blitz in the pass game. Against the run, he can either jump through the blocks and make tough selections in boxing, or in pursuit outside the selections.

Dean is a linebacker with three rulers who can bring juice to the Eagles’ defense in the middle of the field, where, by the way, they were destroyed in 2021. Just do it already.

Round 2, selection 51: Perion Winfrey, DT, Oklahoma (6’4, 290)

Winfrey was something of a late success as a transfer to JUCO, which shone in its first season in Oklahoma in 2020. In 2021, he added some products to his obvious sporting traits, scoring 5.5 bags. But it was at the Senior Bowl where Winfrey was making money. During the week of training he could not be unlocked, and, not surprisingly, also dominated the real game Senior Bowl, collecting 5 rebounds and 2 bags.


He also had an impressive combine where he ran 4.89 40 and measured 35 1/4 “hands.

The Eagles brought Fletcher Cox back to the team for $ 14 million on a one-year deal for reasons I will never understand, but his stay at Philly seems to be coming to an end soon. The Eagles appreciate DT’s position, and Winfrey is a guy who can add to the rotation in the long run alongside Javon Hargreave and Milton Williams.

Round 3, selection 83: Sam Williams, Edge, Ole Miss (6’4, 261)

When the Eagles re-signed Derek Barnett, it was a clear indication that the team didn’t think one of the best prospects in a hurry would get to them in election 15. Day 2 will still have some talented prospects. available, but they will certainly be more defective.

On Ole Miss, Williams leveled 4-3 DE as well as 3-4 OLBs with experience falling into the reach, and he rushed from the inside on obvious downs passes. In his senior season, Williams scored 12.5 bags and 4 forced to grope.

He also impressed at the NFL Combine, showing 4.46 40.

So why isn’t this guy going to the first round? Well, he’s bad against running, and until he gets better, he’ll just be a sub-player. However, in 2021, the Eagles had only 29 bags, which is the second worst figure in the NFL. For their purposes, Williams will help put pressure on the defender and you will just worry about the flaws later.

Round 3, select 101: Martin Emerson, CB, Mississippi (6’2, 201)

Emerson is an inconspicuous prospect for the corner defender, who made 72 saves and 11 assists in 11 games in 2020. His performance declined slightly in 2021 as he had 49 selections and three pass breaks. On the other hand, statistically, he only had 1 INT per career, and that was in 2019.

Emerson has a large size – 6 feet 2, 201 pounds, and he will fit well into Jonathan Gannan’s heavy-duty zone, and he’s fast enough (4.53 40) to work with most wide-ranging NFL receivers with a large body. It’s probably worth noting that if Jesse Horn – a player with similar traits – was still available when the Eagles were selected in the 2021 draft, they probably would have chosen him over DeVont Smith.

Round 4, selection 124: Braxton Jones, Southern Utah, Southern Utah (6’5, 310)

Jones has a perfect arm length of 35 3/8 “and he moves easily with good legs and agility who is ready to finish blocks. He has very good athleticism:

Jordan Mailata will work at LT for the Eagles for the foreseeable future, and Lane Johnson became an All-Pro in 2021. They also have veteran reinforcements at Le’Raven Clark and another year for Andre Dillard if they fail to trade him for a decent enough draft.

The Eagles line can use a guy who develops, who can be a fly gear from the bench in the short term, and a potential starter in the future. Jones is a guy who brings out of the box the physical skills that Jeff Stoutland can shape over time.

Round 5, Choice 154: Gelani Woods, TE, Virginia (6’7, 253)

Woods entered Oklahoma as an advocate before moving to the Thai End. In three years he hasn’t done much there, but exploded in 2021 after moving to Virginia, where he caught 44 gears at 598 yards and 8 TDs in his senior season.

This draft has a number of tough ends with much better career output, but any team that deals with the Woods draft will do so given its size and athletic potential.

Woods ’profile reminds me a bit of Tyree Jackson’s profile.

Round 5, selection 162: Tyler Algheier, Belarus, BYU (5’11, 224)

Over the past two seasons, Algayer has scored 2,731 yards and 36 TDs on 426 career (6.4 YPC). He has a big back of 224 pounds, which has good eyesight, contact balance, a nose for the end zone in situations on the goal line and enough speed to sometimes make an explosive game. View:

Replacement of Jordan Howard.

Round 5, selection 166: Veron McKinley, S, Oregon (5’10, 198)

McKinley isn’t big in size, and he hasn’t had a good workout at the plant, but he’s a very instinctive, productive, gaming security guard who made 77 selections and 6 INTs for Oregon in 2021.

The Eagles have a pretty obvious need for security, and McKinley may be a player who can help immediately because of his high football IQ.

Round 7, selection 237: Ryan Wright, P, Tulane (6’3, 245)

Yes, we have already included Meta Araiza in the previous pilot project. We also got to Jordan Stout from PDU and Jake Comarda from Georgia.

Wright is a big boy, weighing 245 pounds, and wore 97. This guy, who kept on hanging out, in 2021 scored an average of 47.5 yards per pant with a 44.5-yard net.

Do we have highlights from the fair? You bet we do.

Wright was also a former high school defender, and last season he completed a fake throw for Tulane.

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