How to defeat the Elden Ring

So you want to defeat the Elden Ring? No matter where you are in the epic FromSoftware title, we have a guide that will take you to the endgame.

The Elden Ring is by far the biggest game of 2022, and it’s one of those gaming phenomena that everyone seems to be playing.

Fans are already talking about the potential of the DLC Elden Ring, but many players have not finished the game yet. After all, it is known to be a difficult experience, from start to finish.

But if you are determined to complete the latest FromSoftware game, we will help you. Whether you’re just starting out or stuck in Lake Roth, here’s a guide to help you become a true Lord of the Elders.

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The Complete Guide to the Elden Ring – Complete Passage

The beginning

If you are new to the game, don’t miss the Elden Ring tutorials! Many cautious players do not yet know that the area exists!

You also need to make sure you know the best Elden Ring starting class for you. Although you can change your character as you wish, choosing the right initial assembly and equipment is very important.

It is also important to understand FP (or focus points) and how to get a more important resource.

Then you get to the first area of ​​the game, Limgrave.

General reference books

This area guide will be for items and weapons that you will need to look for when you go. Feel free to return to this section at any time of your Elden Ring adventure.

Important items

Easy level up / Rune cultivation

The best weapons and spells

Limgrave’s Guide

Elden Ring Limgrave

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Now that you can explore all Between the Earths, it’s time to start your adventure!

We have a complete guide on where to go and what to do first in Limgrave so you don’t miss anything!

Also, don’t miss our list of the best weapons of the early game and where to find it.

You should definitely go on an adventure south when you start your adventure as soon as possible – save Tree Sentinel until later. Just be careful when traveling to the East, otherwise you will end up in a hellish nightmare, which is Kaelid.

However, if you are a magic user, you can use the secret route to immediately get the best staff of the early game! Also, you need to head east to the Third Church of St. Mary to get your hands on a flask of amazing physics!

Once you’re all done with this area, it’s time to head north to Stormvale Castle. And although you can skip Stormveil if you want, we definitely recommend taking it.

Limgrave Boss Guide

Limgrave’s assignments

Is everything done with Stormvale Castle? Here’s where to go after Godric wins!

Also, now that you have the Great Fleece, here’s how to equip and use it!

A Guide to Lurni Lakes

Lurnia Lakes Old Ring (1)

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Lurnia is an area where there is a lot to study, but very few required areas. One thing you should avoid until you get strong enough is the Glintstone Emerald Dragon resting in the lake.

However, you will need to at least sneak past it and grab the key to Glintstone Academy to go to Lucaria’s Paradise.

Once you’re done exploring all that the lakes have to offer, be sure to head to the Raya Lucaria Academy.

Quests Lurni Lakes

A guide to the head of Lurni Lakes

Caelid’s Guide

Elden Ring Caelid

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Next, you may want to head to Kelid, the area east of Limgrave that you postponed. Hopefully you will be strong enough to fight his enemies, but be careful – you are waiting for deadly enemies.

The only must-see in this area is Fort Farot, where you get the right half of the Dectus medallion, but be sure to explore as much as you dare! In this area is also a farm of sleeping dragon runes from the General section above.

Then make sure you know how to get to the Altus Plateau, the next must-see.

Caelid assignments

The Caelid Boss Guide

Guide to the Altus Plateau

Elden's Ring on the Altus Plateau

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Now that you are finally in the next major area between the lands, you need to do some research. Not only are there several major quests, but also a bridge to Leyndel, the royal capital.

Follow the main highway from the Grand Lift of Dectus and then head east when you reach the Altus Highway Junction highway. Make sure you’re ready, because Leindel is no joke.

Quests on the plateau Altus

Leyndell, Royal Capital Guide

The royal capital of Leyndel

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Lendel is full of secret areas to explore and deadly enemies to face. Your main goal should be about getting to the bottom of the area.

Move on the roofs of the city until you find yourself on the main street. You can also grab the Bolt Gransax, one of the legendary Elden Ring weapons, while you’re here.

Also, don’t miss your first perfume bottle, one of the most important but hidden mechanisms in the Elden Ring!

Then head for the fallen dragon, raise its wing and climb higher, up the tree roots where possible.

Leindel, Royal Capital Boss guides

Gone with the bosses? Here’s how to get to the tops of the giants in the Elden Ring!

A guide to the tops of the giants

The tops of the Elden Ring giants

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This snow region is no joke, make sure you are fully prepared to experience all it has to offer.

If you want to complete some of the task lines, you will also need to know how to get to the Consecrated Snow Field. There are even new ways to get there without getting a Haligtree Locket!

From there you can also unlock the Mogwin Palace, another secret place located below Kaelid where the demigod lurks.

A guide to the tops of the giants

Once the giant is defeated, it’s time to head to the penultimate spot in the Elden Ring. Here’s how to get to Crumbling Farum Azula.

Guide to scattering Farum Azula

The Azul Forum is falling apart

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This endgame zone, accessible from the Forge of the Giants, is one giant dungeon filled with strong enemies. In particular, be prepared to fight several mini-dragons bosses.

The layout of this area is definitely confusing, so make sure you know where to go after a fight with Godskin Duo.

Farum Azula Boss Guide

After defeating Maliket, you will soon appear in the last area of ​​the game – Leindel, Ashen Capital.

Leyndell, Ashen Capital Guide

Elden Ring Leyndell Ashen Capital

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Your return to Leindel is short-lived, but after the events of the history of the Elden Ring the capital is certainly in a deplorable state. Ahead is the Elden throne, but ahead of you are several difficult battles with the boss.

Enemies in this area are also much harder than during your last visit, so be careful. Fortunately, you have one direct path to the final battle.

Leyndell, Ashen Capital Boss Guides

Final Guide

Everything done with the Elden Ring? Make sure you look at everything you need to do, BEFORE heading to New Game Plus!

Meanwhile, we also have an idea of ​​what might be the best Elden Ring endgame build!

Finally, it’s time to decide how to end your adventure. Here’s your latest guide to choosing Elden Ring endings and explaining what each one means!

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