How off-season moves have changed NFC East for commanders, cowboys, eagles, giants

Poor, poor NFC East. These days no one takes it seriously. The nickname NFC Beast has disappeared. Other than AFC South, this is probably the worst division in the NFL.

Last season, the Dallas Cowboys dominated the division, going 6-0 on the way to a 12-5 record. The Philadelphia Eagles were a 9-8 wild card team led by first-year coach Nick Siriani. The “Washington Commanders” disappeared to a record 7-10, and the “New York Giants” – well, frowned from 4-13.

The Giants have poured a coaching staff and front office and hope that new coach Brian Deball and general manager Joe Shawne will be able to do in the Meadowlands what they helped build in Buffalo. Washington has traded for QB Carson Wentz and hopes the defense will return to form with the return of Chase Young’s post-ranch health. The Eagles rely on Jalen Herts ’QB in attack and hope to get more out of defense. Coach Mike McCarthy seems to be entering his third season with the Cowboys, and by winning we mean doing more than just making the playoffs.

When the first wave of free agency is over and the draft is fast approaching – the Giants and Eagles have two choices in the first round – NFL Nation journalists Tim McManus (Eagles), Jordan Raanan (Giants), John Keim (Commanders) and Todd Archer (Cowboys) offer to discuss where things stand in the division.

The biggest course of the off-season: Is it a hoax to say that to keep Demarkus Lawrence? I don’t think so. If the lineman of the defense does not agree to the revised contract, it will most likely be demolished in June. Instead, he received a deal that includes a $ 30 million guarantee. He is an important part of the defense because of his overall game, but the Cowboys want to see him increase the total. It has been three years since he reached double digits.

Are cowboys better, worse or equally on call? Certainly not better and not the same, but it’s unclear how much worse they are, even after losing receivers Omar Cooper and Cedric Wilson, pass-racer Randy Gregory and bodyguard Connor Williams. The Cowboys did not believe that Cooper received $ 20 million, and decided to move on. The group is no better without Cooper, so the attack is no better. Now that they add a receiver to the first two rounds of the 2022 NFL Draft (April 28-30, ESPN), perhaps they will be closer to the same. Did Gregory replace free agent Dante Fowler Jr.? They need help in the offensive line. There are still many questions.

The best guess when choosing the first round: Texas A&M guard Kenyon Green. The decision was between him and Boston College security guard Zayon Johnson. The Cowboys lost Williams to the free Dolphin agency and did not add a free agent who could be considered a starting point. The offensive line is a must. Green and Johnson have some flexibility, and each will be an immediate start in the left guard.

The Cowboys will win the division if … the defense is making a leap into its second year under coordinator Dan Quinn, and the offense is regaining the form it had before quarterback Duck Prescott, a calf injury last season. The Cowboys will be the NFC East favorites, which may not say much, but it should be noted that no team has repeated itself as a division champion since 2004. The Cowboys dominated the division a year ago with an average lead of 22.2 points. While the gap may be reduced to some extent, it is not enough for the other team to take first place at the moment.

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Tim Hasselbeck and Bart Scott have different views on how much blame should be placed on Daniel Jones in the Giants ’troubles.

The biggest course of the off-season: Looking around this division, there wasn’t a big influx of talent. The main step of the “Giants” was the signing of a good starting defender Mark Glavinsky. It was usually the third or fourth best app in the off-season, but they were dealing with a salary cap and had to shop cheaply. Thus, Glavinsky, who nearly lost his starting job last season in the Colts, is the biggest addition to the new regime to date. Sure, the bar is low, but at least it’s a proven guard of initial caliber. They needed it.

Are the giants better, worse or equally on the draft? Defenders Logan Ryan and Gabriel Peppers, tight-end Evan Engram and linebacker Lorenzo Carter are gone. Next up could be lead defender James Bradbury. How is it possible that the Giants are not the worst at the moment? From the beginning, it was planned that their biggest additions would come from the draft. Now we know it will. Two choices from the top 10 will make them the best. At the same time, this list is worse than version 4-13, which began last season, and perhaps the worst that has been this century.

The best guess when choosing the first round: Alabama OT Evan Neal and Cincinnati CB Ahmad “Sauce” Gardner. It will be an offensive selection (someone who will play on the right side) at number 5, provided that Neil or Ikem Ekwon of NC State is still available. Working with the fact that Equon comes first and Neil is available makes Shoen an easy solution. Gardner is the purest cornerback in the draft. He plays in the top position, in line with Don Vinca coordinator Martindale’s coordinator coverage schemes, and it’s probably no coincidence that Schoen got into Cincinnati Professionals Day.

The Giants will win the division if … all other teams dropped out of the season. Indeed, for these giants to win the NFC East, something crazy has to happen. Their list is weak and they will rely heavily on beginners. Not perfect. Also, backhake Sakwon Barkley will need to play the way he did before the injury as a rookie, defender Daniel Jones needs a jump similar to Josh Allen, and most of Barkley, Jones and host Kenny Goladay, Kadarius Tony and Sterling Shepard need to stay healthy. This seems to ask a lot.

The biggest course of the off-season: They took one drastic step by signing a three-year, $ 45 million deal that cost $ 45 million. He has had 23.5 bags in the last two years, and he will raise his level in the group that throws passes, which ranked penultimate in the NFL in bags last season (29). And it will make Defense Coordinator Jonathan Gennan’s scheme more dynamic. Expect more amazing fronts, with Radish rushing from all angles, including as a support throw from a support linebacker.

Eagles better, worse or equally go to the draft? Better. They added Reddick, linebacker Kizir White and receiver Zach Pascal, and re-signed defender Derek Barnett, security defender Anthony Harris, backing Boston Scott, receiver Greg Ward and defender Andre Chacher. Only one of their free agents, defensive rollout Hassan Ridgeway, has signed elsewhere so far (49ers). The Eagles worked hard to block the key players in the 2018 draft (TE Dallas Goedert, CB Avonte Maddox, DE Josh Sweat and OT Jordan Mailata) before they got into the free agency.

The best guess when choosing the first round: Georgia DT Devonte Wyatt (15th place) and LSU CB Derek Stingley Jr. (18th place overall). Eagles build from the inside out, and should have a few talented defense liners that fall under number 15, whether it’s an operator like Jermaine Johnson II, or one of the spikes that decides Georgia (Wyatt and Jordan Davis). They still have holes in security and corners, and general manager Howie Roseman has slowly connected them to a free agency. He could see some attractive options in the first round, including Stingley and Washington CB Trent McDuffie.

The Eagles will win the division if … the old guard could stand another year. The rest of the key parts of the 2017 team that won the Super Cup had mixed results last season. Center Jason Kells and right-back Lane Johnson remained relatively healthy and played at a high level. However, defensive end Brendan Graham tore Achilles early in the season, and Fletcher Cox’s excellent defensive roll never found his dominant form. In order for the Hurts to stay upright and for the Eagles to solidify their appearance in the playoffs a year ago, they need a significant contribution from their veterans.

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Dan Orlowski reacts to the fact that Carson Wentz is being traded from the Colts to the Commanders.

The biggest course of the off-season: They needed a defender, they added a defender. The importance of the Wreath will continue to be discussed. Was it worth the cost? Why is it traded twice a year? Can he play again as a possible NFL MVP? Everything is fair. But in Washington, which has the lowest overall total QBR in the NFL in four seasons, there is no dispute. Wentz provides a strong hand, allowing Washington to use more field in the pass. Taylor Heineke deserves praise for the way he played – he adds value as a backup – but they have long wanted to improve. Wentz needs to prove he’s a long-term solution, but in the short term he needs to help.

Are the commanders the best, the worst or the same ones on call? Slightly better because of Wreath. Again, he has something to prove, but now Washington may have a second best defender in this division. This is important. If others – particularly Young, receiver Curtis Samuel and Tight & Logan Thomas – are healthy after missing most of last season, it makes them better. Young’s products will be key to protection. However, the loss of guard Brandon Sherf, even if not surprisingly, harmed the offensive line, and they lost depth along the line of defense. They also have to replace hybrid safety / linebacker Landon Collins, who played his important role of Nickel Buffalo – a package they used more than half the time last season.

The best guess when choosing the first round: A lot depends on whether the two defenders get into the top 10. If that happens, the pair of players will be at number 11, which Washington will love. Kyle Hamilton’s safety would be a great choice if that happened. It would help fulfill their nickel role in Buffalo. They could also use the receiver, and the two could enter the top 10, leaving Chris Tin there at 11.

Commanders will win a division if … Wentz is playing at a solid level, and Young, breaking away from the torn PKS, returns to the form he showed at the end of his new season. They should also hope that Dallas will take a step back and that the Eagles will not rise after an unexpected playoff season armed with good capital. The commanders played without a number of players who are expected to be key players last season, so if they are in relatively good health, it greatly increases their chances.

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