Homecoming Kings: Wainwright suppresses Pirates and O’Neill, Cardinals play in starting score 9-0 | St. Louis Cardinals

The day, which began with a celebration of the past – won trophies and red mouthpieces – and the recognition of two players approaching the end of their wonderful games with the Cardinals, became a game that confirmed that a more recent story is repeated.

Adam Wainwright continued where he left off.

Tyler O’Neill continued to climb.

The Cardinals were thrilled after a Bush Stadium afternoon victory with a 9-0 victory over the Pittsburgh Pirates. Towards the 100th victory of his career in Busch III Wainwright made six zero innings. In the second inning O’Neill scored Homer from three rounds and brought to himself the first four runs of the Cardinals of the season. He graduated with five IRBs to make the highest in his career and become only the third cardinal in history with so many on opening day.

After waking up on Thursday morning from a cardinal knocking on the window – no kidding, he swears – Oliver Marmol made his debut as the club’s new manager with a win, and the cardinals sent Jadier Molina and Alberto Pujol into the final seasons of their careers with more than parade of Ford Mustang and trucks.

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Despite being in the lineup for more than a season, Tommy Edman and Dylan Carlson never played in the opening in Busch before the sell-out.

Pujol’s return, Malin’s retirement and the presence of 16 members of the team’s Hall of Fame led to Bush’s 46,256 sold-outs. Pujols, who signed a contract with the Cardinals this spring after 10 years in the West, was greeted with applause before the game and when he approached the plate for his first battle. He took off the crowd his batting helmet. Malina and Wainwright both participated in the greeting of the Hall of Fame red robe before diving into the bullpen to warm up before the game.

As Malina prepared for the first serve, a message from his son was heard on the scoreboard.

So it all happened during the pomp and foreplay with the first position, when the cardinals pressed on the vein of nostalgia and let it go. The team of 50 soldiers presented a flag – 50, of course, for the 50th number of Wainwright, when he started his record seventh start.

The 40-year-old right-hander then received nine exits from the top 10 bouncers he faced. In the sixth inning, he did not fight back and extended his zero streak against the Pirates to 32 in a row.

The Cardinals held four runs before Pirates starter J. T. Brubaker was able to get his sixth outing. The first three reflectors in the Cardinals reached base in the first inning, and in the middle of the row there were a few cracks in bringing the Cardinals forward, big, early. Leadoff striker Dylan Carlson deflected the ball, which caught the wind and flew down into the territory of the fair, out of reach for the third man from Pirate base Ke’Brian Hayes. Paul Goldschmidt followed in the first of his first records of four walks, and then Carlson scored from second place in O’Neill’s single on the backyard.

The Cardinals did not increase the 1-0 advantage, leaving the first inning with loaded bases after Raspberry loaded.

The second was more fruitful.

An inside single from Harrison Bader at the start of the half and twice from Goldschmidt to complete it, put O’Neill against Brubaker for the second time in as many innings. The Cardinals ’left field defender, who in 2021 reached a career high for almost every significant offensive category, scored 396 feet on the left field for the Cardinals’ first Homer in 2022. Bader scored in the sixth inning when Carlson donated to increase the lead to 5-0 while Wainwright was still on the mound.

For the most part, the game was a clinic of what the Cardinals did well last season (Wainwright and Defense) and that Marmol insists they will be better this season (attack).

It also stressed how long a year can be for Bucs.

Hours after reportedly agreeing to the biggest contract in Pittsburgh history that surpassed a nearly 22-year-old contract, Ke’Brian Hayes missed the ball in the first game, scored in his first bat of the season and did not finish second. ining. He came out of the game with spasms in his left forearm. The team said he was on a day-to-day basis. Puyol twice reached base as a result of a Pirets inflator error, and twice more the Cardinals were able to get a runner at base if the Pittsburgh defender did not play.

Brubaker needed 26 innings to pass the first inning, and at some point in the second inning he gave an average of 10 innings per exit. He did not see the beginning of the fourth half. Pirates’ second turner in the game did not finish the second shot as right-hander Dwayne Underwood Jr. was forced to leave in the middle of Edman’s strike due to a hamstring injury.

In the eighth inning, the Cardinals increased the score by making four more runs. Edman and Nolan Arenada made their first home runs of the season. O’Neill added a sacrificial fly to his IRB collection for the day. Goldschmidt ended the day when he reached base five times and scored in two Homer Arenada runs through the left field wall.

Photo: St. Louis Cardinals defeats Pittsburgh Pirates 9-0 at home opening in 2022

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