Halo Infinite Nerfs Mangler after complaints from professional players

The Spartan is crippled and runs the streets in Halo Infinite.

Screenshot: 343 Industries

Is that the sound you hear? This low rumble, this incessant crying? This is an elegy Hello Infinite fans around the world. Soon, the developer of 343 Industries will get nervous about the best weapon in his multiplayer shooter, fulfilling a long-standing request of the best players – and looking at the desires of hoi polloi.

Missing which is new in the series for Infinite, is one of the best PvP weapons in the game. It’s not just that the mangler is a powerful firearm (two shots to the body plus a shot to the head kill). The fact is that it has a small blade attached to the barrel, which greatly increases melee losses; Shoot someone right before you hit them and you will kill by turning the thing into a bona fide shotgun at close range. In addition, the mangler shares a rebirth point with a relatively weak plasma pistol, appearing on the map every 30 seconds or so, ensuring that it is almost always in play.

Followed by Hello Infiniteunexpected release, Mangler sparked a heated debate. The pros hated it with revenge, some players and teams demanded a direct nerf or at least an increase in finishing time. Ordinary players, however, pushed back. They said using the juggler was damn interesting, and that’s not the point? Say memes (and sneaky tweets).

“I could be here in the minority when I say I like the manger. However, in the current state it is quite overpowering, ” Jennifer “Echidna” Halprofessional Halo player and content creator for eUnitedtold Cat. “It promotes camping and easy trade with disposable beating mechanics, has a generous amount of ammunition and is reborn too often.”

“We need to give something,” he said Alexander “Shivai” Hopea Halo eSports host and content creator. “Either they raise it to mid-level to make it a more powerful weapon, or reduce ammunition and availability, or make it nervous.”

The developers went with the latter – sort of. For Hello InfiniteIn the second season, which will add new maps and gameplay settings early next month, 343 plan to reduce melee losses by 10 percent across the board, a change that has been detailed in long blog post issued at the exact hour, banks and government agencies typically publish press releases whenever they want to bury a major opposition (6 p.m. Friday). In fact, it negates the best affiliation of the mangler. Right now you can grab a mutilation and kill with a shot and a blow, or whatever is known among Halo players as a “one-time beating”. .

“My biggest claim to the manger is a one-time beating. When 343 set it up so it was a two-shot beating, I’m much happier that it’s on the map, ”Hal said, pointing to Hello InfiniteThe tactic of rapid fall as the cause of the coming Marie Antoinette will not be as much of a push as it seems.

У Hello Infinite, it is slightly, almost imperceptibly faster to drop a weapon than to switch between both equipped weapons. You can knock out the opponent’s shields with two throws in the body from your fireman, then throw it and instantly switch to your combat rifle for a quick shot to the head, for which you will receive a medal “Hold it”. Right now, among high-level games, “hold it” is the goal. The upcoming changes should not change that strategy, Hal said. (As a person who recently fell in love with this move: damn it.)

But among the changes, one weapon will remain the same: a combat rifle. yes almost Each melee attack weapon is reduced by 10 percent. The impact of a combat rifle, however, remains as it is. However, clarifying the changes in the second season, 343 only directly mentioned that the close combat combat rifle will remain unchanged in the ranking matches, so it is unclear whether a wider reduction will apply to social, non-competitive playlists. 343 Industries declined to comment on the story.

Thus, the situation is twofold: the weapon with the least popularity among professional players gets a noticeable nerf. Meanwhile, the weapon of a professional player for two decades remains as powerful as before. It all contributes natural meaning that the upcoming changes are designed by the lab to reassure the pros. (Hello Infinitenext professional event, HCS Major Kansas Citygoes down on the weekend before the start of the second season.)

“Even if you adapt Mangler to a two-shot bitdown, I would say he still has an advantage in close quarters [over the battle rifle]”- said Nadezhda and noted that he is not a big supporter of any potential changes in the combat rifle outside the rating regime. “Overall BR is in a good place and it’s hard enough to shoot down two shots that shouldn’t be adjusted on social media, but I guess we’ll see.”

I played in your with Hello Infinite over the last five months and I’ve mostly found myself too, when a little more anxious: “Let’s see”.

At first I was brilliant at the idea of ​​nerfing the mangler. I’m what you would describe as an “aggressively average” player, and I not only fell in love with the mangler, but often relied on him. Why do multiple top players have to make decisions for a wider player base? And if 343 Industries is cool, if you set up one gun in social playlists, but potentially leave it unchanged for rating mode, why not just leave the mongrel intact and in uncompetitive playlists? Let the people have their cake!

But now I trust 343 to make the right decisions Hello Infinitesandbox. In technical flights last summer, the commandos – an automatic weapon to blow up a shield with a medium-range sight – was an explosion for use. This, too, must be admitted, was ridiculously exaggerated. But for the November launch Infinite, 343 reinforced the team’s rollback, making it too messy to be effective in close combat. (PSA: Fire Controlled Queues.) At every turn for the first season, from cacophonous frenzy from expensive cosmetics yes extremely clever anger over a certain hateful card, 343 Industries has mastered feedback and introduced well-received changes. There is no reason to believe that this nerf will be different.

In other words: let’s see.

The Spartan owns a rocket launcher at Behemoth in Halo Infinite.

343 Industries knows that damage from rocket launches is unpredictable, but has not outlined any changes.
Screenshot: 343 Industries

In addition, the manger is not the only weapon that has seen major repairs. The destroyer – a portable cannon that fires literally fireballs – will see an increase in its “base” damage, although it is not yet clear how much. And during the start of season 343 says it will pay attention to the performance of three “ineffective” weapons to see if they can benefit from a similar buff after removing the mutilation from the throne: commandos, explosive pulse rifle (shells which move slower, than Jared Summer on set Morbius), and a plasma pistol (dear 343, please turn this thing into a shotgun, it’s y Halo to show).

These are all childish steps Hello InfiniteA decade-long journey to achieve the perfect balance, a testament to a diligent design studio that wants to ensure that every setting, no matter how small, will be perfect before introducing an extra wave of change.

“I do not consider this change unjustified. I understand some Halo The players just want to have fun, and the balance is less of a concern, ”Hope said. “Unfortunately, I think the bigger problem is the lack of game modes, custom options or things like a custom game browser so people can enjoy the game the way they want and beat them once to their liking.”

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