Elizabeth Holmes’ Twitter account is still online, public

Photo: CNBC / NBCU Photo Bank / NBCUniversal via Getty Images

Season finale Elimination, A nuanced portrait of the girl with the tortoise neck Hulu appeared on April 7, and it could not have come at a worse time. Thanks to this mini-series, we have never been so engaged in Elizabeth Holmes and her many, many bloody crimes. Now that we’ll never have a new episode of Amanda Seyfried threatening all of Silicon Valley, we’ll take Holmes ’new content wherever we can get it. And we got it. It seems that Holmes ’Twitter account since the heyday of Terranos is still more or less completely intact and available for viewing with tweets until August 2015. It’s like Elimination an accelerated course, only real, and with much more hashtags of the mid-2010s. Below we have picked up some points.

Here we have a TBT photo of Baby Holmes with the hashtag #ILookLikeAnEngineer. Just the entertainment of corporate feminism ahead.

Holmes ’tape at this time is full of her retweets of her own quotes. It says: “Determine that it is impossible for you to agree on what you are ready to fight for, die, live,” – imposed on the bridge “Golden Gate”. Threatening, given how people use it as a place to “die for” things. Extremely dark.

Here is another macro image of self-citation, and now it is firmly in the Canva era. “SUCCESS is not the result of self-ignition. You have to set yourself on fire. ” Spoiler: she did!

The words “Kissinger on @ eholmes2003” are almost too many to bear.

This is great!


She strives to achieve her passion. Her hobby is simply allegedly cheating Walgreens.

Closest, she’s close to having a joke on her entire chronicle.

Holmes was really trying to get the #ironsisters to work. It’s something about the fact that under each glass ceiling – an iron woman. This is not … a perfect metaphor. And nothing reveals empty “feminism” like Margaret Thatcher’s troupe’s wish “Happy Birthday”.

It’s October 15th and we’ve got it Wall Street Journal fall article. Holmes climbs.

But there is still time to turn things around. Faster! Get an RT from Megan McCain’s father!

Historical quotes under the Theranos brand are getting more and more on the nose.

Holmes advance on the launch to FDA approval.

It looks like someone who knows nothing about STEM is asked to quote about STEM.

Rosa Parks was the #iron sister, apparently.

Active aggression against people in a foreign country is actually the murder of girls.

Remember that part of the show where she tests her fake technology on real people’s bodies? Anyway.

She really thought she had privatized the Genius Bar medical service.

The last tweet written by Holmes in this regard was on December 15, 2015. To quote Will Smith, eliminate her name.

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