Eavesdropped outside Michigan Locker Room: QB Davis Warren impresses in spring game

EN-ARBAR -The Michigan football team took to the field on Saturday in a public setting for the first time since losing to Georgia on Dec. 31 in the Orange Bowl.

Given that in the spring game of “Raamahi” at stake only the right to brag and dinner with steak, no revelations about the team of Jim Harbo in 2022 will appear only in the fall. But Saturday really gave the media and fans a first look at Wolverine, who lost a few starts from last year’s Big Ten team, especially in defense.

When the players split into two teams, the defense became the story of the Blues’ victory over Corn with a score of 20-12.

But there were also some highlights and great performances on the attacking side of the ball. Harbo and coaches were not available to the media after the game, but several players spoke after that.

Here are some of their notable quotes from Saturday:

“If there’s one dude who’s with me in the movie theater every time, it was Davis. He was with me every week during the game. I had a relationship with him before he came to Michigan, but I think he’s very smart. I think he is capable of playing – as you mentioned, it was three years – I think he played very well today. I am proud of them. This is my boyfriend and I look forward to what he can do. ”

– McNamara in a red T-shirt freshman went to Davis Warren, who played the best game among defenders on Saturday. He made 12 of 23 assists at 175 yards, which was 75 more than the next quarterback (Alan Bowen). Warren survived leukemia and did not play much during his high school career during treatment. Here is his story: Davis Warren, who plays in Michigan, has already surpassed the odds

“We noticed as soon as he walked in the door that he was physically well off. He’s a big dude. He has muscles, he has speed, he has strong arms. I think we could only show a little bit of that today, and I can’t wait to see where his talents can go. ”

– Apartmentback Cade McNamara at the reception of freshman Darius Clemence, who caught three passes for 52 yards and a touchdown. His highlight was receiving a 35-yard touchdown in the final zone after burning defender Joshua Luther.

“The work continues, but it was nice to come back. Honestly, I feel like this team is rising right where we left off. We have included work in the off-season. All this spring ball, all the camp, we put it to work, we were stacking these bricks. I think we are in a strong position where we are now, but we have something to work on. “

-For the first time since December 31, Blake Corum played in front of fans. On Saturday, Corum ran for 40 yards.

“I think one of the first days when we put on the pads in a single rush, we saw him block some of our best D-linemen. This guy will be very kind to us. I think we knew early. I think he will bring a lot of experience and maturity to our group. “

-Rean Hayes’ left-hand drive on the Olusegun Oluwatimi alumni transfer, this year is projected to be the starter at the center. He was a three-year starter in Virginia.

“Not at all. I think the energy, the competitiveness that this team has shown today, has been demonstrated. But as for what is schematic – all as if from a football point of view, we are not trying to show anything in this game. We’re just trying to get some guys to represent. I think we’re trying to see what other guys can do. ”

– McNamara says that Saturday’s offensive game call may be a sign of what awaits us this fall

“It’s nothing new. In practice last year he did the same. We know Davis can play if he needs to. ”

“Hayes on Warren.”

“He is a ballerina. This is what I call an athlete. I know what you guys saw today, he bounced it out, ran well, has some speed. He has a big back. I’ve seen some great things from a runner’s position. Obviously he plays the linebacker, but to shoot is a double threat. I think he’s a great athlete. I think he can add some depth to our running room along with the linebacker’s room. ”

– Corum on sophomore Calel Mullings, who played backing and linebacking on Saturday. The Mullings rushed 36 yards on just four transfers, including one in the first half that went 21 yards. He also recorded a rollback for the Corn team.

“Honestly, I’m very surprised at how good they are. We’ve lost three huge factors on this D-line and they’re still getting to us. They’re still making ways – Taylor Upshaw, Braden McGregor, Mike Morris – a lot of guys are starting to be guys we can count on. “

– McNamara on the team’s defense line. On Sunday, the defensive lines of both teams demonstrated brightly. Red-shirted sophomore Chris Jenkins received a dismissal and a break, while red-haired sophomore Jalen Harel recorded a dismissal. Freshman with red jersey George Rooks had seven selections, including one on losing, while true freshman Derrick Moore also had a selection on losing. Freshman with a red T-shirt Reishon Benny took second place in the corn with six selections.

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