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Cappadocia: The Eagles are stuck in the middle. What is their plan? 10 thoughts on the team status – The Athletic
I think the Eagles are stuck in the NFL midfield. Lurie and Rozman recently mentioned that they have reached the playoffs in four of the last five seasons, and that’s true. But we can also look at their performance after winning the Super Cup through a different prism. For the last four seasons the Eagles have a score of 31-33-1. Their winning percentage (0.485) during this period is 19th – ahead of the Miami Dolphins and just behind the Cleveland Browns. Advanced statistics paint a similar picture. In the last 65 games, the Eagles have a difference of +25 points. This is the 18th place. During this period, they ranked 17th in the Expected Points Added (EPA). According to the DVOA Football Outsiders, the Eagles have finished 15th, 28th, 11th and 15th in the last four seasons. This is their first four-year period for a franchise without a finish in the top 10 DVOA from 1984 to 1987. In other words, it’s a period of mediocrity like the Eagles haven’t seen since Lurie bought the franchise in 1994. 2 One of the reasons why the Eagles have reached the playoffs in three of the last four seasons is that NFC East has been terrible. They do not need to apologize for that. If Dan Snyder, Joe Judge and Dave Gettleman are in your department, you have every right to do so. But if we pretended that NFC East didn’t exist, and just looked at each team’s record against seven other divisions, then in the last three four seasons the Eagles have finished 24th in terms of winnings (0.375). Again, you play with the teams that are on your schedule and you get credit for taking care of things in the division. But if we want to properly assess how the Eagles performed compared to the rest of the league, this context is important.

Eagles draft pick trading signals that they are uncertain about Jalen Herts – BGN
So while Hertz has the 2022 season to prove himself as a pass, Roseman, to secure an extra choice in the first round next year, was shrewd with the idea of ​​trying to boost that position a year later when Hertz advances as a pitcher doesn’t materialize . This is a contingency plan, and no one creates a contingency plan unless there is a thought that it will come in handy. It would be foolish to think that Roseman is not guarding his bets with this move, and it is not at all against Herts. This is what any smart GM would do.

NFC East Mixtape Vol.51: The Eagles did the thing – BGN Radio
Brendan Lee Gowton and R.J. Ochoa is pondering the Eagles-Saints blockbuster trade, making predictions for the 2022 Saints record and brainstorming potential landing sites of WR commanders Terry McClorin in the event of a trade.

The trade gives Eagles a plan B if the Hurts fail – NBCSP
True, only on the basis of cost, Howie Roseman should have concluded a trade with the Saints on Monday afternoon. The Eagles essentially exchanged a choice of № 16 for the future 1, being 2 and 3 this year; they understood like thugs. But the Eagles didn’t just make this trade just by doing. They did this largely because it gives them increased flexibility in the future. Namely, it gives them the ammunition to find their franchise defender next year when the 2022 season proves Hurts wrong. Do not twist. The Eagles have not yet made that decision. They don’t have to do it yet because they don’t need it. But judging by the way they have shown interest in several veteran defenders this offseason, they are also not entirely convinced that the Hurts will be their long-term solution. Herts has done enough to earn his job in 2022, but everything after that remains uncertain. As owner Jeff Lurie said, “Who knows what the future holds, right?”

How off-season moves have changed NFC East for commanders, cowboys, eagles, giants – ESPN
Best choice in the first round: Georgia DT Devonte Wyatt (15th place) and LSU CB Derek Stingley Jr. (18th place overall). Eagles build from the inside out, and should have a few talented defense liners that fall under number 15, whether it’s an operator like Jermaine Johnson II, or one of the spikes that decides Georgia (Wyatt and Jordan Davis). They still have holes in security and corners, and general manager Howie Roseman has slowly connected them to a free agency. He could see some attractive options in the first round, including Stingley and Washington CB Trent McDuffie.

The remnants of the Eagles NFL meetings: the future of Julian Lurie, backback plans, replacement of Jim Bob Cutter and more – Inquirer
Although Jim Bob Cutter was never officially a member of Siriani last season, he played an important role as a senior adviser on first-team attacks. But Cutter’s stay in Philadelphia was short. Former Eagles coach Doug Pederson has hired him as the game’s Jaguars pass coordinator this offseason. However, Sirianni did not look outside the NovaCare complex to replace Cutter. Offensive quality control coach Alex Thani will get some of his responsibilities, Siriani told The Inquirer last week. During the week, Cutter was tasked with watching films by other teams and bringing specific plays or concepts to Thursday’s meeting of the Eagles. , right? ” Said Siriani. “So Jim Bob collected five clips of this for me and went through it.” It is unclear whether Tanya will take on some of Cutter’s responsibilities in running the games on Sundays. But the fact that Siriani has expanded his role speaks volumes about the 34-year-old assistant, who started coaching only last season. may be in line for a possible promotion.

2022 NFL Mock Draft: How the first round will go according to the fans’ choice in Moff Draft Simulator from PFF – PFF
15. Philadelphia Eagles (via MIA): EDGE GEORGE CARLAFTIS, FARD. Percentage of calls: 11.4%. The Eagles now have two choices in the first round, not three, after trading with the New Orleans Saints, but the story remains the same: their fans want reinforcements in defense. There are receivers that are among the most popular selections, but the largest percentage belongs to defenders. Devin Lloyd is one of the most popular elections here, but in this fiction Washington has captured his four elections before, so the choice remains George Carlaftis of Purdue. Karlaftis is a forgotten man from this class of involved Krajina people. Although all attention is drawn elsewhere, he was exiled, but last season he scored 54 rebounds and 90.0 plus a PFF score against real passes.

Profits and losses in the off-season of the NFL 2022 – more
Minor consequences: The Eagles made a net profit of $ 14.9 million, ranking 26th in earnings and 32nd in wage losses.

Why did the Saints choose the second choice of the first round in 2022? – PFT
The Saints recently performed for Deschanel Watson. This means that they were ready to make a serious investment in the election of a defender. Now that they have two picks in the top 20, could they send that pick to, say, the Giants at number 5? This would allow the Saints to cut the line in front of not one, but two rivals in the division in the top 10, both of which are probably considering a quarterback – “Panthers” at number 6 and “Falcons” at number 8.

Tyrant Mathieu visits the saints, according to reports – Canal Street Chronicles
The day after the blockbuster trade, New Orleans Saints is not over. Security free agents Tyrant Mathieu is visiting New Orleans Saints, according to several reports. He will visit the facilities of the team with his family, all of them from the area. This offseason Mathieu was in no hurry to wait for the opportunity and spent last week visiting his alma mater LSU. He will stay in the state and will also visit the hometown team. There is no rush to either side, and nothing is inevitable.

The Saints may have telegraphed their starting price for Sean Peyton in 2023 – Blogging The Boys
The most meaty things New Orleans has given up are the first in 2023 and the second in 2024. It’s possible that the asking price for Sean Peyton next offseason has a floor, starting somewhere out there, with other parts strewn to make everything work. It doesn’t seem absurd at all if you think the coach you’re trading for is the one to lead your team over the hump, but the Cowboys have been trying to overcome that hump for a long time. Does Sean Peyton really have a magic elixir or was it a comfortable dream we have been holding for ten years? Time will tell.

Takeaway as the Giants begin their voluntary off-season program – Big Blue View
On Monday, head coach Brian Debola was asked if he appreciated starting the block or blocking the pass in the offensive podcast. This, friends, is a clever way to ask if you prefer Ikem Ekwon (escape blocker) or Charles Cross (smooth belt protector) in the 2022 NFL Draft. Dobol may be a newcomer to this head coach, but he has been coaching for 25 years and his answer has definitely proven that he knew how to dismiss the issue. “It’s a good question,” Dabol said. “Look, the lineman’s job in the offensive, especially for our selections, will be to be able to keep his pockets wide, protect them inside out and get movement on the line of scrimmage. These are the two main things we are looking for in our offensive liners and this is what we will continue to look for. I don’t think there are … some guys are better at one than the other, but in the end, they need to be able to do both to be an effective player for us ”. So that means Evan Neal. Really, Dobes?

Weekend Discussion № 83: Winners and losers in the Eagles-Saints trade with Catherine Terrell – The SB Nation NFL Show
Rob “Statis” Guerrero and Brendan Lee Gowton break up the massive trade between the Eagles and the Saints. We understand the side of the saints with Catherine Terrell, who covers The Athletic team. Why did the saints do this? (1:35). Can New Orleans rise again? (3:36). Are the Saints right to run it with the same players / staff? (4:32). More or less than 7.5 NOLA wins next year? (6:48). How did Howie Roseman do it? (12:42). Why this move is not guaranteed by the Eagles QB in 2023 (16:00). Why Jalen Herts ended up losing in this trade (22:09). Why James Winston ended up losing in this trade (27:34). The ultimate winners of this deal are the Eagles fans (31:26). Saints fans can be in big trouble (34:13). Why ODDcast Lives Free in RJ Ochoa’s Head (36:57).

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