Eagles News: Philadelphia Named Best Landing Place for One of Alabama’s Wide Receivers

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The best draft of the NFL draft of 2022 is suitable for wide receivers: landing sites for Gareth Wilson, Drake London, Jameson Williams, Chris Tin, Traylan Berks – ESPN +
John Swords III, Philadelphia Eagles. Height: 5-11 | Weight: 187. College: Alabama. The Eagles have a field stretcher with DeVont Smith, Jalen Reagor and Kess Watkins in addition to Dallas Gedert’s top five tight-end skills. But what they lack is a real goal for slots if you look at what coach Nick Siriani wants to do in a pass game. That’s why I like Metchie here as a late pick on Day 2; it has chops along the route and the strength to work in numbers. Last season, Swords caught 96 passes as a three-dimensional target in the Alabama attack, lining up at all three wide receiver locations. He is a technician with a speed of separation on short sections, and his explosiveness is underestimated. Like Jameson Williams, Swords is recovering from a broken ACL that will take into account where he is going in the draft. But with his speed of play – as well as a well-prepared and dedicated plan to set up coverage – he could single out an attack in Philadelphia that requires an internal goal for defender Jalen Herts.

Eagles “had a virtual visit” with the badger [UPDATES] – BGN
Read more about the Eagles’ interest in Tirana Mathieu. No personal visit (so far, at least), unlike what he spent with the Saints, but the Birds talked to him. Does the honey badger really want to come to Philly or are the Eagles used as leverage?

Analysis of Eagles-Saints trade, updates of visits before the draft, QB conversation and much more – BGN Radio
Brendan Lee Gowton and Jimmy Kempsky may have wrongfully stolen your emergency podcast for the Eagles-Saints trade, but, hey, better late than never. The guys reveal what the deal means for Philly now and is moving forward, including implications for Jalen Hert. BLG and Jimmy are also discussing the Eagles ’recent visits before the draft and the team’s apparent interest in the defenders’ prospects (smoke screen or not?). Finally they complete the potpourri with the eagles and the conversation with Philly.

Rebuilding the 2012 NFL Draft: Colts Choose Russell Wilson № 1 Overall – NFL.com
Original Choice № 12: Fletcher Cox Having just missed the guy who actually landed with them in 2012, the Eagles (who swapped with Seattle for that choice) are turning to a player I consider much underestimated. And yes, I say this as a biased supporter of the Bears with whom Akim Hicks has spent the last six seasons. But I really believe Hicks would be a fan favorite in Philadelphia. I can almost guarantee it.

How will the giants answer Daniel Jones ’question? – Call
Giants quarterback Daniel Jones is now stuck somewhere in the middle of this dichotomy: he hasn’t shown nearly enough in his first three seasons to convince New York to give him a big second contract, but he’s also done enough to prevent the team from abandoning him. By choosing Jones 35 months ago, the evaluation period of the Giants is almost over. They have until May 2, the first Monday after the call to pick up Jones ’fifth-year option, which will allow him to receive a fully guaranteed salary of about $ 22.4 million by 2023. can be bad. And since the Panthers and the Browns have figured out this offseason, fixing a mistake if you make the wrong move will be difficult. After Sam Darnold got his fifth year last year, Carolina will likely have to eat up his $ 18.9 million license for 2022, actively seeking a replacement for him. Cleveland has already found a replacement for Baker Mayfield, but has been unlucky to find a trading partner who is willing to pay Mayfield’s fully guaranteed salary in 2022.

Daniel Jones and other giants’ dilemmas are football outsiders
The fifth-year option will cost the Giants just over $ 22 million, guaranteed in 2023. Failure to exercise the option makes Jones a free agent at the end of the 2022 season. If Jones enjoys a year of breakthrough led by Debola and his staff, the Giants will likely be forced to label him a franchise with a salary of about $ 35 million. But if Jones consolidates his status in the bottom quarter of NFL starting clubs and / or suffers another season marred by injuries, the Giants can move on for free. The “giants” must make a decision by May 2. At this point, it’s clear they’re hedging in the direction of not expecting a breakthrough this season. Sean and Dabol may have just waited to see Jones in the building for days, healthy and bushy, before deciding to sign a contract. Perhaps they are waiting until they sign additional contracts with players like Adoree ‘Jackson before they make money in 2023 to Jones (and a defensive fight with Dexter Lawrence, whose fifth-year option will cost the Giants about $ 11 million). They might have one eye on Baker Mayfield or Jimmy Garapalo if they become available for draft pick on the third day.

The NFL expects the Giants to decide on the right roll in Round 1 – Big Blue View
Well, well. The giants have two choices (5 and 7) in the top 10. There are three selections – Evan Neal from Alabama, Ike Equon from NC, Charles Cross from Mississippi – who can be selected in this first seven elections. This offseason, the Giants have focused on their offensive line, adding guards Mark Glavinsky, Max Garcia and Jamil Douglas, as well as central John Feliciano. However, the only selection they have added is Matt Gon, and he is considered more of a flyer than a player who wants to be a starting point in 16 games.

3 broad receivers on which Cowboys should study trading in 2022 – Blogging The Boys
The Cincinnati Bengals feel embarrassed by the wealth of the broad receiver position, just as the Cowboys felt in their room before the 2021 season. However, times have changed, and just as the Cowboys realize that there may not be enough cake, soon the Bengals may find themselves in a similar situation when it comes time to pay Ja’Maru Chase and Lee Higgins. The idea that Bengals might be interested in trading Tyler Boyd has to do with this simple fact of money than with anything else. Boyd has been productive and affordable for the past three seasons. He missed just one game and scored 2,715 yards on 236 receptions and 14 touchdowns. Although Boyd has been consistent throughout his career, the fact remains that there is only one soccer ball, and every year since 2019 his goals and tricks are declining. Boyd is set to earn eight million dollars north this year and next, and the Bengals may be on the market to buy Boyd before the draft and take a wide receiver in this year’s class that will cost a share of being quantity teams three options.

If DeAndre Carter signs with the Chargers, will Washington return more Football Teamers? “Hogs Haven.”
Carter became a fan favorite in Week 4 when he passed 101 yards to land in response after a starting hit, but even without that game he was a competent man in response who made good decisions and helped set up an attack on the plus position with a majority his return. He was a little less effective as a pant return, but had a resolute style of returning from north to south that was appreciated by fans. With the loss of Carter from the Chargers, Washington will resume its annual search for reliable kickbacks. [BLG Note: Former Eagles WR left the NFC East.]

The Texans have signed Brendin Cook for two years – Battle Red Blog
Personally, it would be good for me if it was exchanged and won additional elections by draft, or remained as a focal point for the restructuring of crime, which has a long way to go to return to respectability. So you have it all, Brandy Cook is back, and his receiver talents well above average will be welcomed this year.

2022 NFL Model Project: Last Project of the First Round After Eagles-Saints Trade – SB Nation
№ 15: Philadelphia Eagles: Drake London, WR – USC. The Eagles moved out of part of their attraction capital to secure assets. I think it was a good move given their needs and where the team is preparing. Instead of meeting the needs, I have this team taking London. The big receiver, which reinforces their attack with DeVonte Smith, will allow the Eagles to take a full look at Jalen Herts before deciding whether they need to go the other way. This is not an urgent need, but the value is too good not to be overlooked.

Looking ahead № 84: Will there still be crazy WR deals? – SB Nation NFL Show
Rob “Statis” Guerrero and RJ Ochoa are responding to rumors circulating around DK Metcalf and other receivers across the league. Also, Tom Brady had a big plan for his future and he almost made it happen. RJ’s choice to win the Masters (2:48). Can DK Metcalf be sold? (6:29). Possible directions for Metcalfe (9:03). Would you like to stay in the NFC if you were a WR? (12:20). Is Keenan Allen going to be moved by the chargers? (15:54). Which WR from 2019 is likely to be moved (22:24). Tom Brady wanted to go to Dolphins and become a co-owner (25:38). Does Brady deserve criticism for manipulating his future so much? (29:55).

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