Eagles News: Philadelphia gets an A + rating for trading with Saints

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NFL Free Agency: estimates for each major signing and trade in 2022, as well as a draft forecast for each step – ESPN +
Saints class: B … Eagles class: A +. The Eagles, who entered the day with three first-round picks in this draft, have always been considered the most likely team to exchange first-round picks. They reached the playoffs last season, and their lack of immediate needs plus the cost of trading the best choices meant other teams were calling. Thanks to this step, they remain in a good position to make an impact outlook, but also have two participants in the first round for 2023, if they want to take a quarterback position. At numbers 15 and 18 in the overall standings Philadelphia will be able to appeal to a broad receiver (Gareth Wilson, Chris Oll), defender (Jermaine Johnson II) or linebacker (Devin Lloyd, Nakobe Dean) with high-level prospects. Perhaps the most important thing is that the team is loaded: in 2023 two participants of the first round and two in 2024, when Jalen Herts does not prove himself as a long-term defender. Now the Eagles have capital that can be obtained for a prospect like Bryce Young (Alabama) or CJ Stroud (Ohio) next year – if Hertz will be hard.

Eagles trades on first round Saints 2023 and more, changing some choices this year – BGN
In this space it has long been said that the Eagles NEED to change one of their elections in the first round of 2022 to a choice in 2023. Given that this year’s draft class doesn’t necessarily have many quarterback promises, the Eagles may now have a better chance of acquiring a new passer-by next year. It won’t take much when Jalen Herts thrives … but the Eagles are clearly preparing for the possibility (read: probability) that he won’t be able to erase all doubt as their long-term starter at the center. For all his shortcomings, Roseman is pretty good when it comes to maneuver. This trade is another example of how it demonstrates its strengths. The Eagles (and their fans) will be happy to fight the Saints for the next two seasons to hope that this election will eventually be as favorable as possible.

Big Trade Philadelphia Eagles on draft puts Jalen Herts on watch – ESPN
It seemed that the last proposal canceled the previous one, or at least changed the opinion about Jalena … for now. Next, Lurie spoke about the idea of ​​”automatic quarterback franchise” and the fact that such a player “almost does not exist.” It was amazing to hear him talk about the franchise quarterback as an almost mythical man who has spent so much time and energy chasing him over the last couple of decades. The search continued in recent months when the Eagles took a serious look at Deshan Watson and did their homework on Russell Wilson. Lurie only acknowledges that they exercise due diligence on every player who becomes available. But it was more than that.

GM Eagles Howie Roseman outperforms peers in productive trading – MAQB
This is not the year to look for a defender. Next year, CJ Stroud from Ohio and Bryce Young from Bama will be the best, and there are guys like Tyler Van Dyke from Miami who promise to be able to grow into high-end prospects. So high choice next year, whether you’re looking for a quarterback then or not, the figure will be more valuable. For me, that means the Eagles are following Jalen Herts in 2022 (though I’ve heard they’ve been linked to Malik Willis for the past couple of weeks) and see how Herts will evolve. If he doesn’t show them something, then they become aggressive with this election to get either a veteran (and who knows who will then be available), or a newbie. If it looks great, then you have ammunition to put around it more.

Watches on Jalen Hurts after the Eagles trade in 2023 – Inquirer
While the adage “watch what they do, not what they say” is a safe one to listen to with regard to eagles when it comes to defenders, their words can often predict their actions or at least reveal their motivations ”. That’s why we’re committed to Jalen at age 23, ”owner Jeffrey Lurie said last week when asked about the Eagles’ commitment to Jalen Hurts ’quarterback. “Who knows what the future holds, right? That’s where it goes. ” Translation: Hurts gets the 2022 season and then all bets are off.

Howie Goes Howie – Iggles Blitz
This year the Saints will be a very interesting team. They will miss the great head coach Sean Peyton, their LT star and a couple of good safety equipment. It’s a lot of talent, but also key veteran leaders. The Saints could really fight. If so, then choosing the first round of 2023 could look great. The Saints could also play better than expected if Dennis Allen proves to be a good coach, James Winston will play well and Michael Thomas stays healthy. Perhaps the choice will be in the range of 20-30. Howie was smart to take a chance. If the Saints really will fight, and it will eventually be a high choice, the Eagles will have a chance to get one of the stellar QBs in April next year. It would be huge if Jalen was hurt by flat lines this year. If the Hurts prove to be a high-level starting, the Eagles could add a key player to some other position. Reasonable risk.

It is reported that the saints agree to trade in blockbusters for the 2022 NFL Draft – Canal Street Chronicles
Here’s an easy way to think about it: The New Orleans Saints exchanged the 3rd round selection of 2022 (of which there were two) and the 2nd round selection of 2024 to turn next year’s first round pick into this year’s first round pick. Saints went from 3 elections in the top 100 to 4 elections in the top 100, including two elections in the top 20. The biggest conclusion from this trade is that the New Orleans Saints friend’s office must very, very much like the first round of talent in this year’s draft to take that step now, not knowing how the board gets on call day. The move also reports that the front office believes New Orleans Saints 2022 will be a contender, and they believe, at least for now, that their selection in next year’s first round will be low.

Rumors of a free agency Cowboys 2022: Dallas was interested in trading now – Patriots WR DeVante Parker – Blogging The Boys
Having exchanged Omar Cooper, the Cowboys obviously now need a wide receiver. Many believe that in the 2022 NFL draft they will eventually find the answer, but deals and a free agency still exist as options. The Cowboys did add a receiver to the free agency by signing James Washington. According to ESPN’s Adam Schaeffer, they also participated in DeVante Parker’s discussions with the Dolphins before the New England victory.

In 2021, the number of injuries in Washington again became deplorable – Hogs Haven
With the signing of a new coach on the horizon, and Washington’s roster still young – last year he was 13th in the league – due to the loss of players like Ryan Fitzpatrick and Brendan Scherf, they are expected to be able to crawl out of the league basement because of injuries, but only time will tell whether they will finally be able to shake the infamous distinction of “the most injured team in the NFL”.

The Giants “don’t want to do” two top 10 picks – Peter King – Big Blue View
Just a “wild guess” on my part, but I would say it’s quite possible that King’s wild guess has some information behind it. Maybe the “Giants” choose both numbers 5 and 7, and maybe not. Exchanging one of the two picks for extra capital on the draft, especially the pick in the first round of 2023, makes too much sense for the Giants to disbelieve that this is what grandmaster Joe Shoen will consider.

2022 NFL Draft: Six Round 1 Deals That Make Sense – NFL.com
Seahawks get: № 5 overall (1st round). The Giants get: 9th place in the overall standings (1st round), 72nd place (3rd round), 145th place in the overall standings (5th round, from DET through DEN). If the Seahawks aren’t interested in acquiring the disgruntled and relocated Baker Mayfield of Cleveland to replace the remaining Russell Wilson, they need to step down with one of the top defenders on that draft. Malik Willis (who boasts the ability to play), Matt Corral (who has lightning release) or Kenny Pickett or Desmond Reeder (both steady performers) should be on their radar. Seattle could move into the top three to pick one of these defenders, given past inclinations of general manager John Schneider and coach Pete Carroll to trade future assets to acquire a valuable player; just two years ago, the team cleared a package for Jamal Adams ’former Jets safety, which included several first-round participants, including the Seahawks’ initial selection in this year’s first round. However, I will conservatively predict that instead they will drop two mid-to-end qualifiers (in addition to the ninth overall pick provided from Denver through Wilson’s trade) to jump ahead of two other teams looking for young passes: Carolina (who ranked sixth in the overall selection) and Atlanta (eighth). These two franchises are also aware of this possibility, so don’t be surprised if one of them jumps into the top three to prevent a jump.

Monday Football Monday № 82: What We Forgot Happened This Year in the NFL – The SB Nation NFL Show
Speaking of the power of the news cycle, Pete Sweeney and R.J. Ochoa reflect on some of the things we forgot that happened on and off the field last year.

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