CJ Stroud sees himself in Ohio freshman Devin Brown: “I think he’s going to be a great Buccaneer.”

Devin Brown did not reach his first spring training session before a rough awakening signaled his true arrival in Ohio.

In fact, a true quarterback quarterback may not have passed the first live game.

“It’s probably the first play I’ve watched live, or the first play I’ve been to live on our first workout. It’s a whole different world with how fast things go and what different flashes come, ”Brown said in an interview after a workout on Wednesday.“ Once they started bringing flashes, it looks like it’s a lot different than “I’ve ever seen it before. So it’s like wow, it’s a really big step.… I wouldn’t say so (it’s scary), it’s just new. You just have to get used to it.”

If his performance at Saturday’s Student Thanksgiving practice was some kind of indicator, then Brown had already had time to hang himself at Woody Hayes Sports Center from that first practice. The former USC commander and quarterback with the number 6 in the country after graduating from high school demonstrated his hand talent by making some great throws that caused a palpable excitement in the crowd at the indoor facility.

During the 7-on-7 workouts Brown made a pass to Emek Egbuk deep on the right side, putting the ball where only an out-out in the second year could play on it after hitting a hard cover by corner defender Andrew Moore. . Catching with one hand could have been the most important moment for Egbuki, but later in practice Brown was even more impressive.

In live replays during 11-on-11 training, Brown struck another dart in a tight window to freshman Cayon Grace for a 30-yard tie in the left corner of the end zone that put six points on the board for the attack. .

And if those two plays weren’t enough to convince a man who doubted Brown’s talent early in his Bucky career, how CJ Stroud raved about freshman on Wednesday would likely be enough to do the trick.

“Devin really fascinates me. Honestly, I think he will be a great Bakai, ”Stroud said. “I actually see myself in him when it comes to how he moves in the meadow, how he throws the ball, his throws. He has a lot of similarities that I have and he also drives the ball very well. Just a good kid, smart, appreciates the game. He wants to be here, so I appreciate such people. ”

Even with the early success he had during his first spring, things didn’t go smoothly for Brown. During one of three games while running 11 to 11 last weekend, the freshman took two shots, sparking evasion from head coach Ryan Day and a quick exit from the field in favor of a new unit in attack.

Brown said the feedback he received from Day was broad in tone as he adjusted to the caliber of the game at the next level.

“It just depends on what day it is, to be honest,” Brown said with a laugh, describing his conversations with Day in the middle of practice. “No, all was well, he knows it’s too early, and he keeps telling me, ‘Steady in the boat.’ Don’t ride roller coasters, they are never too high, never too low, just be prepared.

Deyu likes what he’s seen from Brown so far, though he admits there were bumps on the road.

“Satisfied with the first nine practitioners. Sometimes with threes there can be a little tricky, but he does it, ”Day said Monday. “You’ve seen his athleticism and the fact that he knows how to pull the ball, and he has a strong hand. So the more reps he gets, the better he will be. ”

At Corner Canyon High School in Draper, Utah, Brown said he didn’t even have to worry about more than one type of defense against his offensive line ahead, not to mention all the wrinkles that Jim Knowles and company set on the updated State Defense Ohio in the offseason.

Compared to what he saw at this time a year ago, Brown is in a completely different world in Ohio.

“Night and day. I never had to worry about defending in high school. We either blocked the passage or blocked the passage, and our blocking of the passages was the same every time, ”Brown said. “In high school, it was never different for me, so when I came here, I learned what blitz I got, what fronts we have, what protection. There are many different things that can come into play.

“With each practice, it gets better. These are the first few live shots like, “Wow, it’s fast.” You have guys right in your face, you can’t see the routes, but over time it will slow down and I’ll know where the guys are ”.

One of the most rewarding aspects of Brown’s transition was the help of his teammates in the room of defender Cory Dennis. Despite the obvious competition that is taking place, especially between Stroud’s two main backups, Brown said the Society has been a bright spot during his first few months as a party.

“It’s definitely a big learning curve. I honestly feel I expected the worst. But everything was pretty smooth, I mean, I like this room, ”Brown said. “Me and Kyle (McCord) are very close, me and CJ are very close, me and Chad (Ray). There is literally no hatred for anyone in this group. Everyone loves each other, everyone wants the best for each other. There’s a really cool environment, and it’s so cool to learn from each of them. And it’s so insane how much every guy knows and how different the games are and you just feed off of each other ”.

Assisting Brown and company, Stroud said he was just continuing the example set to him by former Party defender Justin Fields and those who were before him.

“My role is just to be their older brother, show them leadership and show what I see. Maybe it can help them, maybe they see it differently, ”Stroud said. “I know Justin did it with me, Dwayne (Haskins) probably did it with his young guys, so I think it’s just Bucky’s way. Cardale (Jones) is even helping me now. I appreciate these guys for their help, so I try to do the same. ”

But with the exception of injuries, Stroud is unlikely to give up numerous reps on the defender’s position this season unless his offense puts enough points between Ohio and the opposition to justify Day’s recall of the dogs.

Brown may not be expecting a lion’s share of shots in September, but he’s impressed with the shots he’s taking this spring, and he’ll be looking to do the same in the spring game on April 16th.

“You just have to be ready when they call your number no matter what. Coach Day preaches this all the time, “Brown said.” You just have to be ready to go when you’re called, I really feel that way. I don’t worry about where I am or anything like that, I just I’m trying to get better and learn from these guys. ”

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