Chiefs News: Discussions about the future of Arrowhead Stadium continue

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The discussion of sports betting turns into a session about the future Kansas City Chiefs Stadium 41 KSHB

Anne Scharf, vice president of chiefs for civil affairs, spoke at the hearing to express support for legalizing sports betting. After that, the conversation shifted.

“So if we helped you make that money, would we guarantee that you wouldn’t leave us?” Asked Senator Barbara Ann Washington (D-Jackson County).

“Yes, I thanked Mr. Donovan for his timely comments to the New York Times last week. He’ll be here next time, ‘said Scarf. “So I’ll start with the fact that none of what was posted last week at the NFL meeting, which was covered by national news agencies, has been broadcast repeatedly with local news over the past year,” she continued.

Washington then sought answers from a Chiefs spokesman.

“We just want to have a commitment to Jackson County so we can keep you close. We have invested a lot in the Chiefs, ”Washington said.

“Right now we’re doing that we’re spending a significant amount of money, the club is covering the costs to conduct an extensive survey to find out what’s possible for Arrowhead’s refurbishment, and that’s really the first step,” Scharf replied.

Derrick Gore signs tender with Chiefs | Talk about football

Run back Derrick Gore worked with a defender Patrick Mahomes and now he’s going to continue to do so after the Chiefs ’off-season program begins later this month.

According to numerous reports, Gore has signed with the team his exclusive tender for free agents. The decision came as no surprise, as Gore was barred from negotiating with other teams as soon as the bosses offered it.

In 2019 and 2020, Gore spent time with the Washington and Chargers, but did not appear in any games. Last year, he signed with the Chiefs and 51 runs for 256 yards and two touchdowns in 11 regular season games. In the postseason he also ran three times for three yards.

Peter Schrager 2022 NFL Draft Draft 1.0: Seahawks trade on QB; work on WRs in mid-teens

29 – Kansas City Chiefs

Travis Jones

Connecticut · DT · Senior

Jones made a breakthrough at the Senior Bowl and backed it up with an impressive show on the combine. Connecticut has released several quality NFL players in recent years, and the pair have earned lucrative second contracts (Byron Jones, Foley Fatukashi). I like that this is suitable for D Steve Spagnuolo.

2022 NFL Draft: Steelers change to quarterback, Jaguars shake up No. 1 | CBS Sports

Jahan Dotsan WR

Kansas City

Executives threaten to lose the best wide receivers if they don’t change. Dotson is a fast wide receiver that, although historically small, has done a good job on all three levels. He has some of the best hands in the entire draft class. Andy Reed will easily find ways to use it in this crime.

DK Metcalf Trading Simulator: Seven Offers from NFL Teams, High Asked Price Seahawks and Verdict | ESPN

Kansas City Chiefs

Adam Teicher’s proposal: The Chiefs will exchange elections in the first and third rounds of 2022 (№ 30 and 103).

Inside the offer: After trading Tyrick Hill, the Chiefs no longer have the No. 1 wide receiver. However, they have two choices in each of the first four rounds of this draft, and they can afford to part with that choice.

However, it makes no sense to change Hill to a huge election package because he wants to extend his contract and then turn around and give most of that election to another receiver who wants to extend. In that case, the bosses had to just hold Hill and give him the right extension. They could have participated in Metcalfe’s tote because he would have made them the best, but they would have only gone so far.

The four best receivers in Kansas City will be Metcalfe, followed, in a certain order, by Ju Ju Smith-Schuster, Marquez Valdes-Scantling and McCall Hardman. With the addition of Metcalfe these latitudes will flourish and the team will have much more depth than last season.

Revised NFL Draft 2012: Colts Choose Russell Wilson № 1 Overall |

11 – Kansas City Chiefs

Fletcher Cox


Original № 11 selection: Dontari Poe

Again, Cox’s placement here doesn’t mean I think he’s the 11th best player in this draft. It would be very good (I think) for the Chiefs who drafted Poe to take that spot that season. Cox played in a 4-3 defense in Philly, but would have been perfect to fill the midfield in Kansas City.

Around the NFL

Brandy Cooks, Texans agree to two-year extension |

The Houston Texans have agreed to a two-year extension with Cooks until the 2024 season, Ian Rapaport told NFL Network Insider on Thursday. According to Rapaport, Cooks, who was approaching the final year of the agreement, will earn less than $ 20 million for the 2023-2024 season.

Drafted to No. 20 overall in 2014 by the New Orleans Saints, Cooks played for the Saints, New England Patriots, Los Angeles Rams and Texans, and has been exchanged three times in his career. At least for the time being, Cooks isn’t trading for the fourth time, despite Texans getting interest in him.

This is a significant signing for the Texans, as the 28-year-old is the most famous name and, in essence, one of the best players on the list with Houston’s hungry talent.

HC “Titans” Mike Sparrow on the fact that AJ Brown is in the shopping block: “Not as long as I’m head coach” |

Head coach Mike Sparrow has none.

“Not until I’m the head coach,” said Sparrow, answering a question Rich iron show if Brown was on the shopping block. “I love AJ professionally, personally. I got to know him well as his coach and enjoy him as much as I can. Saw how he worked here before, said hello. While I’m coaching here, I would like AJ Brown to be on my football team. “

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Movie Review: Taylor Stallworth adds energy to the Chiefs defensive line

Here’s what you need to know about Chiefs’ new linebacker:


Stallworth spent his student years in South Carolina, a total of 87 rebounds, 6.5 rebounds, one bag and five assists for four seasons.

In 2018 NFL CombineStallworth weighed 6 feet 2 and 312 pounds – з The size of the hand of the 73rd percentile but only 25th percent of arm length and wing span. None of his test numbers registered in the percentile above the 28th and probably led to him being left without a call.

In his first three seasons Stolworth on average only 250 shots – and only A total of 10 pressures. In 2021, he scored 331 total shots before record 22 clamps and three bags. His playing time increased over the course of the season, suggesting that Stallworth was earning more and more shots.

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