Brian Flores, Manchester United and Dolphins

Instead, Brady’s change of mind was the result of an exciting drop of dominoes involving Miami Dolphins, Sean Peyton, a lawsuit by Brian Flores, former Patriots line-up striker Rich Ornberger and a Manchester United football match.

If Brady had been his own way, he would have ruled – and possibly become a quarterback – one of the Patriots’ rivals. Instead, a series of unforeseen events led him back to Tampa.

No one from Brady’s camp acknowledged this schedule. But connecting the dots is pretty simple. A source in the league, close to one of the parties, reported on the internal dynamics of the situation. A report by Ornberger, now a San Diego radio host, and Mike Floria of Pro Football Talk filled some gaps.

Here’s how it turned out:

▪ Brady decided to leave Buccaneer for two reasons. One, according to Ornberger, was his relationship with the Arians. Ornberger is a former teammate and close friend of Tampa Bay coaching staff member AQ Shipley.

“The announcement of retirement was not made because of eye-to-eye problems when planning the offensive game, but the relationship has deteriorated.” Ornberger wrote on Twitter. “Offensive coordinator Byron Leftwich and Brady will be working on a game plan for the week. Later the Arians came in and took the red pen to the work they did. QB and OC felt blown up, there was tension. ”

Another, and more significant, reason was that Dolphins owner Stephen Ross presented Brady with a golden opportunity to enter the NFL business. According to a source in the league, Brady was going to get a senior position in Miami’s friend office, similar to Derek Jeter’s previous position in the Miami Marlins. On Thursday, Floria announced that the Dolphins are going to introduce Brady as a minority owner a week before the Super Cup.

Dolphin owner Stephen Ross (left) and his former head coach Brian Flores after the 2021 game. John McCall / Associated Press

Brady has two great connections with the Dolphins. One is the University of Michigan; Brady is his star graduate, and Ross has his name in business school. The second is Dolphins minority owner Bruce Bill, who is a friend of Brady and joined Brady on at least one trip to the Kentucky Derby.

Ross really wanted Brady – partly to bring a hiss to the Dolphins, partly to stick him to the Patriots. For Brady, it was an opportunity to enter the NFL business in order to one day perform with his property group.

▪ This does not mean that Brady has stopped playing football. After all, he had just finished second in the MVP vote and led the NFL in yards and passes.

The Dolphins offer was just Brady’s way out of Tampa. He was on contract with the Buccaneers as a player, but they failed to stop him from becoming head. After Brady was in Miami, and as soon as the Bucks found a replacement in the defender, the Dolphins could turn to the Bucks for compensation for the trade to allow Brady to retire and play quarterback.

“I thought he might take a year off or something and maybe come back after that,” Rob Grankowski said on Wednesday night’s Jimmy Kimmel Live.

▪ Peyton, a former Saints coach who resigned on January 25, was also going to be involved, as Floria first reported on February 28. Brady and Peyton have been in a relationship for over 20 years in the NFL, and they have a common agent in Don Yes. Brady was close to joining the Saints in 2020 before Drew Bryce decided to return for another year.

According to a league source, when Brady was going to rule the Dolphins, he was only going to do it with a veteran coach he trusted, such as Peyton. Peyton admitted when he retired from Saints that he intends to become a coach again soon.

Former Saints head coach Sean Peyton.Adam Hunger / Associated Press

▪ On the morning of February 1, Brady announced his resignation – except that he never used the word. He said he was “no longer going to take on this competitive commitment.” His words were intentional.

Just hours later, on February 1, Flores filed a lawsuit against the Dolphins and the NFL, accusing him of racial discrimination, as well as making explosive charges against Ross in attempts to intentionally lose games and manipulate a certain star defender.

The court, according to the source, ruined everything. The plan to hire a white coach and white team president without going through Rooney’s rule probably won’t work once the Dolphins are sued for racial discrimination.

Flores ’accusations of tanking and falsification raised the question of cell phones and detection in the game for Ross and Brady. The lawsuit simply brought too much frenzy to the situation, and Ross and Brady were forced to cancel the deal.

▪ After his plans with the Dolphins failed, Brady was left with two choices: to retire without knowing what he would do with his life, or to return to football.

The decision was obvious. But Brady had to figure out some problems in Tampa first.

On March 12, he traveled to the United Kingdom to take part in a Manchester United football match. Man U is owned by the Glaser family, which also owns the Buccaneers. On March 13, Brady announced his return to the Buccaneers. His announcement came three days before the start of the free agency, which allowed the Bucs to use Brady as a recruiting tool.

The last chapter was written on March 30, when the Buccaneers announced that Arians was stepping down as head coach and giving way to Bowles, who was the team’s defense coordinator. All the other Bucks coaches remained in their places, including Leftwich, who will essentially be the head coach on the attacking side of the ball.

It is unknown at this time what Brady and Glaser were talking about. But you don’t have to be ingenious to add 2 + 2 together.

▪ In fact, there is one last unresolved issue: Brady’s contract. He has $ 10.4 million in his account, plus $ 4.5 million in incentives. Buccaneers are sure to give him a raise. But if there are no additional years, then rumors of Brady in Miami (or San Francisco) will unfold again in 2023. If Brady gets extra years, we can safely assume that the Glaser family doesn’t want him to play in any other form.

In any case, Brady will return from the Bucs in 2022, swinging in the eighth ring of the Super Cup and becoming the first QB in NFL history to start playing at 45 years old.

It wasn’t his original plan, but it’s a good fallback. Buccaneers fans can thank Flores ’lawsuit and the football match across the pond for making it all happen.

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