Bold and beautiful: Sheila is stunned to hear that Steffi is still alive

At the hospital in the room Steffi Thomas can’t believe it’s happening. Ridge holds Taylor when they assure their daughter that they are there for her.

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In Sheila’s room, Deacon tells her he’s sorry – he knows how much she loved Finn. Sheila chuckled, “Don’t say ‘darling.’ Dean can not overcome the shooting and the disappearance of Finn.

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In the cabin, Hope and Liam decide to take full advantage of the silence and begin to rip off each other’s clothes. Just then Brooke enters, and Hope loudly reminds her that the children are not there. Liam, feeling ill, invites her to stay if she wants to talk. Hope casts a glance at him, but asks his mother, “What’s going on?” Brooke admits, “I’m worried about Ridge. That’s the feeling I have. ” It is not based on anything other than the connection she has with him. She just feels like something is terribly wrong. “Something feels wrong.” Hope thinks it makes sense since they are now separated. Liam knows that Taylor’s presence complicates things, but it’s good that he’s not alone now. Hope believes he will eventually return to her mother. Brooke thinks Ridge might be having a good time with her kids. He loves them but worries that he didn’t pay enough attention to Steffi when she was younger. He needs a lot of compensation. “Life is short.”

At the hospital, Ridge urges Steffi to take all his strength and return to them. It doesn’t end that way because some random person wants to take away their future. Thomas takes their place next to his sister and complains that she is so still – she is always on the move. He tells her she needs to come back because the kids need her. It breaks. “And I need you. You’re my best friend. ” Thomas asks her to come back to them when he cries. Bridget comes in and has to inspect Steffi, so the family leaves.
Taylor, Ridge, Thomas, Steffi Hospital B&B

In the hospital corridor, Thomas asks, “What the hell happened tonight?” Ridge is unaware of this and worries that Fina is gone. Taylor exclaims, “He just left!” She wonders what kind of monster will shoot them and leave them lying in the alley. “Who would do that ?!”
Taylor, Ridge is waiting for a B&B

At the hotel Deacon doesn’t know what to say to help Sheila. He puts on her coat and lies next to her on the bed. She asks Deacon to find them. He explains that he took out the garbage. She asks if he has seen anything else that would indicate who did it. The deacon says whoever it is, long gone. I wonder what kind of sick person would do that. Sheila flares up to shoot. The deacon tells her, “Sheila. I’m with you. “Sheila can’t understand what he was doing in the alley – it doesn’t make sense. She cries,” I met him. “She breaks down again when she says she loves him so much, and now this future is simply gone. The deacon is so sorry. ”Sheila sobs in his arms.
Deacon Comfort Sheila B&B

In the cabin Brooke is worried because Ridge still hasn’t answered her. Hope realizes that her feeling is really working on her. Brooke thinks there’s something to it. Ridge is her husband, and when he is going through something, she wants to be with him.

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In the waiting area of ​​the hospital, Ridge growls, “What happened in that alley?” Thomas wonders what they were doing there. “Steffi can’t …” Taylor assures him Steffi isn’t going anywhere. Thomas wonders if Steffi saw Fina shot. Taylor can’t help but think of Sheila. “Finn is gone.”
Ridge, Taylor Bedside B&B

In his room, Deacon assures Sheila that her son knew she loved him. She wants to go to the hospital to see him again. Dean warns that she may face Steffi’s family – he had to call Ridge and tell him that his daughter was shot. He believes Ridge, Taylor and Thomas came to the hospital to urge her to fight. Sheila is embarrassed when he says that Steffi has passed. Deacon tells the stunned Sheila that Steffi is still alive.

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In the booth Brooke continues to check the message from Ridge. Hope and Liam wonder if anything can be done. Brooke is grateful for their support and says she loves them. At this time there is a knock at the door. This is the Deacon. He wanted to make sure everything was okay. Looking at their expressions, he quickly realizes what they haven’t heard. Brooke asks if something is wrong. “Is this Ridge?” Deacon warns that they need to prepare for shock. Hope says he scares her. Deacon says he worked at Il Giardino tonight and took out the trash … that’s when he saw them. Liam asks, “Who did you see?” Deacon replies, “Finn and Steffi. They were shot. “

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At the hospital, Ridge complains that tonight the little boy lost his father. Taylor exclaims that Steffi will need them more than ever. Thomas is angry that Fina is gone and Steffi is fighting for her life. Taylor reassures him, but admits she’s scared. Ridge too. The elevator opens, and Sheila appears. “Like Steffi.” Thomas tells her she is alive. Ridge adds, “Barely, but we’re grateful.” Taylor tells Sheila that she is very sorry about the loss and pain she is feeling now. She pulls her into her arms. Thomas frowns when Sheila replies, “I’m sorry.” I’m so sorry. “

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