“Benfica” – “Liverpool”: the quarterfinals of the Champions League, the first match – live! | Champions League


23 minutes: Everton are in the big space on the left as a result of Nunez’s strike, and his kick into the side net is ultimately a disappointment.


22 minutes: Now Salah is teasingly moving towards Mane, but Otamendi is here just in time.


21 minutes: There really is a vibration in this “can kill a tie tonight”.


19 minutes: There should be two, Mane wild opposite the left line. Kate completely shakes his attempt headlong, sending him to the ground and neither to the gate when he was at his mercy.


Goal! Benfica – Liverpool 0: 1 (Kanate, 17)

Yeah, it was inevitable, see? Robertson swings the corner to the left, and Conate is just too aggressive for Benfica, jumping between the two men and hitting his head hard into the corner. His first goal for Liverpool!

Liverpool’s Ibrahim Konate takes the visitors forward. Photo: Matthew Childs / Action Images / Reuters


15 minutes: Now there is room for Kate, whose shot is blocked, in front of Thiago’s headstrong shot. It’s hard to see that Liverpool aren’t killing here.


14 minutes: “Probably, Clive, Liverpool’s dynamic trio is beating old former Premier League fans? Benfica’s real threat comes from the crowd, intimate allusions and the dark arts. ” Says Ian Copsteak.


12 minutes: Keita and Alexander-Arnold are now both testing Vlahodimos quickly. Nunez counters and wants to execute a free kick on the edge of the penalty area, but does nothing, to the rage of the crowd.


10 minutes: And now Salah * most * reaches a magnificent mane, but Vlahodimas blocks his nearest rod. “Benfica” deals with the corner, but doesn’t look so convincing on the back.


8 minutes: Salah * almost * hits the end of Diaz’s sword, which was dodging Mane. A little less weight on the sword and it was an obvious chance.


6 minutes: Now Nunez is moving to Benfica, and although no one is actually in the end, Alexander-Arnold is almost late to get to Everton when he clears.


4 minutes: Kate, from a decent position, heads for Robertson’s imprint of the cross. There was a place for Liverpool.


3 minutes: Luis Diaz, a former Porto player, whistled early. Liverpool started brightly … but then Conate must be sharp to stop the ambitious Rafa Silva.

Liverpool's Luis Diaz (left) and Nemanja Radanic of Benfica are fighting for the ball.
Liverpool’s Luis Diaz (left) and Nemanja Radanic of Benfica are fighting for the ball. Photo: Adam Davy / PA


Peeeep! Let’s go!

Liverpool in yellow, Benfica in red. Bedbug people throw us away and shoot from left to right!


Now the teams are lined up to the sounds of the Champions League anthem! As expected, this is the atmosphere of the belts.

Benfica fans keep scarves inside the stadium.
Photo: Matthew Childs / Action Images / Reuters


An eagle flies around the stadium, just like Salhurst Park. We will see how the teams will come out soon. It turned out that Fabinho, Kate and Thiago had never started a game together.

Benfica's mascot eagle
Benfica’s mascot eagle “Vitoria” flies over the stadium. Photo: Carlos Costa / AFP / Getty Images


“Benfica also has a player named Rafa, but I think it’s better to ignore.” notes Stephen Carr.


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Richard Hearst with another tricky spot in Benfica: “When Liverpool play Everton, it’s always outrageous, so tonight should be good.”

I mean, hopefully.


By the way, these are six changes for Liverpool after the victory over Watford. At what depth can Bug now turn. Do you know some of these Benfica names? You have to – the lies of Vertonghen, Otamendi and, yes, Adele Taarabt were the favorites of the Premier League, in some ways.


Here’s Will Unwin with the director of “Benfica” – and the enemy of Liverpool – Simao Delicious:



Benfica: Vlahodimas, Gilbert, Grimald, Vertangen, Everton, Darwin, Rafa, Weigl, Otamendi, Taarabt, Gonzalo Ramos. Subscriptions: Helton, Meite, Seferovic, Yaremchuk, Hansalves, Joao Mario, Lazarus, Radanic, Diaz, Almeida, Bernardo, Marat

Liverpool: Alison, Alexander-Arnold, Konate, Van Dyck, Robertson, Fabinho, Thiago, Keita, Salah, Manet, Diaz. Subscriptions: Keleher, Milner, Firmino, Gomez, Henderson, Oxlade-Chamberlain, Jones, Minamino, Iota, Timikas, Matip, Elliott.


good afternoon

Tonight’s quarterfinals! And you feel that Liverpool will be happy to try to finish it right away. They could have a worse draw than the team “Benfica”, which lags far behind the break in Portugal – 15 points from the lead – and, of course, do not have the brilliance of the past.

But the Portuguese deserve respect – they defeated and grabbed him against a decent team “Ajax” in the 1/8 finals and even defeated the terrible “Barcelona” in the group stage. Bayern Munich have also beaten them 4-0 at the Estadio do Luz, and it’s hard not to feel that if Liverpool win tonight, they will be able to do a few.

If not, it can be brutal, and it’s worth remembering that, despite the form of power, Jurgen Klopp’s men lately tend to kill in one of two. Their only defeat since December 28 was the last time in the Champions League, when Milan’s “Inter” could not completely eliminate the damage in the first match. On paper, this should be a simpler matter – but there is more to it than a hint of glamor, and Benfica will create problems if the case approaches.

Let’s see if they will. Join us!

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