Bamphus with a knee injury, Wallace holds the first fight

The Tennessee football team has completed about half of the 2022 spring practice with seven book sessions and a fight № 1.

Josh Hopel met with the media after Saturday’s training session to detail the progress the team has made so far. This and much more in this edition Four downs.


That’s a good thing. In order for Tennessee to take the next step as a team, the defense must come to play free football against its explosive attack. And while it’s unusual when the defense is ahead of the attack at this stage in the camp – especially if you can’t hit the quarterback – it’s worth noting that there is progress.

“In some competitive situations, I thought the defense worked well to get off the field,” Höpel said on Saturday. “When we were running football, there were a few situations where they could stop and get off the field or maybe force the ball out of the game. In four minutes [drill] they worked hard to get out of the field. ”

Christian Charles is one of the few guys to act as a defender this spring – due to injuries. Security for memory, the sophomore is making the most of this spring along with rookie Desmond Williams in the corner defender position. The coaching staff believes that a universal defender can play a big role.

“This is a guy on our program, and we continue to feel better and better just because of the performance,” Hopel said when asked about Charles. “He is a wonderful child and will be a phenomenal leader in our program. He has excellent work habits and has completely changed his body in the off-season. You see how he gets more and more reps and feels more comfortable through what he repeats on the grass. ”

Overall, coming off the field after the third fall was a struggle last season and also constantly undermined the defender. Last season Tennessee sometimes failed to create a pass-peak, and that put a strain on the top five in the second.

In the early spring and after Saturday’s clash, Höpel believes the team is growing in that regard.

“I thought the day before, in our third set, the defense did a very good job, affected the quarterback and rolled him down,” the head coach said. “They won several situations 1 on 1. Today, sometimes it also manifested itself. This is the focus for us and the fact that we constantly have to grow. We need to be able to influence quarterback pressure, but you also need to be able to do it with a four-man throw. ”


Vols should replace some key startups that are no longer in the program. And with any recovery team you need to create continuous depth. This luxury Heupel just wasn’t in its first year at Rocky Top.

Now in the second spring the Tennessee coach is starting to see some progress in that regard. This spring the Vols welcomed 14 newcomers, and every day they make more and more noise.

“I actually thought our young guys had a pretty good day,” Höpel said after the fight. “At the end of those situations there were some competing plays when they may have had a chance to put on a play and may not have done so, but it comes with growth, extra opportunities and training.”

One freshman who jumped off the page early in the camp was Marquarius White. Speedster has been praised for his route that runs out of the slot – and he always threatens to take off the top of the defense. Vols has many slot receivers, but White’s game still challenges those ahead of him.

“I thought Squirrel [White] did a really good job there today. He made a few games and acted very efficiently, and I didn’t think the pace or the game was too fast for him, ”Höpel praised. “It was a really positive day for him.”

With any player, the more reps you do – the better you get. At least, such an opinion. This is especially true for young players, as the speed of the game will start to slow down as you train and days. The six exercises that led to the first bout were huge for everyone, but Saturday was the first real measure as the coaches were not on the field.

“For our young guys, it was a great opportunity to understand what feelings, flow and speed the game will be on the day of the game,” Hepel said in conclusion. “I expect them to be very successful from the first fight to the second – just as they have done since we put on the pads. It was felt that they continue to grow every day. ”


On Saturday, Tennessee again accepted a number of recruits, as so far Vols has had several recruits at each spring practice. On Friday, 2024 quarterback Jadin Davis of Charlotte returned to Knoxville to see the Ox.

On Saturday, Knoxville Catholic High School lineup Trevor Duncan practiced alongside Alabama offensive liner Stanton Ramill.

Vols are expected to receive several visitors next weekend, including wide receiver Kyler Casper, who will be on an official visit, and Vols defender Nick Yamaleva


Tennessee lineup superintendent Latrell Bampus has dropped out indefinitely after a knee injury on the first day of spring training.

Head coach Josh Hopel told Volquest Saturday after Vols ’first spring clash that Bamfus would miss the rest of the spring training session.

Bamfusa was seen on crutches at a professional day in Tennessee on Wednesday and back on the training field on Friday.

Bamfus chose the red shirt after playing in four games last season to return in 2022 as a super-senior and veteran leader on the defensive front.

During his career, Bamfus has played in 42 games, recording 45 rebounds, 8.5 TFL and 3 sacks.

Also, the transfer from Florida by Gerald Minsey was not affected on Saturday as he struggles with a tender ankle. Earlier this week, Minsi was in boots, but next week should return to the training ground.

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