American League Preview and Predictions

Dalton Del Don peeks into his crystal ball and shows off his fantastic baseball games for every American League team. Follow the news of the National League!

AL East

1. New York Yankees

2. Toronto Blue Jace (Wild Card)

3. Boston Red Sox

4. Tampa Bay Rays

5. Baltimore Orioles

Comments / Fantastic predictions:

Yankees: Anthony Ritz gaining 110+ runs from the top spots, while Gleiber Torres returns with a great season … Josh Donaldson ends with more value than Nolan Arena and Austin Rileywhile Aroldis Chapman ends more than Emanuel ClassGerrit Cole leads AL on wins, but Joey Halo it’s a fantastic bust.

Blue Jays: Alejandra Kirk finishes in the top five fantasy catchers, while Vladimir Guerrero Jr. MVP wins … Bo Bishet turns out to be a better early choice than Joseph Ramirezwhile Matt Chapman reaches 40 homers thanks to significant upgrades in home parks … George Springer and Theoscar Hernandez both finish in the top 15 fantastic outfielders, while Gabriel Moreno this is a future star who will be a popular pickup in the middle of the season … Kevin Gaussman does not match his ADP during his return to AL East, however Jordan Ramana is 35+ saves.

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Red Sox: Nathan Evaldi proves that last year’s breakthrough was no accident The story of Trevor is struggling to live up to his ADP while battling sixth for a team that is not working and in a new home park that significantly lowers power … Tristan Casas finishes overtaking Bobby Dalbeck on the first base yet Gareth Whitlock overtakes Matt Barnes as the team gets closer … Tanner Hawk it’s a real deal and ends in the top 30 fantastic starters … The Red Sox (and Rays) just skip the wild card as the tighter division schedule proves the difference.

rays: Travel Franco wins the batting title and is the choice in the first round of fantasy in 2023 Shane McClanahan is in the top 15 fantasy to start … Andrew Kitrage records 30 saves at a time Josh Lowe goes 20/20 … Shane Baz provides a dominant 120 innings for patient fantasy managers, while Vidal Bruyan leads the MLB in the number of thefts after a break at the All-Star Game.

Oriole: Adly Rutschman frustrating fantasy managers, however John Means has the best season of his career, including thanks new dimensions in Camden YardsTrey Mancini produces Ryan Mountcastle.

AL Center

1. Chicago White Sox

2. Minnesota Gemini (Wild Card)

3. Cleveland Guardians

4. Kansas City Royals

5. Detroit Tigers

Comments / Fantastic predictions:

White Sox: Dylan Stop Cy Young wins, and the White Sox shake Lance Lynninjury and defeated the Blue Jays in the ALCS to win the American League … Lucas Jalita has a better fantasy season than Max Scherzer and Julius Uriaswhile Mikhail Kopech is in the top 20 fantastic SPs despite limited innings; Lina’s loss is not so bad when he is the fourth best in the starting lineup … Free Andrew Vaughn.

Will Dylan Syza have a massive fantastic baseball breakthrough? (Photo by Chris Bernachi / Diamond Images via Getty Images)

Twins: I bet on Byron Buxton win the MVP with a score of 30/1, and Gemini – win the World Series with a score of 60/1. Buxton since 2020 is one of the league leaders in the number of appearances Homers in the number of plates, plays in defense of the central field of Gold Glove and is only now entering into prosperity. Next year, he will easily be among the top three in fantasy, if health somehow cooperates … Miguel Sano beats .250 and kills 40 homers, while deceptively deep rotation Twins and elite defense at the center help Minnesota win a place in the wild card … Bailey Auber completes in the top 30 fantastic starters at the time Dylan Bundy and Chris Archer both are legally asleep.

Guardians: Shane Bieber rebounds with great season yet Tristan Mackenzie breaks out in a big way … Miles Straw records 40+ thefts at a time Francis Reyes finishes in the top 15 fantastic strikers.

Royal personalities: Bobby Witt Jr. edges outwards Julius Rodriguez to win a Newbie of the Year, at that time Adalbert Mandezi has a better fantasy season than Whit Maryfield uniting for 70 thefts / hammers … Brady Singer becomes KC’s obvious ace and is considered one of the best deals among fantastic SPs, despite struggling to win. Carlos Hernandezmeanwhile, can’t justify the hype of sleeping.

tigers: Edward Rodriguez disappointing as Taryk Skubal turns out to be the most valuable fantastic pitcher of Detroit … Spencer Torkelson he has a much better future than he will show in 2022 Austin Meadows has somehow been sold to one of the few places that harms lefties even more than Tropicano Field, as America Park has reduced Homers by 25% in MLB over the past three years.

A. L. West

1. Houston Astros

2. Los Angeles Angels (Wild Card)

3. Seattle Mariners

4. Texas Rangers

5. Auckland Athletics

Comments / Fantastic predictions:

Astros: Justin Verlander completes in the top 15 fantastic starters despite limited innings and approaching 40 years, at the time Hector Neris (and its sudden spike in speed) overtakes Ryan Presley as Houston is closer … Lance McCallers Jr. isn’t throwing the field this season yet Jeremy Pena is dormant.

angels: Shohei Ahtani really special – he led baseball in speed of ball and line drives as a striker, as well as leading all pitchers when it comes to increase speed at two strokes last year, but health does not allow him to reach 100 innings in 2022. What Ahtani did last season was a rarity because it’s so hard to do. Babe Ruth comically compared to a career of becoming 3.6 K / 9 as a pitcher … Anthony Randon and Noah Cindergard bounce with a big bounce … When Joe Adele does not live up to his high expectations, angels have good depth of field Brandon Marsh and super sleep Taylor Ward. In the off-season, Los Angeles has also improved the depth of the bullpen, so there’s a berth here (imagine if Mike Trout remained healthy).

sailors: Logan Gilbert disappoints fantasy managers while Julius Rodriguez ranked second in the newcomer of the year. He and Jared Kelenich come in with terribly high fantastic expectations for two players under the age of 23 … The current situation with the sailors looks like a real committee to be avoided in fantasy leagues.

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Rangers: John Gray has an amazing year freed from Coors Field, finishing in the top 30 fantastic starters … Meanwhile, Marcus Seeds saw equally bad lower the rating in home parks in the off-season still somehow saw his ADP jump five rounds over last year, so it will probably let down fantasy managers … Adolis Garcia had after a break at the All-Star Game she took the top five last year, then let him be attracted to someone else.

Athletics: Project A is scoring the lowest number of points in baseball this season, as their exhausted lineup (which includes the director) will be the most popular broadcast opponent in 2022 … James Caprielyan if you can; the former freshman showed real potential last year … Frankie Montas will struggle to win the record if he stays in Auckland, but he has turned into a real ace and has the top 10 fantastic SPs if exchanged for the right situation.

A preview of the National League will take place on Wednesday!

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