“Amazon, We’ve Arrived”: Biden Celebrates Warehouse Staff Association in Warning for Corporations

President Joe Biden made a serious warning to Amazon during a speech to the unions on Wednesday, telling the shipping giant, “Here we come.”

The other day, workers at a warehouse in Staten Island, New York, held a historic vote to create the company’s first workers’ union, despite reports of dispersal.

During his speech at the North American Construction Trade Union Legislative Conference (NABTU) in 2022, Biden also reiterated his oath to “unite” the country – although he acknowledged that hard work sometimes made him “angry”.

The president even regained his trademark when he advertised 320,000 new jobs in construction, which he said stemmed from his American Rescue Plan, an economic package aimed at easing the economic burden of the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Laying a solid foundation for the future of this country is more than having strong roads and bridges, ports and airports that can compete with anyone in the world. It is also about ensuring that here in America, people who work hard and live their lives have the opportunity to live it with dignity and respect. Note, this is what unions are, ”Biden told a crowd of unions and their representatives.

“That’s why I set up a White House task force to organize and empower workers to make sure that the choice to join the union belongs only to the workers.”

He then leaned over to the microphone to add, “And by the way, Amazon, here we are.”

President Biden expressed his strong support for the unions and even took the time to shoot former President Donald Trump in his speech at the 2022 North American Building Union (NABTU) Legislative Conference.

DailyMail.com turned to Amazon for comment, but did not immediately receive a response.

One of the company’s executives, senior vice president of politics and press Jay Carney, previously worked for Biden as his director of communications in the Obama administration.

The White House declined to comment on Biden after the event, making it clear that the president would not be “involved in any direct efforts” to force Amazon to unite.

“What he didn’t do was send a message that he or the U.S. government would be directly involved in any of these efforts or take some direct action,” White House spokeswoman Jen Psaki said during a briefing Wednesday.

“What he conveyed is that – it’s his long-standing support for collective bargaining, workers’ rights to the organization and their decision to do just that in this case – something that he has long widely supported throughout his career.”

At one point during his speech, Biden praised his Labor minister, former Boston Mayor Marty Walsh.

The president seemed to add a stereotypical Boston sound, pronouncing the name of a cabinet official as “Makhti”.

He also managed to reflect on his rival, former President Donald Trump, about lowering Republican taxes for wealthy Americans and businesses.

“This $ 2 trillion tax cut the last guy – as he was called – at least the last guy. I forgot, he never showed up for the inauguration, ”Biden said ironically when the audience laughed in response.

“So I set up a White House task force to organize and empower workers to make sure that the choice to join the union belongs only to the workers,” Biden said, adding, “And by the way, Amazon, here we are.” : Trade union organizer Christian Smalls (right, red tracksuit) celebrates after Amazon warehouse workers on Staten Island voted to join the union)

The White House later declined to comment on Biden, saying it would not be

The White House later declined to comment on Biden, saying it would not be “involved in any direct efforts” to force the shipping giant to accept alliances.

Towards the end of his approximately 30-minute speech, Biden reminded the crowd why he was running for president in the first place – reiterating his promise to “restore the soul of this country” and “restore the backbone of America, which is the middle class and working people.”

“And three – to try to unite the country. It was the hardest so far, no joke, ”Biden admitted.

“But we’re going to achieve that because you can’t have a democratic function if you can’t reach a consensus. In the end, you have to unite as much as I sometimes get angry. ”

Biden’s speech came days after Amazon warehouse workers on Staten Island voted to create the corporation’s first-ever union after a massive campaign by current and former employees.

Final count: 2,654 votes for the organization, against 2,131, indicating the sophisticated union-destroying tactics the shipping giant has adopted to fight the movement.

Among them is forcing employees to attend mandatory meetings, during which they are strongly discouraged from participating in what is called a “third party.”

Warehouse workers in New York will now represent the Amazon Labor Union, which was formed by fired Amazon employee Christian Smalls.

Smalls, the former head of the institution, was released after he arranged for employees to protest against the company’s lack of health care in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The company said Smalls himself violated company protocols by coming to work for absenteeism when he was told to go to quarantine due to close exposure.

After resigning, Smalls created the Amazon Labor Union, which is not affiliated with any of the major trade organizations or national unions in the country.

Late last month, a similar vote for union membership failed at Amazon in Bessemer, Alabama, late last month.

Ballots were cast in the election, which took place after the National Labor Council ruled that Amazon interfered in union voting, which failed last year.

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