A five-year contract worth up to $ 140 million for Davante Adams after the trade sent him from the Green Bay Packers to Las Vegas Raiders. Then, a four-year contract worth up to $ 120 million for Tayrik Hill after the Kansas City Chiefs exchanged it for the Miami Dolphins. Most recently, Stephen Diggs signed a four-year extension worth $ 104 million to keep him at Buffalo Bills for the 2027 season.

It’s all music to Dee Samuel’s ears. The San Francisco 49ers receiver has apparently responded to the news of the Diggs deal, as it has yet to sign several other contracts with the receiver.

Samuel knows that every expensive deal that will be concluded before the 49ers block his fourth year to extend probably means more money in his bank account. Of course, while Samuel’s new deal may not top the market, waiting for the signing of a dynamic offensive weapon worth less than $ 20-25 million a year – perhaps more – would be desirable for reality for the 49ers.

However, these are not exactly apples, but oranges. Hill has surpassed 1,000 yards of admission in four of the six seasons. Adams has surpassed that mark in three of the last four seasons, including the highest career career of 1,553 reception yards in 2021. Diggs has had over 1,000 reception yards in each of the last four seasons.

Last season, Samuel surpassed 1,000 reception yards for the first time. In 2019, he showed an impressive 802 reception yards as a rookie. He had just 391 receiving yards during the 2020 campaign with limited injuries.

However, in 2021 Samuel had a groundbreaking year, recording 1,405 reception yards and six touchdowns. However, this does not tell the whole story. The self-proclaimed “wide back” also recorded 365 yards and eight touchdowns, with the latter becoming an NFL record for the receiver.

That’s 1,770 yards and 14 total touchdowns for a hybrid running back. Its versatility can make it even more valuable. He also managed to stay relatively healthy in 2021 despite a heavy workload.

Samuel was also the first 49ers wide receiver to surpass 1,000 receiving yards since 2014, when Ancuan Boldin recorded 1,062. Yes, George Keatle did it in 2018 and 2019, but Samuel was the first of the 49ers to accomplish this feat after Boldin.

Head coach Kyle Shanahan recently praised his stellar receiver, saying he “recommends” signing Samuel of the 49ers when asked to share his thoughts on the contract situation.

“I have never had anyone like Diba,” Shanahan added, “a man who is built like him, who is more like the current back with how he can take blows and how his body can strike. Then you go with his speed, which allows him to be the receiver, you go on his hardness, his hands.

“People also don’t realize how smart Diba is and he’s one of the smartest players I’ve seen. There’s nothing too big for him.”