2022 WWE WrestleMania 38 results, night 1 classes: Steve Austin fights a surprise match, Cody Rhodes returns

And without that wild night 1 with WrestleMania hit a whole new show in the final segment of the show when Steve Austin’s appearance on Kevin Owens ’“ KO Show ”turned into an impromptu No Holds Barred match. The match was well-received by fans for the crowded crowd of more than 70,000 fans at the AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas.

Austin and Owens quarreled in and around the ring before walking through the crowd, taking advantage of the lack of rules and the physically limited Austin. The final win was good: Austin forever stunned Owens before celebrating his last match in front of his fellow Texans.

CBS Sports has been with you all the way, giving updates and highlights of when the action started in the live blog below.

WWE WrestleMania scores 38, scores for Night 1

SmackDown Tag Team Championship – Usa (s) against Shinsuke Nakamura and Rick Bugza: Nakamura managed to start the match, but The Usos quickly turned the table and isolated the former intercontinental champion from the Bugs. Nakamura was able to get a hot tag on Bugza, who quickly took off Jimmy and Ji before hitting Jimmy Uso in a big delayed suplex for the first real fall of the match. Bugs tried to put both Usa in the fire department, but his knee was raised. This gave The Usos a boost, and Jimmy Uso nearly scored the victory by inflicting Uso Splash on Nakamura. Bugs never returned to the match, and WWE later announced that Bugs had a torn four-knee tendon. An accident with an injury and it led to the end of the match falling together strangely and hastily. According to the announcement, in the coming days Bugs will undergo surgery to eliminate the injury. Usas (c) def. Shinsuke Nakamura and Rick Bugs through pinfall to retain titles. Class: C-

Drew McIntyre vs. Happy Corbyn: After a brief segment of the brawl to start the match, Corbyn prevailed and hit McIntyre with a vertical suplex and then a back suplex. McIntyre continued to eat blows from Corbyn before Madcap Moss tried to celebrate with Corbyn, causing a rather accidental distraction that McIntyre began his return from the spine. Corbyn was able to cut the comeback pretty quickly when he almost broke up with Deep Six. The momentum continued to sway before McIntyre tuned in to Claymar, only for Moss to pull Corbyn out of the rescue ring. McIntyre missed out on Claymore and hit straight into End of Days, but McIntyre kicked him out in two. Shocked Corbin in a few minutes will eat Claymore, which gives McIntyre victory. A hilarious mid-card match with solid momentum weights and a good false finish at the end of the day. The right kind of WrestleMania midcards. After the match, McIntyre tried to cut Moss with his sword, but only managed to cut the top two ropes. Drew McIntyre def. Happy Corbin through pinfall. Class: B

Mysterios vs. Miz & Logan Paul: Paul demonstrated impressive athleticism in the early stages, skipping Ray Mystery several times before getting into the middle of the ring. However, this only served because Paul was hit on the head and he was forced to stand out from the Miz. Paul went on to demonstrate some impressive moves, including drilling Dominic Mystery with a running power slam and blockbuster. While Miz and Paul used a few cheap tactics to keep control, the Mystery continued to fight back, using various DDT and speed-based movements to keep fighting back. In a moment of cheap heat in his heels Paul hit Ray with three squads, and a frog slammed Eddie Guerrero’s shims. Guerrero responded by hitting Paul with a tandem of 619, but they missed a blind mark by Miz, who was able to sneak into the ring and hit Ray in the skull defeat final to win. After the match, Miz turned to Paul and hit him with a Skull-Crushing final. Not surprisingly, the celebrity match at WrestleMania was interesting. Paul, being a young, athletic performer, certainly did no harm. The Miz & Logan Paul def. Mysteries through pinfall. Class: B

Raw Women’s Championship – Becky Lynch (c) vs. Bianca Beller: The Southern University of Texas Orchestra performed in front of Beller’s entrance, adding a sense of great match. Lynch hit the Manhandle Slam in seconds of the match, revoking his super-quick win at the SummerSlam. However, this time Beller was able to expel. In the early sprint there were many attempts at quick skittles before the match erupted into the ring, and Lynch sent Beller to the steps of the ring. Lynch used this impulse to make several large movements, including the guillotine, when Beller was thrown on the top rope. Bair returned after Lynch’s early launch, repelling a double blow with a chicken wing and a rebound lunar somersault for a near fall. Beller put Lynch on her shoulders in a fire truck and delivered her to a second rope before lowering her onto the top rope. This led to another fall for Belair after the second rope crashed 450. Lynch made her big move, breaking away from the screed with a push to the face. Lynch countered the KOD by grabbing the top rope and shortly thereafter hit Beller by hitting the Manhandle Slam on the steps of the ring near the ring. This did not bring Lynch victory, and she began to lose her composure. Lynch again went for the Manhandle Slam, but Balair ran a checker in the somersault back to avoid before hitting the KOD to win. The audience was absolutely insane from the finish and the match was fantastic. Belair already has a real legacy on WrestleMania. In a fair world she is the next wrestler to have an “undertaker” style “strip” at WrestleMania. Bianca Beller def. Becky Lynch (c) through the skittles to win the title. Grade: A +

Seth Rawlins vs. Cody Rhodes: Rawlins reacted with surprise, but not complete collapse, as Rhodes was shown as his mysterious opponent. The crowd was also hot for the return, and the two men mingled it with some back and forth work as Rhodes stayed a step ahead early. After both men spilled out into the street after suplexing through the top rope, things slowed down a bit when Rhodes started working on Rollins ’arm. Rawlins was able to regain control of the match, mocking Rhodes on the way, telling him: “Welcome to the major leagues.” Rhodes stormed back, rushing a suicide bomber at Rollins outside. The two continued to fight before Rawlins rolled back into the ring, eventually hitting a falcon arrow for a near fall. Rhodes fought back several times before finally hitting Cross Rhodes just to get Rollins to kick him out. The match turned into a war of convincing near falls when Rollins got a pedigree and Rhodes kicked out before shouting that Rhodes was at his house and in his company. Rhodes would react twice by hitting Cross Rhodes before the bionic elbow and one last Cross Rhodes to win. The match turned out to be a bit untidy, especially for a long time, but at the moment he did quite well. It will be interesting to see how WWE copes with Rhodes ’return after tonight. Cody Rhodes Def. Seth Rawlins through pinfall. Score: B +

SmackDown Women’s Championship – Charlotte Fleur (c) vs. Ronda Rosie: Rosie tried to strike early, but Fleur used a break for the judges to get a cheap hit and take over the momentum. Rosie returned with the fire, throwing a big judo throw at Fleur and then blocking the reverse triangle in the ropes before Fleur was able to pick it up by attacking the apron ring. Flair struck Rosie with his right forearm toward his head and locked in a sleeping dragon version before Rosie threw a hand and knee into Fleur’s face for a close fall. Fleur picked up a spear spear at the celebrating Rose. As the two women continued to rush at each other with big movements, Rosie hit off the rope in front of Piper’s Pit, but Fleur avoided another attempt to hit her arm.

Rosie eventually fixed her ankles, but Flair was able to break free and nearly kill the hairpin before Rosie worked her hand out and pulled Flair face down into the bottom scaffold. Rosie went to the arm again, arranging reversals before Rosie was able to fix her ankles again. Fleur struggled with a series of kicks to the face. Another fight clashed led to Fleur blocking the eight that Rosie swept to break, falling out of the ring. Rosie fell into another pit of Piper, and Fleur was able to get her foot on the lower rope. As Rosie complained, Fleur was close to falling natural selection. As Fleur re-adjusted the figure of eight, Rosie pushed it into the referee, who then missed Fleur by slapping her arm. When Rosie tried to revive the judge, Fleur hit her with a big boot to win. The match was a bit sloppy and strangely structured and it was more dramatic than it brought but wasn’t bad either way either. Charlotte Fleur (c) def. Rhonda Rosie through the skittles to retain the title. Class: B-

Steve Austin vs. Kevin Owens: Owens stepped into the ring and cut a promo ahead of the planned segment of the KO Show, saying he may have gone too far with his talks against Texas. He then said he regretted “telling the absolute sincere truth of God” about the state and that Texas was even worse than he remembers. Austin’s music swayed and cut off Owens, causing immense popularity among Texas believers. Immersed in the reaction on stage, Austin left and returned on the ATV, circling the ring before entering, and celebrating from corner to corner.

Austin took a place on the set of KO Show and ran away from Owens for his “stupid haircut” and rubbish about Texas, calling Owens “stupid son of a bitch.” After some talking about garbage, Owens said he actually cheated on Austin and didn’t want to talk. Instead, Owens said, he was looking for a fight. Owens called Austin to the match, saying Austin had no reason to refuse the match without a ban on the spot. After Owens continued to talk about Austin, Austin called the referee and the match began.
The two men began exchanging blows before Austin trampled the deck in Owens while he was in the corner. Austin continued to fight, throwing Owens out of the ring and repeatedly calling for a beer in the middle of the match. The fight continued outside the ring, and Owens briefly prevailed in the fight before they came out into the crowd, and Owens from blows and chops exhausted Owens. Owens put Austin outside, superimposing a suplex on the concrete. However, Austin was not restrained, and he rushed back, throwing Owens on the table with the ads and forcing him to retreat to Austin’s ATV. Austin drove Owens to the stage and punished him on the entrance stage, hitting several suplexes.

The action returned to the ring, where Owens out of nowhere hit a stunner after Austin drank several beers, but Austin managed to drive him away. Owens left the ring to grab the steel chair, but missed Austin, hitting himself in the face when the chair bounced off the top rope. Austin stunned by scoring pins to win the match. As a pure struggle, it was not the best in the careers of both men. As purely a “special moment” that played for fans and WrestleMania’s “big moments”, it was fantastic. Given Austin’s physical limitations – the impact of a long history of knee injuries has been particularly evident – you can’t ask for a much better “walking and fighting” style match. Steve Austin Def. Kevin Owens through pinfall. Class: A

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