2022 NFL Model Draft: Giants add edge rasher

Cavon Thibado, Oregon

If the Giants are going to make the leap from a sneer to a legitimate NFL team, things need to change. And as for the changes, we’re not just talking about increasing the number of free fizzy drinks that the team has offered to fans in 2021. Frankly, last season this team was rotten and did not have time in many areas, especially in attacks. And we’re all wonderfully aware of the statistic that the Giants are linked to the Jets with the worst record (22-59) in the NFL in five years (courtesy of statmuse.com). Let’s look at the figures for 2021 (with the permission of Football Outsiders):

NY Giants 2021 Offensive TWO:

30th in a hurry TWO

31street in the TWO transition

32and a total of DVOA

NY Giants 2021 Defensive TWO:

32and in a hurry TWO

14th in the TWO transition

18th a total of DVOA

This offseason the G-men began their reclamation project with the right foot, bringing to the pasture grandmaster Dave Gattleman. Head coach Joe Judge was also a complete laughing stock; his departure is also addition by subtraction.

The Giants then hired new CEO Joe Schoen, a former assistant CEO at Buffalo, and first head coach Brian Deball, coordinator of the Beals offensive from 2018 to 2021. The latter was credited with the development of Josh Allen’s nephew. . This new regime will have a lot of work to do as they try to restore the list of craters everywhere.

It starts with the offensive line. It’s been a bright weak spot for the Giants for seemingly decades. The Giants leadership will undoubtedly seek to lay a solid foundation to protect Daniel Jones and rejuvenate the neglected game. But in this fictitious scenario the two best offensive line prospects, OT Evan Neal of Alabama and NC State tackle Ikem Ekwon, are off the board. The prediction here is that the NYG front office will consider Charles Cross at this location, but will ultimately look elsewhere.

While we can’t rule out QB at number 7 altogether, it will signal a full reboot. With Meadowlands saying the Giants Brass will try to build around current QB Daniel Jones and his support line-up Sakuon Barkley, Sterling Shepard, Kenny Galladze, Kadarius Tony and company before fully pushing the release button on “Danny Dimes”.

Another option at № 7 is the security of Notre Dame Kyle Hamilton, who many consider a transcendent defender and leader for many years. Despite 40 times 4.7, Hamilton is a major playmaker who has been successful against fierce competition. However, in this event, the “Giants” will break their arms and eventually pass the former “Domer”, which some consider the best player in the draft.

What brings us to the actual choice:

University of Oregon Defensive End Kayvon Thibodeaux

Photo by Tom Hawk / Getty Images


6’4 “

254 pounds

4.58 40-yard dash

He’s great, he’s super fast, and he has arrogance. Check out this quote:

“The funny thing I’ve heard is that I’m not the best player on this draft.”

-Caivon Tybado

A few highlights: be sure to watch all four minutes.

Some question Caivon Tibado’s commitment to football and the hustle and bustle on every fluff. He did only limited training in the NFL Combine; it’s after skipping the game in your team’s bowl to prepare for the draft. Some say he knocks down call boards. While this is a concern, just turn on the tape and these questions will be put to bed. This guy has a strength, speed and attitude reminiscent of the intersection of Jerome Brown and Mickey Parsons. Sure, it’s a high mark, but Tibado just goes outside like a dog in a landfill and destroys people.

In Tibado’s arsenal there is an impressive set of weapons to defeat the offensive lineman, including a very powerful bull attack. Like a lion, if this cat picks you up, it’s over. He also incredibly broke away from the line, with the first step being just ridiculous. Tibado’s speed in the short zone is so legitimate that there are repetitions when he reaches QB in two seconds or less. And imagine someone of his size running on a 4.58 combine!

Another skill that pops up on the tape is a good move that Thibado uses to squeeze between the guard and the tackle and then create pressure in the field or blow up the run. From abroad, Tibado possesses elite bending features to get around corners in offensive fights and then quickly fixes his radar on the QB. And as soon as he has this defender, he goes out. Thibado wants to fire quarterbacks and ends his throws with power. It looks like the defensive end of the SEC, which has fallen into the trap of PAC-12!

This Giants choice is one that could hurt Eagles fans just as JPP and Osi Umenyiora have been creating nightmares for years. The Giants know very well that the defensive line can win the Super Bowl, which ultimately makes this choice quite logical for the new Big Blue regime.

Thank you dear friend and (unfortunately) participant of the Blue Blue View danieldimes for his contribution.


Do you approve of this choice?

Layout project of the order 2022 BGN

1) Jaguars (HellBentOnHurts): DE Aidan Hutchinson
2) Lions (Friendly Neighborhood Philly Fan): DE Travon Walker
3) Texans (herbalonius): OT Evan Neal
4) Jets (RideHighTide): OT Ikem Ekwonu
5) Giants (Brendanekstrom): CB Ahmad Gardner
6) Panthers (Philliesandthebees): QB Kenny Picket
7) Giants (Dr.MidnightGreen): DE Kayvon Thibodeaux
8) Falcons (Philly21)
9) Seahawks (Chewing Wellington)
10) Aircraft (tfrank9811)
11) Commanders (Non-Delphi norm)
12) Vikings (Kefas)
13) Texans (Bdawk20rules)
14) Crows (ablesser88)
15) Eagles (fly like an eagle)
16) Saints (20Safety_Hazard)
17) Chargers (LBCeaglesFan!)
18) Eagles (Phoenix X Minimus)
19) Saints (Georgia_eagle)
20) Steelers (EagleDomiNation)
21) Patriots (Domanat)
22) Packers (Leo Bedio)
23) Cardinals (great dubbing)
24) Cowboys (joey2arms)
25) Accounts (ItownBallers22)
26) Titans (BrianMcE03)
27) Buccaneers (4133 Dave)
28) Packers (Player formerly known as Mousecop)
29) Chiefs (GreenGrampa)
30) Chiefs (The Legend of Nick Falls)
31) The Bengali (Thedeuce9)
32) Lions (Dtechman44)

Now it’s time for you to vote for who, in your opinion, should be chosen next in 2022 BGN Consensus Consensus Mock Draft.


Who should the Giants draft at number 7 overall?

  • 23%

    D.E. Travon Walker

    (37 votes)

  • 40%

    CB Ahmad “Sauce” Gardner

    (64 votes)

  • 28%

    S Kyle Hamilton

    (45 votes)

  • 1%

    CB Derek Stingley Jr.

    (2 votes)

  • 6%

    DE Jermaine Johnson

    (11 votes)

A total of 159 votes

Vote now

1) Jaguars: DE Aidan Hutchinson
2) Lions: DE Kayvon Thibodeaux
3) Texas: OT Evan Neal
4) Jets: OT Ikem Ekwonu
5) Giants: OT Charles Cross
6) Panthers: QB Malik Willis
7) Giants:

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