2022 NFL Draft Properspective profile – Isaiah Lickley, Texas, University of Coastal Carolina

The 2022 NFL Draft is talented and deep in a number of positions, but lacks a true headliner on the tight end. This opened the draft board for several prospects to fight for a position at the top of the board.

Isaiah Lickley from Coastal Carolina comes in with a couple of knocks against him like a little little school of the end. However, he has the potential to become one of the great playmakers to come out of this draft. It was probably a big threat to Coastal when they came on stage over the last two seasons.

The New York Giants need a tight end after parting ways with their top three last season. We don’t yet know how the Giants plan to use their tight-ending position, but Brian Deball and Mike Kafka are both used to having athletes in that position. Could this probably put on the Giants radar?

Perspective: Isaiah Probably (4)
Games viewed: against Kansas (2021), against Arkansas (2021), against Troy (2021), against Northern Illinois (2021)


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Kent Lee Platt (@mathbomb)

Career statistics

Played games: 42

Receptions: 133
Yards (YPC): 2050 (15.4 per catch)
Touchdown: 24

Statistics for 2021

Played games: 13

Receptions: 59
Yards (YPC): 912 (15.5 per catch)
Touchdown: 12

A brief summary

Best: Reception, athleticism, versatility, great playing ability
worse: Frontal blocking, aggression
Projection: Secondary end-of-life or H-back in crime with 12 employees

Game tape

(Probably Coastal Carolina Tight End No. 4)

Full report

Isaiah is probably a sports and high-performance “end” of the end-time from the University of Coastal Carolina.

This is probably a very multifaceted perspective that has played many different roles in the CCU crime. Probably, he not only lined up as a traditional tight end on the line and branch, but also played from an H-back position, curved into a slot and even lined up as a wide receiver. He was used as a catcher and blocker from all positions, and even occasionally carried the ball.

Most likely, the threat of coastal Carolina appeared in the air. He is a long-distance runner who has good speed in the open. It features effective release of the collision line, getting on your routes with minimal time or traffic. Probably works on a relatively diverse route tree and performs well on its routes from all positions. It performs chips well when releasing a tight end to its routes, masking routes that pass from the H-back position, and has good accuracy as a wide receiver.

Probably uses its size in its advantages against the coverage of men, repelling defenders and has a strong physical shape at the point of catching. He also copes well with settling into voids in the coverage area and presenting a good target for his defender. Probably has strong ball skills and is good at locating and adapting to the ball in flight.

He is a pretty good blocker from all his different schedules. Probably uses his athleticism well to take positions on the opponent’s defenders, and quickly goes out before the game. He is constantly looking for a job at the second level, and in some games you can see him blocking two or three different defenders.

But while he probably is very willing to block, and he can certainly help with the offense, teams need to be prudent in who they ask to block it. It is inferior to the considerable size of most linemen protection and EDGE defenders that appears when locked. Probably lacks length compared to many EDGE players and has no strength to resist line defense. He can also be more aggressive by using his hands as a blocker. Probably doesn’t shoot his hands into the defenders ’breastplates, but instead seems like an obstacle rather than a blocker.

Probably can also be more consistently aggressive at the point of catching. There are times when he lets the ball into his chest instead of pulling it out to snatch it from the air. Probably also lacking a lot of explosiveness out of place. He has a solid speed in the open field, but can take a few steps to reach full speed.

Overall score: 7.3


Isaiah is a likely project as a second time end for a team that often uses packages of 12 people.

It is probably a sporty and versatile hybrid of a tight end that can play a variety of roles for an attacker who is willing to use his diverse skill set. He can play off-schedule in a modern attack and has the ability to be a dangerous receiver from all offensive formations. It’s probably robust enough to be a check-down or possession option to keep an attack on schedule, but it can also be a threat to a big game. He has enough speed to open on short stretches, at high speeds to stretch the field, and has solid ball skills.

And while he doesn’t need to be asked to regularly block line defenders, he’s probably capable of blocking linebacks outside the ball or defensive defenders in space. It is a useful player for blocking before stripping, on screen or in a wide area.

Most crimes want to combine Probably with a more traditional tight end. The versatility of Likely can allow them to run a wide range of circuits from a single group of staff and even simulate packages with 11 or 21 staff without replacements.

Isaiah may be a prospect for a small school, but he is capable of helping the NFL team and can be an effective player in crime, willing to use it in his strengths.

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