2022 MLB Takeaway Discovery Day: Shohei Otani makes history; D-Backs stuns Padres with a departure from Homer

Major League Baseball is back. After the offseason, which included a 99-day lockout imposed by the owners, threatening a full season and postponing the opening day for a week, the regular 2022 MLB season began on Thursday with 162 games. This day gave us seven games that featured a bit of Shohei Otani’s story and Royals rookie Bobby Vita Jr.’s strong debut.

The remaining 16 MLB teams will open their seasons on Friday (full schedule here). First, here’s a look at Thursday’s scoreboard:

Results of the MLB vernissage day

  • FINAL: Chicago Cubs 5, Milwaukee Brewers 4 (Score Box)
  • FINAL: Kansas City Royals 3, Cleveland Guardians 1 (Box score)
  • FINAL: St. Louis Cardinals 9, Pittsburgh Pirates 0 (Boxing Score)
  • FINAL: Cincinnati Reds 6, Atlanta Braves 3 (Boxing Score)
  • FINAL: New York Mets 5, Washington Nationals 1 (Boxing)
  • FINAL: Houston Astros 3, Los Angeles Angels 1 (Boxing Score)
  • FINAL: Arizona Diamondbacks 4, San Diego Padres 2 (Boxing Score)

And now a few takeaways from the first day of the 2022 regular season.

Ohtani makes history; Valdez dominates

At the start of the match with Astros on Thursday night, the two-way superstar Angels entered the history of the major leagues. He was the starting pitcher of the Angels in the first match of the team, and he was the main striker in the team of Joe Medan. This was the reason for this:

If you paid a lot of attention during its MVP launch in 2021, in which it stood out on the mound as a starting pitcher and on a plate as the main DH Angels, then you’re used to this kind of thing – that is, the story of Ahtani on a daily basis .

After this early achievement Otani set to work. He worked 4 ⅔ innings and during this period determined nine against one move with one allowed run, while regularly stuffing triple numbers with fastball and demonstrating business trips. After being fired as a starting pitcher, Otani was able to stay in the game at DH thanks to the newly implemented “Otani rule”. On the other hand, he endured 0 for 4 nights behind the plate.

0 in 4 nights had a lot in common with the left-hander Astros Framber Valdes, who showed the best performance of all the novice openings. Valdez worked 6 ⅔ frames, conceding just two shots and scoring six against one move. At one point Valdez planted 15 Angels in a row and he recorded 11 earthlings per night.

Alex Bragman and Jordan Alvarez have left Houston.

The D-Backs shake Darwish’s bid without punches to shock Padres

Right-hander Padres Y. Darvish missed the Diamondbacks in six innings on Thursday night at Chase Field, but it was just a prelude to the ninth half for Arizona.

With the game over and Darwish scoring increased, San Diego manager Bob Melvin decided to name this evening for Darwish between innings. Tim Hill opened the bottom of the seventh and allowed Pevin Smith to fight back as a result, stopping the bet without hitting. If the Padres were able to complete it, it would be only the second opening day without strikers in MLB history. The first and only one was spun by Bob Feller in 1940.

It wasn’t exactly Darwish’s peak, as he had more walks (four) than strikeouts (three), and there’s no doubt that the Diamondbacks will be a bad offensive team this season. However, it is encouraging to see the 35-year-old Darvish put the zeros after what, by his standards, was a disappointing 2021.

2-0 that Darwish was bet on when he left to hold on until the end of the ninth. In that last frame, Robert Suarez walked over the first two batters, put the score in the standings with a wild serve, and then loaded the base with a batsman hit. At this point, Melvin summoned Craig Stamman to a meeting with Seth Beer. Another wild play was the result of the first night of Arizona, and then Beer did not miss this bursting ball at the bottom of the zone:

Beer, playing only in his sixth game in the major leagues, made his second home run of his career and the first of his career home runs.

Wainwright sets the tone for the Cardinals

Ideally, 40-year-old right-hander Adam Wainwright would not have started in the Cardinals ’9-0 victory over the Pirates on opening day. These days Jack Flaherty is the ace of St. Louis, but he is missing at least until the end of May due to shoulder problems. His health problems pushed Wainwright to first place in the rotation, and on Thursday he made six productive innings and six clean-ups against zero walks.

With this effort, Wainwright joined the elite campaign:

In vintage fashion, Wainwright did not accelerate 90 miles per hour all day and relied heavily on his sinker, curve and cutter. Along the way he picked up four strikes and 22 strikes. In the fourth, he came out of his only real jam of the day, running a double game in inning. No, the Pirates aren’t a good offensive team, but Wainwright’s output has been impressive in any context.

Believe that this is a continuation of his work in 2021. Last season, Wainwright topped 200 innings (which increases infrequently) and reached a 3.05 ERA and 3.48 K / BB with three full games leading the MLB. For his problems, he took seventh place in the NL Cy Young vote. It was one of the biggest under-39 campaigns, and if Thursday’s results are some sort of benchmark, then Wainwright can expect a memorable campaign under the age of 40.

During the attack on St. Louis Tyler O’Neill scored five times and Paul Goldschmidt reached the base five times.

Wit leads KC to victory on Opening Day

The era of Bobby Vita Jr. is coming. Wit, perspective № 2 in baseballled the Royals to victory in the Opening Day with his impressive game on both sides of the ball against the Guardians. He marked his first hit in MLB and RBI with a winning double in the eighth inning. Witt also made a great sliding game at third base earlier in the game.

The 21-year-old Witt was selected No. 2 in the 2019 draft, and he was the author of the .290 / .361 / .576 line with 35 takes and 33 home runs in 124 games split between Double-A and Triple-A last year. Because of the pandemic it was his only full season in the low league. Witt spent the spring training of the monster and was included in the list of Kansas City openings.

Elsewhere, Zach Grainke put effort into the labor effort in his first start in the royal family. He kept Cleveland up one run in 5 2/3 innings, despite crossing out just one and making only five swings and misses among 84 pitches. The Royal Team is looking for its first winning season since winning the 2015 World Series.

The grave shines at the beginning of the opening day

Taylor Magil, not Jacob deGrom or Max Scherzer, was at the Mets Mound on the opening day. DeGrom will miss a few weeks due to a shoulder problem, and Scherzer’s debut of the season was postponed to Friday due to a minor hamstring problem. This pushed Megill to action, and he was as good as DeGrom or Scherzer could be.

On Thursday, Megill scored six in five zero innings against the Citizens, and he allowed only three base runs. Not only that, but Megill came out with throws harder than ever last year as a rookie. On Thursday, its speed averaged 96.1 miles per hour, which is 2 miles per hour more than last year, and it reached 99.1 miles per hour. Megill threw eight of the fastest fields of his career on Thursday.

Robinson Kano held an impressive all-around, returning from last year’s deviation from drugs that increased productivity. He went 2 on 3 with a walk at the plate, including putting on a gaiter to win the shift, and turned a few exquisite games starting from himself in defense. At 39 and after last year’s disqualification Kano has a lot to prove this year and he was strong in the first match.

As for the remaining crimes, the Mets received contributions throughout the composition. Each of the starters had a hit, with the exception of 9th striker James McCann, who led the team’s first run of the season with loaded base strikes. Additions to the offseason by Mark Kanya, Eduardo Escobar and Starling Marte received a combined score of 4 to 12 with a double.

Citizens received a solo home run from Juan Soto, the 99th in his career, and more. This will unfortunately be a topic for Washington in 2022. This is the only army.

Happ, Suzuki helps the Cubs defeat Burns

Seiya Suzuki is officially the top league and owns 0.750 percent of the base. On Opening Day Suzuki went 1 on 2 with two walks behind the Cubs. He recorded his first major league shot against reigning NL Cy Young winner Corbyn Burns, and he is the first Cubs player to reach base three times in his debut match at MLB since Nika Herner held the game with three strokes in his 2019 debut.

Speaking of Herner, he won the first home run of the 2022 MLB season, a three-time blast against Burns. Herner made zero home runs in 324 matches between majors and miners in 2020-21. A big hit in the game was a double by Ian Heap twice in the seventh inning. David Robertson closed the North Siders victory.

Burns worked in his debut season. Last season, he is known to have broken a record 58 batters before making his first walk in 2021. So, naturally, he passed the very first Beer he encountered in 2021. Burns was owed three runs in five innings. In three starts against the Cubs last season, he allowed three runs in 20 innings. So Chicago has already had more success against it than last year.

Suzuki reached base three times, and Hap had three strokes, including two doubles. Kyle Hendrix allowed the Cubs one run in 5 1/3 innings. He struck out seven and made 14 strokes and misses, which is two more than in any game last year. The cubs have won their first season for the fourth time in five years.

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