2022 Lions 7-round pick-up draft: Detroit adds 3 defensive starts

Although in previous years I was not a “draftsman”, this year I tried to put a lot of work to change this aspect of my game. With that in mind, I’m doing what I’ve traditionally been uncomfortable with: seven rounds is the perfect draft for the Detroit Lions.

Let’s jump right into it.

Round 1, selection 2: Edge Kayvon Thibodeaux

I went back and forth on almost every situation for the Lions with a second choice. I considered Malik Willis, Kyle Hamilton, Trevon Walker and almost everything in between. I go with what makes the most sense: it’s a player who can get to the defender. After all, the Lions were the third worst team in the NFL when it came to firing defenders in 2021.

Since Aidan Hutchinson is likely to be drafted by the Jaguars first choice. Kaivon Thibado is the way here. Thibado is an athletic beast that has received an award elite 9.6 RAS. I know some are worried about his ego, and there are some fears that he is not doing his best every moment. I just don’t see it on film. I see a very talented and athletic player who should be taken over by Leo.

Round 1, Choice 32: Security Jacquan Brisker

Speaking of athletic form, Jacuan Brisker of Pennsylvania published a 9.11 RAS after the NFL Star Combine. This is ideal because opposing crimes will call the 911 service throughout the year in 2022 and beyond. I’m kidding, but seriously, they will.

The Lions need security assistance after they did not take a position in a free agency other than the return of Tracy Walker. What appeals to me most is Jan Cummings’ intelligence report from the Pro Football Network, which made me think about Glover Quinn’s former great lion.

“Brisker is watching the defender’s eyes, but he is also aware of the space around him. He doesn’t have tunnel vision, and that instinctive awareness makes him very adaptable as a player. ”

Round 2, selection 34: lineback Chad Muma

Ideally, the Lions take on the NFL draft Georgian Nakobe Dean at 32 years old. If not, then Chad Muma of Wyoming is a great defender whom the Lions should be very happy about.

Mom – another sports player – noticed the trend? – with an elite score of 9.74 RAS. That’s pretty good for a 6-foot 3, 242-pound linebacker. Mom can do anything. It can cover up, it has a convergence speed and is a selection machine. Mom could very well have been what the Lions had hoped might be Jarrad Davis when they summoned him.

Round 3, selection 66: Tight and Isaiah Probably

If it is likely to fall into this place, the Lions must force Brad Holmes to run to the podium and announce the choice.

One thing we learned about the Lions ’offensive at the end of the season is that it can be very fun and super dangerous with head coach Dan Campbell and offensive coordinator Ben Johnson at the helm. With that in mind, it’s time to lay down your arms for Jared Goff. He already has a great sports ending that is capable of playing TJ Hockenson. How about getting him another one? There are no rules that say you can only have one.

Probably athletics (it’s smoother than its 4.94 RAS suggests) and the ability to play big only makes Lions more dangerous. The defending opponents will be constantly wondering where Jared Goff is going to put the ball. At a height of 6 feet 4 there is probably an opportunity to climb up and get it in the end zone, something the lions really missed in 2021.

Round 3, Choice 97: Van Dale Robinson’s wide receiver

We know so little about what the Lions are going to do in this draft, but one thing we do know is that the Lions are reportedly interested in Robinson Kentucky. So why not connect it right here?

Robinson isn’t the biggest guy anyway. His height is just 5 feet 8 and 178 pounds. However, lions do not need a big guy. Lions need a speedster that can catch the ball from almost anywhere. Robinson is that guy.

Round 5, selection 177: guard Dylan Parkham

Parkham’s athleticism was so outrageous that I had to take the opportunity to get it. Had 8.76 RANS and earned the second lowest percentage of pressure defenders in the country last season. The guy can move and he can keep the players away from his defender.

Parkham is a guy who can come in and out of the guard’s seat and even play when needed. At the same time, it will take him some time before potentially becoming a starting role. Lions definitely need to keep an eye on where this guy gets in line because it may be sooner than he thinks.

Round 6, selection 181: Security Bub Bolden

Lions may still need more security assistance. They currently have, in fact, Tracy Walker, Will Harris and CJ Moore on the list among some other guys who may not be able to make it to camp. Get safe in Miami, Buba Bolden.

Bolden is another athlete. He goes on a draft with 9.49 RAS and a good run of 4.47 40 yards on the combine. Bolden could go in and work with Walker and Brisker.

Round 6, selection 217: Extreme Defender / Tight End Conor Hayward

It’s time for a superback. Yes, the Lions already have a defender, and they have accumulated running, but why not have a guy on the team who can still do a few things? If you’re a Michigan fan, then you know that Hayward during his Spartan played backing, fullback, tight end, and sometimes even wide receivers. If there’s one thing that can’t be too much in a league, it’s the players who can do a bunch of things.

Also, Dan Campbell talked a lot about Hayward during the Senior Bowl. He even mentioned it on broadcasting. I think he’s on my wish list.

Round 7, Choice 234: Wide receiver Jalen Naylor

Here is one for me. The Lions are probably well-supplied, but another guy in the building can’t hurt, especially one who can help in the return game. No wonder the man is called “Speedy”. This is because he can walk away from you. Last season, Naylor finished second in the top ten in the number of yards to catch. In 2020, he led a conference in the same category. The Lions are a team that needs help in this category.

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