15 similar and dissimilar games to play after Elden Ring

Elden’s Ring massive and dense. He transplants the tried and trusted FromSoftware design pillars, which make up the complexities and experiments, into the vast lands between. And after 100+ hours with a great work fromSoftware you are either ready for something new or chasing the next Elden’s Ring keep you going to the inevitable sequel.

So where do you go next after completing one of the best games ever made? We can help you with that.

We divided 15 games into eight unique categories. Each group offers one similar proposal Elden’s Ring and another to which there is nothing like it Elden’s Ring. But each couple will also have a theme that unites them to better manage the choice of genre or atmosphere.

You will never get a perfect 1 to 1 Elden’s Ring feel without jumping up BloodDark Souls, or Sekiro: Shadows die twice. But with our list you can try to maintain this high level with another themed but similar game, or gently descend to Earth with something completely different.

Group 1 – Cute travelers

Image: Nintendo EPD / Nintendo

Similar: Tunic

Tunic captures some of Elden’s RingFreedom, complexity and opacity. This is a game about a little fox, which is entrusted to roam the world and solve puzzles. Sometimes it’s very complicated and says almost nothing about how it works and what you need to do. But it’s also cute, colorful and bright. Tunic will give you different vibrations and also make a natural transition if you still want to punish your reflexes and scratch the old pile.

Unlike: Kirby and the Forgotten Land

tonal, Kirby and the Forgotten Land about as far Elden’s Ring as you can get. Sure, the action takes place on the ruins of a once great land, but it’s the only thing that unites the two games. Kirby is simple, light and linear. You can deviate from the path, but only in short jerks, and usually it’s just for an easy puzzle that will eventually get you back to where you need to go next. If you need something like “no thoughts, just cute” or a cooperative adventure with a child or friend, Kirby and the Forgotten Land it’s a great post-Elden’s Ring to raise.

Group 2 – Romance when you’re horny

Hugo talks to the dad-player during a date

Image: Game Grumps

Similar to: Dragon’s Dogma Dark Arisen

Dragon’s Dogma Dark Arisen it’s like Elden’s Ring in that it is complex, archaic and takes place in a gloomy medieval setting. But unlike Elden’s Ringyou can meet in Dragon’s Dogma Dark Arisen. If you’ve always wanted to be able to pat NPCs in FromSoftware games and then spend hours crawling on a giant monster, start your post-Elden’s Ring life right with The dogma of the Dragon.

Unlike: Dad dreams

Dad dreams very no Elden’s Ring. In fact, it may be the smallest Elden’s Ring-like a game on this list. У Dad dreams, you play as a single dad who meets other single parents. You can talk, go on dates and try to keep up with your teenage daughter in the new city. It’s gorgeous, cute and romantic, and there will be no Elden Lords or horrific plagues.

Group 3 – Intelligence, with monsters and without

The stone corpse leans against a pillar on the island

Image: Thekla, Inc.

Similar to: The Elder Scroll’s V: Skyrim

So far SkyrimMechanics may not have much to do with Elden’s Ring, exploration is partial. Part of the fun Elden’s Ring retreats in a random direction and stumbles upon a new catacomb, city or massive boss. In 2012 Skyrim Virtually brought this thrill to science by giving you mountains of random dungeons and encounters to come across while exploring the massive icy world of Bethesda.

Unlike: Witness

If you want to explore but want something completely different Elden’s Ring, Witness this is a great place to start. This is a puzzle game that uses subtle and inexplicable rules to help you draw a line on different maze tablets. It is mysterious and gigantic, but completely free of battle. It’s all about greatness and discoveries in a colorful world, and it helps you keep your mind off Godric’s anxious dragon hand.

Group 4 – Death and 2D worlds

A hollow knight beats on a mushroom trampoline

Image: Team Cherry

Similar: Hollow knight

Hollow knight is an excellent metro twin with some serious tendencies fromSoftware. It punishes, its systems are confusing, and failure comes at a price. It also has some elements of light horror Elden’s Ringalthough filtered through a much nicer art style. While it’s certainly much easier than the latest version of From, and not that long, it’s a great little adventure that won’t look like a whip after the punitive Lands In Between.

Unlike: Spirit-bearer

Spirit-bearer it may be about death, but it has very little to do with it Elden’s Ring. У Spirit-bearer, you translate the souls of the dead through the afterlife and to the place of their final resting place. But instead of being gloomy and horrible, it’s helpful. You create connections with each soul and help it comfortably embrace eternity when they are ready. Sure, it’s sad, as always a loss, but there’s hope in that. If you need something with a more loving undertone that still concerns the finality of death, Spirit-bearer it’s a great jump after Elden’s Ring.

Group 5 – (Like) Cooling

A group of users wash an electric truck with a cat on the hood

Image: FuturLab / Square Enix

Similar: The door of death

The door of death it’s about a cute little crow who acts as a gloomy reaper, and her battle is often reminiscent of a battle fromSoftware. It’s both a punishment and a surprisingly cold one, as the world acts like its own low-stakes puzzle. Sure, you’ll have to get into the zone when you get to the boss, but otherwise you can use your little bird legs to explore far and wide in this relaxing adventure. This is a great combination between jaw compression combat Elden’s Ring and chills around the world.

Unlike: PowerWash Simulator

PowerWash simulator is one of the most “mindless” games out there and it has nothing to do with Elden’s Ring. The whole goal PowerWash simulator is the use of an electric car wash to clean dirt and grime from various vehicles and places. The more you clean, the more money you get, and the better equipment and soap you can afford. There are spots that will take more time to win than any boss Elden’s Ringbut it’s still just an extremely cold game about making the world cleaner.

Group 6 – Games with friends

A group of heroes fights a giant tree monster

Image: Gunfire Games / Perfect World Entertainment

Similar: Remains: of ashes

Residue: from the ashes is a FromSoftware game turned into a third person shooter. Yes, there is close combat, but it is mostly dodging enemies while shooting with cool guns. And, most importantly, it is a cooperative. Residue: from the ashes playing with a friend is a lot of fun and still pretty punitive. If you are looking for that Elden’s Ring a sense of accomplishment, but you also want to go on a quest with a friend, Residue: from the ashes this is a great place to start.

Unlike: golf with friends

Golf with friends this is how it sounds: you play digital mini golf with your friends. You can also take special courses with skulls and pirate ships and try to break through in one by talking to discord. If you need something to get rid of Radhan or Godfrey, Golf with friends is the perfect distraction.

Group 7 – Limp Bizkit, obviously

pirate boss in an alien paradise.  apparently he is the mayor of the city

Image: Koei Tecmo / Square Enix

Similar to: Stranger from Paradise: Final Fantasy Sources

Okay, no, Limp Bizkit music doesn’t really sound A stranger from paradisebut it’s a joke that goes around, and honestly, I can’t tell the difference. (And if you can, keep it to yourself). If ever a game shouted Vibrate Limp Bizkit, this Stranger from paradise: Final Fantasy Sources. Even better, it actually shares quite a bit of DNA Elden’s Ringso listen to me. Jack – a rejected model of Abercrombie, who acts as the main character who listens to butt rock – collects currency from enemies to raise his level. This gives him the opportunity to emerge victorious from fiercely balanced combat clashes that require a lot of concentration to survive. It may not have that gothic atmosphere, but it has the classic swing of frustration / achievement fromSoftware. So if you played Elden’s Ring and, like all of us, thought that “something is missing, and this is something – Limp Bizkit”, Stranger from Paradise: Final Fantasy Origins it’s as close as you’re going to realize that dream.

Unlike: Rock band 4

Okay, you got me. I originally put Rock band 4 here to make the Limp Bizkit joke work (though Limp Bizkit and so on in fact in this game until you are ready to pay for the DLC). But the more I think about it, the more confident Rock Band belongs to that list. It’s a cathartic chase after Elden’s Ringso let’s run with that. Rock Band allows you to just rush into the music (Bizkit or otherwise), direct a variety of emotions and help you forget about all the horrible plague dogs and dragons that have brought you so many problems in The Lands Between. You don’t even need to use a real controller, which is especially useful if you broke yours while playing Elden’s Ring. And if you consider Limp Bizkit Pack 01 (unfortunately, Limp Bizkit Pack 02 doesn’t exist), it’s the perfect way to refocus your mind.

(Note: I never intentionally listened to the song Limp Bizkit.)

[Editor’s note: Let’s not lie to our readers, Ryan.]

Group 8 – Breath of the Wild and Breath of the Wild

Link in the battle with the blue buckwheat in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

Image: Nintendo EPD / Nintendo

Similar and Unlike: The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the wild is the most common comparison point for Elden’s Ring, and for obvious reasons. It is massive, built for research and has a ton of secrets that need to be revealed. But The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild also peaceful, colorful and cute. This is low rate intelligence, and it is a one-time battle against the Guardians.

For all of Elden’s RingFlexibility’s, it’s still a punitive game fromSoftware about having to beat your head about a fight. Breath of the wild there are also some, but with the opportunity to play some time with a physics puzzle or climb a mountain and just look at the horizon. For every big boss there is a serene moment waiting just on the other side of the hill and it does Breath of the wild the perfect after hunter game Elden’s Ring.

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